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Veeram tamil movie

Watch Veeram Movie Online directed by Siva;The film features Ajith Kumar,Tamannaah, Vidharth, Bala, Santhanam, Nassar, Pradeep Rawat and Abhinaya

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  1. yousuf says:


  2. Dishi says:

    And I believe we must learn to question the quality of a movie despite our likes and dislikes for an actor. Think about it. Since people see any shitty movie as they like an actor so the industry thinks they could make any shitty move and their fans will watch it. But if we voice our concern to the industry by not showing any favor to an actor and make a clear statement that we want to watch quality movie the climate will surly change as the industry will understand story is the foundation of a movie and not hero or comedian. PEACE!

  3. Dishi says:

    This movie is complete waste of time.. I am surprise that poeple could take such movie involving a leading actor. No concept overacting and unnecessary blood and complete the way i am not Vijay fan. To be honest I will not take even this effort to watch his movies as I know it is going to be worse than this. But I have some respect for Ajit and his selection of movies but this movie is questioning his ability.

  4. Ganesh kumar says:

    Superb movie by thala Ajith

  5. thalathalapathy fan says:

    Thala yenda padhatula naduchalum mass’aadan irukkum, aana thalaya mankatha, billa, ila aarambam mathiri class and stylish’aana story la pathadan nalla irukkum.

  6. Syam says:

    i like it thala super

  7. dinesh says:

    thala always mass…..the best movie on this year….

  8. shahida says:

    Thala the great he is acter in india .super movie his style (salt’n’pepper)is very good .jilla very flop movie all vijay movie is same same .thala the great …..

  9. s.mohamed yasin says:

    super padam thala mass

  10. sabari says:

    simple super thaleee….

  11. dam says:

    thala always rock………………sema

  12. raja says:


  13. Thala says:

    superb wow

  14. true says:

    veeram waste…….. jilla than mass……….

  15. shaline says:

    it is true no matter what they going to earn the money they deserved after doing loads of stunts just to entertain us. we should praise their talents and just enjoy the movie even if it is that bad

  16. Just Cinema says:

    Guys – Behave like matured guys…. Ajith or vijay doesnt matter… Cinema just an entertainment.. if the film is good or not thats your perspective. your comments will not affect their money. They are going to get richer and richer ….

    so just take any movie as just entertainment factor nothing beyond that….

  17. vijay says:

    goli soda s good. veeram waste …………………..

  18. kasi says:

    very very BAD, AJITH oru BADU

  19. STEFFY says:

    Ajith sir is rocking…….no one can act like him…,he looks good and handsome even with white hair..,excellent performance by Thala and his co-stars……really enjoyed well*****

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