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Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

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  1. NIRMAL says:

    my first comment ever…

  2. Selvam says:

    Arumaiyana padam….classical movie..loved this.

  3. vigneshwar cuddalore says:

    is very good movie nice story then vijaysethupathy acting simply supper so all are you watch this movie

  4. rasheed says:

    enna orru feel fenatasic

  5. Rux says:

    What a great movie… ஒரு காரவச்சி இப்படி ஒரு படம் எடுக்க முடியுமா….? நினச்சி பாகவே முடியல.. அவ்ளோ அழகா எடுத்திருக்கார் அருண் குமார். எல்லா நடிகர்களும் அருமையா நடிச்சிருக்காங்க. நம்மளோட வாழ்க்கைல நடந்த பழைய சம்பவங்கள நியாபக படுத்துது. நிறைய இடத்துல கண்கலங்க வச்சிருக்காங்க. முருகேசன், பீட, பண்ணையார், செல்லம்மா, பண்ணையார் பொண்ணு எல்லாருமே அருமைய நடிச்சிருக்காங்க. இன்னொரு முறை பாக்கணும்.

  6. reva says:

    awsme pa……………

  7. vishanth says:

    wow what a movie i love itttt …….

  8. Giritharan says:

    Wowwwww………… No words to express……. what a love.. what an emotion…. really hats off…. tears came in my eyes…… never seen such an emotional film…

  9. A.D.Britto says:

    Superb Film..

  10. Vinayagar says:

    I normally will not comment in this site, but for this movie i’m so touched.
    No words to express…
    Really a superb movie !!!
    Salute to director, writer , actor and all others to make this movie such a wonderful one…

  11. sambathlakshmi says:

    excellent movie

  12. Arumugam says:

    nice movie.old is gold

  13. Shiva says:


  14. vikram says:

    pppppa padam so top

  15. sekaran says:

    wounder full… such a touchable movie..always old is gold….and love is worthless…

  16. sekaran says:

    wow…wounder full… such a touchable movie..always old is gold….and love is worthless…

  17. Car Padmini says:

    Really really worth it….Must see movie for car lovers ….

  18. sri says:

    Best movie of 2014. Pannaiyar & Vijay sethupathi acting was very good.

  19. jaya says:

    Excellent movie. Need to get more movies like this.



  21. Henry says:

    Super film.. lovely story… i lik tat pannayar wife character…

  22. deepak says:

    pada supero super itha thappa comment pannina avangalukku rachikka thriyala avlothan.romba anubavichu parkka koodiya padam

  23. Jaris says:

    Really Nice movie !
    10/10 for me !

  24. A.SundaraPandiyan says:

    very nice movie..,

  25. Bharath says:

    Awesome movie of the year.masterpiece.Vijay sethupathy again chooses an excellent script.excellent acting by jayakumar,wife,comedian.very good climax and class point missed.kudos to director as well as for the wonderful music

  26. venkatesh says:

    superru padam superruuuuu

  27. Shakthi says:

    Excellent movie! Hats off to the director Arun Kumar, Pannaiyar Jayaprakash sir, Thulasi Mam, Vijay Sethupatji and the Peedai character person. It’s definitelytely one of the Best….. Very emotional and heart touching. Even the viewers get attached to the Padmini :)

  28. arjun says:

    awesome movie

  29. kaleeshhardy says:

    nice positive climax…………its a another big hit for vijay sethupathi. athakathi dinesh role is also nice………

  30. priya says:

    good film ………cute lovely movie

  31. ANSI says:

    Awesome of 2014.

  32. jai says:

    great movie for ever….

  33. Dhiya says:

    Nice Movie…..With meaningful message…Now in busy world people are not thinking about Wat they have missed….
    so by watching this movie they might have remember the things which they dint have enjoyed…. The director showed the simple sentiment in big way…its entertaining as well as lively things are there to watch…The pure love of the family with no vulgarity..This type of movie has to encouraged…….We need a movie like this…It should be meaningful… Not just entertaining….Congratulation hope this gonna rock…and become huge hit…..My best wishes to the entire team as well as the actors…super acting …

  34. SWETHIKA says:

    super o supper heart melting sentiment

  35. Fisamada39 says:

    One of the best in 2014 !!!

  36. Arun says:

    Very nice movie…I thought how the screen play will be from short film to feature film…But Arunkumar added proper scene which wont affect the essence of the main film about Padmini….I meant the car…Superb movie…Sure it will get award for this year best movie in some variety……

  37. Kabin23 says:

    Nice n Vary Touching Movie Ever..Love It!!!…n Kural Pidai dont Tell it Mokka…OK!!!!!

  38. sivaranjani says:

    good movie

  39. Annalakshmi says:

    feel it like a novel..thanks :)

  40. suresh paul says:


  41. dharani says:

    simply super please watch it everyone

  42. Ragav says:

    untold, well told, simple and extraordinary movie!! Thinking and direction at its best to portray the reality that small and simple things bring bigger happiness! hats off to all minds and motives behind this!

  43. Bala says:

    Specials thanks to Director and his team. After long gap in tamil industry. This Film will be super dopper hit in 2014.

  44. anju charles says:

    LOVEY MOVIE ever ……..cherishing it like crazzzzzzzzzzzz

  45. Jagadish says:

    This is really a very good movie.. super duper film… heart touching movie… must watch.

  46. abeesh says:

    super movie

  47. suman says:

    excellent and real movie now a day everyone is watching the movies which dont have stroy meaning with rubbish songs which cant watch with kids and family. this kind of movie can help children too to understand the value of the thing and love too…. hats of to the director and the artists please give like this movies more.

  48. Santhanam says:

    Best Movie of 2014

  49. kural says:

    sema mokka movie

  50. Naveen says:

    fabulous movies – Hats off to director

  51. Naveen says:

    fabulous movies – Hats off to the director

  52. jiffry says:

    wonderful story ….

  53. razi says:

    superb screen play…. BGM too

  54. Miruthika says:

    So nice movie..Story s awesome..Vijay Sethupathy s choosing nice movies..

  55. RASIGAN says:

    **** Super movie. Please don’t miss this movie esspecially if you come from village places.

    Pannnayar & Mrs Pannayar nadippu super! Good job Vijay sethupathi (car driver) and the cleaner.

  56. Sivaraman says:

    vijay sethupathy act super……………. and story good opening and ending, climax awesome…..

  57. Sk says:

    Ajith and Vijay should act in movies like this and stop making crap movies like Jilla n veeram.

  58. கங்காதரன் says:

    நல்ல படம்,வியாபார ரீதியாக வெற்றிபெற வாய்புகள் குறைவு…….

  59. sargunan says:

    Heartly thank for making this film,

    simple story but extraordinary emotion,love,affection,carrying,etc…

    awesome awesome…..

  60. Ramesh says:

    Awesome movie. Everyone should watch this movie. Credit goes to Director.

  61. arozon says:

    superb movie

  62. Jilla says:

    Wonderful Movie, Must watch

  63. manithan says:

    அருமையான படம் , உலகில் அன்பில் முடியாதது எதுவும் இல்லை என்பதற்கு ஓர் உதாரணம்.

  64. truecomment says:

    Superb, Awesome Movie…..

  65. balaji says:

    excellent movie ….;

  66. jony says:

    Good Movie….Must watch…

  67. ja says:

    excellent movie…………….
    no words………….

  68. kk says:

    Very very nice movie…. touching end…In this fast world, everyone forgot the sentiment, affection, loyalty etc. That village, innocent people, that house and that life makes me long for a life in such an atmosphere instead of this fast phased, needy world. Hats off Sethupathy for selecting such brilliant scripts by viewing it from the point of a bare fan who would love this movie instead of thinking about commericiality, status etc. Hats off!!

  69. Madhubalan says:

    Superb movie..4rm the beginning till the end its hold viewer!!! excellent finishing!!! truly after long gap felt satisfied with story & climax!!! hat’s off to director & all cast role…

  70. Karthik says:

    Really, awesome movie guys, I love it. Especially the relationship between Pannaiyar and his wife. The whole movie was so positive, congratulations to this movie director and Vijay sethupathi and the artist Peedai.

  71. nazeer says:


  72. Arularasu says:

    Very Nice movie.. Hats off to Director and actors…

  73. rajan says:

    sooper pa.. touching sequences..

  74. karthik says:

    its already released as a short film.

  75. Raja says:

    Good film

  76. Yoga.S says:

    நல்ல கதை.நல்ல படம்.கொஞ்சம் சொதப்பல்.

  77. Roopa says:

    Alaratha sirikaratha ne therila.. Enna koduma sir…… hahahahahhaha

  78. sathish says:

    hats off; nice movie

  79. navneeth says:

    running slowly but movie ok

  80. alex says:

    beautiful movie….manasu nerachu pochu super film.

  81. sathya ramu says:

    SLOW but nice to see one time ….jay pragesh acting superb….sethupathy too

  82. அன்பினால் முடியாதது எதும் உண்டா,அட்டகாசம் சூப்பர் இது அல்லவா படம்…

  83. Tamilselvan says:

    Super Super Super Super

  84. amuthan002 says:

    no.1 love movements……..i realy enjoyed …..dont miss it…..every person acting awesome…..


  85. Swam says:

    Super movie! !
    next mile stone for vijay sethupathi
    Best direction and cinema photography for the story

  86. shanmugam2susee says:

    nest go up arun

  87. superb kalakitanga pa

  88. abiruth says:

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;;;;;;;;;;;;…………..””””

  89. jose says:

    Excellent movie

  90. rami says:

    ennai kanneer vadikka veiththa padam ithu

  91. sriram says:

    WoW WoW WoW WoW, Awesome movie,fabulous acting by everyone,I never saw such an old age love before,Also i never felt happy on a death song like this before .. Its not about a car but deep love around people..Lovely and emotional watch…

  92. Raj says:

    Hope atleast this film is good to watch orelse the year 2014 for tamil movies right from start totally sucks and disappointed.

  93. ANU says:


  94. GK says:

    voice is not sinking for these video players. pls upload good video player

  95. rami says:

    mokka padam
    pakka venam time waste

  96. sham says:

    awesome movie

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