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Veeram tamil movie

Watch Veeram Movie Online directed by Siva;The film features Ajith Kumar,Tamannaah, Vidharth, Bala, Santhanam, Nassar, Pradeep Rawat and Abhinaya

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  2. And I believe we must learn to question the quality of a movie despite our likes and dislikes for an actor. Think about it. Since people see any shitty movie as they like an actor so the industry thinks they could make any shitty move and their fans will watch it. But if we voice our concern to the industry by not showing any favor to an actor and make a clear statement that we want to watch quality movie the climate will surly change as the industry will understand story is the foundation of a movie and not hero or comedian. PEACE!

  3. This movie is complete waste of time.. I am surprise that poeple could take such movie involving a leading actor. No concept overacting and unnecessary blood and complete the way i am not Vijay fan. To be honest I will not take even this effort to watch his movies as I know it is going to be worse than this. But I have some respect for Ajit and his selection of movies but this movie is questioning his ability.

  4. Superb movie by thala Ajith

  5. thalathalapathy fan

    Thala yenda padhatula naduchalum mass’aadan irukkum, aana thalaya mankatha, billa, ila aarambam mathiri class and stylish’aana story la pathadan nalla irukkum.

  6. i like it thala super

  7. thala always mass…..the best movie on this year….

  8. Thala the great he is acter in india .super movie his style (salt’n’pepper)is very good .jilla very flop movie all vijay movie is same same .thala the great …..

  9. s.mohamed yasin

    super padam thala mass

  10. simple super thaleee….

  11. thala always rock………………sema


  13. superb wow

  14. veeram waste…….. jilla than mass……….

  15. it is true no matter what they going to earn the money they deserved after doing loads of stunts just to entertain us. we should praise their talents and just enjoy the movie even if it is that bad

  16. Just Cinema

    Guys – Behave like matured guys…. Ajith or vijay doesnt matter… Cinema just an entertainment.. if the film is good or not thats your perspective. your comments will not affect their money. They are going to get richer and richer ….

    so just take any movie as just entertainment factor nothing beyond that….

  17. goli soda s good. veeram waste …………………..

  18. very very BAD, AJITH oru BADU

  19. Ajith sir is rocking…….no one can act like him…,he looks good and handsome even with white hair..,excellent performance by Thala and his co-stars……really enjoyed well*****

  20. Ajith sir is rocking…….no one can act like him…,he looks good and handsome even with white hair..,excellent performane by Tala and his co-stars……really enjoyed well*****

  21. Fan from USA

    Jilla and Veeram are two really good movies to start the new year fresh!

  22. Mokkkaaaa padam…sheer waste of time….

  23. praba karan

    nice film

  24. Thala is God of Cinema…. Great movie… mass action…

  25. vary vary vary bad

  26. sori padam

  27. Mokka padam

  28. shanmugam2susee

    nise move

  29. Both ajith and vijay should be banned from acting any more movies. Movie is full of bullshit banda acting crap. please dont waste your time watching either movies.

  30. cmk (russia)

    not bad one time seeing the film, not better than jilla

  31. super movie.thala mass acting …

  32. Good movie . Worth a watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Good film

  34. Mohamed Faizal

    nice film…..

  35. Thala padam super

  36. Ajith is always known as Thala for his best acting. Ajith had good value till his film Aarambam with role model, Concept & good theme. Veeram he has best acting but there is no Story, History, No Concept, No Theme.
    Ajith fans had lot of expectations but have lost their hopes. Ajith & me are of same age but he has hereditary attachment so filled with white hair. But his pose, style the way of presentation has the same quality. But still he would have used black hair polish. Which has disturbed many people.
    Ajith as person is very good human respects humanity & down to earth.
    Anyways my wishes to his next film be the best with good concept.

  37. Ajith is always known as Thala for hid best acting. Ajith had good value till his film Aarambam with role model & good theme. Veeram he has best acting but there is no Story, History, No Concept, No Theme.

    Ajith fans had lot of expectations but have lost their hopes. Ajith & me are of same age but he has hereditary attachment so filled with white hair. But his pose, style the way of presentation has the same quality. But still he would have used black hair polish. Which has disturbed many people.

    Ajith as person is very good human resects humanity & down to earth.
    Anyways my wishes to his next film be the best with good concept.

  38. Ajith is next super star

  39. thala padam pattiya kelpuru veeram 100/100

  40. mokka mokka mokkkaa padam.ippadi oru mokka padaththila ivanthaan nadippan een endaal ivan oru MOKKAAAA

  41. endrum thala tandatop ok

  42. kasthuriram

    8 times pathudan , thirumbavum papan na

  43. ajith is the best hero, no doubt but he appears like thatha and his real beautiful face has gone. if it continue we furget his real face and his market will go down. so please act in your young face. sakikale your thadi.

  44. I am surprised to see the comments coz these ppl watch english movies and praise actors like richard gere, george clooney, di caprio but when ajith comes with natural, they critize as father and daughter. Until, the movie watchers doesn’t upgrade their sense of liking for the movies, tamil movies will run in circle than climbing up. I think this movie is entertaining and ajith looks decent.

  45. OK OK

  46. வீரம் படத்தில் அஜித் நரைத்த
    முடியுடன் தமன்னாவுடன்
    ஜோடி போட்டு ஆடும்போது, காதல்
    செய்யும்போது அப்பா மகள் போல
    தோன்றுகிறது ன்னு சில
    அறிவு ஜீவிகள்
    புரளி பேசுகிறது!
    இதே மாதிரி ஹாலிவுட் படத்தில்
    வரும்போது ஆகா ஓகோ ன்னு பேசு
    வாயிங்க தல யை பற்றி கமெண்ட்
    அடிக்கும்போது மட்டும்
    புரண்டு பேசுவது ஏன்?
    இப்படி புரண்டு புரண்டு பேசும்
    வாயை சும்மா விடலாமா??
    தம்பி மயில் வாகனம் அந்த வாயிங்க
    பாக்கு போடாமலே சிவக்கணும்
    அதனால வெளி கேட் ஐ
    இழுத்து மூடு டா!
    # என்ன_நான்_சொல்ற து

  47. mayiru paddam, Ajith sappa badu

  48. Super Style & Beauty

  49. Ajith is the next superstar.

  50. அருமை அருமை மிக மிக நன்றாக உள்ளது

  51. Film is OK… But still our Tamil people support other state people.. Ajith fathe Malayali, Mother Sindhi.. and our CM? Our Super Star? but in Kerala CM and Super Stars Keralite, and Andra CM / Super stars Telugan and etc everywere in India.. execpt our Tanilnadu..even cricket we support Mumbai indians, but Mumbai people support Mumbai indians only……. ENNA KODUMAI SIR ITHU………

  52. mokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkka film atttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttta mokka please dont watch

  53. whatever ajith i doing some different face of movies thats what i like it ,,, i am not ajith fan but still vijays same face boring to watch movies

  54. mokka padammmmmmmmm pakathingaaaaaaaaa

  55. dai… theenji pona mandaiyaaaa. olungaa adutha padathula dye adichu vanthu nadidaaa….. thamannaaa…. koodaa m=nikkum pothu,, pethi thaaatha maadhiri irukkudaaa porampokku…..

  56. movie is not as gud as jilla

  57. nice movie

  58. woowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww super super very good movie i love it!!!!!!!


  60. super super movie thala ade thul hands off

  61. mokka movie

  62. nice movie

  63. Amazing film ………. love u thala

  64. good muvi

  65. Film is not that bad….one time watchable….its not mokka as vijay fans say and not good or mass as ajith fans say…. ajiths brothers could hav acted (dialog) bit better….

  66. Good entertainment movie

  67. I am big fan of Ajith , but i was very upset on watching this movie . I liked Arambam but veeram 🙁 .
    Just see the movies like vidiyum munn , kumki and all . Neither vijay nor ajith is concentrating on story .
    Both are been accepted as a mass hero , best heros next to rajini/kamal . Please show us your best movies.

  68. Super good movie

  69. not bad but jilla was much better ajith looks like a beggar

  70. 2 nd off bore thangala blade

  71. very very nice my thala thala than daa

  72. நான் அஜித் ரசிகனோ விஜய் ரசிகனோ இல்லை. இரண்டு படமும் பார்த்தேன். வீரம் தான் விறுவிறுப்பாகவும் நல்லகுடும்ப கதையாகவும் இருக்கிறது. ஜில்லா காமெடி படமாக மட்டுமே இருக்கிறது.

  73. I am not a fan of thala ajith but padam sema soooper

  74. ajith kumaar verie good hero

  75. nice….thala takkaru doi..!!!

  76. waste of time mokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkka movie ivanum ivan thalayum

  77. dai ena da panuran comedyingura paerula ivan Mokai panuran da….Guys pls don’t watch that movie yarrrrr………..{;ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  79. Shalini Str


  80. Padam freeya pathoma appadi aduthe welaya kavaneechammaa, illame ,nadikkirewanga summa nadikke wille neenga enda movie ye moviya paakkama, henda kolappam , tamilan urupada mattanda maththe nadugalai parthewade therijikidungadaaa…

  81. nice movie ……good

  82. Ajith fan nu solluravan ellam vijay fan nambathinga ajith fankalaa poi solluraanunga

  83. Veeram padam nalla illanu solluravan ellam vijay fan but sollum pothu nan vijay fan
    Really ajith thuku ethu puthu kathai ethupola ajith nadichathe illa

  84. thalaaaaaaaaaaaa love you thalaa awesome <3

  85. thala rocked….!

  86. Not Bad,,And Not Too Gud,,Gud Entertainment Movie Tats Enough,,Vijay Fans Dont Show Ur Angry Here,,Ur vijay And This Ajith Also told There Fans Many Time Dont Fight Like This,,Unmaila Rendu Perum Sambalam Vaangaraanga So Act Pandraanga,,Neenga Sanda Pottu Yenna Aaga Poguthu Pa,,Avanga Rendu Perum Maadi Veetla Thaan Irukaanga Aana Rendu Per Fans Um Thaan Kudisaila Irukaanga So Than Kudumbatha Munnethara Vazhiya Paarunga My Dear Brothers,, Cheer Up!!

  87. useless movie……1 more movie flop for ajith

  88. dai poranpoku ethaivida enada movie venum Thalai Movie Ya pathi evana thapa command koduthana serupalaiye adipen

  89. sssssssuuuuuuuupppppppppeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr mmmoooovvviieeeeee

  90. murugesh, நாதாரிபயலே ஏன்டா உனக்கு இந்த வேலை .

  91. Veeram Mokka film Go watch jilla
    Thalapathy EppaVum Engavum Mass
    Veeram very funny movie

  92. so mokaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai

  93. thala what movie is this sema mokka ya iruke why this kolaveri 2 u

  94. nanga ajith fans analu aarambam pola padam illa mokkaya iruku

  95. jilla ve parava illa veeram sema mokka

  96. pazhaya padatha yenda remake panni savadikiringa………………..

  97. I am a fan of vijay, but movie is better than jilla.awesome act by thala.

  98. nice movie but1 st hailf slit bore

  99. superb but jilla is better than veeram…

  100. ak thala da

    always thala da

  101. semmmaa……….padam….thala mass…………..alwayzzzzzz…rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….da

  102. murugesh, நாதாரிபயலே ஏன்டா உனக்கு இந்த வேலை ..

  103. thala na suimava

  104. Wow Awesome Movie Just Love It!!!!!! 🙂

  105. I am not thalai or vijai fan. i am a common movie lover enjoys just movie. The film starts with Very Awkward introduction.. But after 10 minutes the movie starts its phase.. the brother’s sentiment is not very touching and you cant really feel much in it.Apart from that Ajit’s is rocking entire movie and very stylish.. Especially the scene @ mayilvaganam’s marriage it visuals Ajits’s original heart..I liked this movie because of Ajit alone. He really rules and rocking

  106. useless movie. dont waste your time.

  107. Superb movie.. 1st half is racy and Awesome.. 2nd half drags a bit..
    Ajith looks better with the Beard..


  109. super movie can watch family

  110. super movie
    can watch family story

  111. rimsanfareed

    wow super movie i love this movie

  112. tala mass da…goooooooooodddddddddddddddddddd


  113. பாவம் தலை(தல)ல துண்டு விழுந்துத்டுதே. அஜித்துக்கு மர‍ண அடி……..

  114. Same old village story..Same story line in so many tamil movies. If Ajith is a good actor he should try something new and risk it …

  115. shanmugam2susee

    so good

  116. Veeram veeram illa. sentiment thanka mudiyala. Background music ondu poduranka when sentiment comes, athuku thalaya kondu pooi suvarla mutanum pola iruku errrrrrrr

  117. Bakvaas movie, this thala thula should quit acting and retire

  118. Nice movie…Only the unbelievable scene is fight at Nazar’s home(that is some what andra style film fight).Everyone can go and watch with family…”No vulgar dialougs from Santhanam”….

  119. bahh realy bad movie waste of my time

  120. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr movie

  121. Frankly sonna not too awesome and not too bad like sura but the chosen concept could have been much better aduthathula pathu kalam vidunga thala

  122. VIJAY fanzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  123. People who don like this movie please find a well near ur place and die dont waste time giving stupid comments its a commercial movie that is enough for us Thala fans … he has acted with his original hair color not like other dum asses

  124. nice entertainment movie

  125. superoo super,padathilla thala saapaadu pottu adikara maadhiri, pongallukku fanskku pongal pottu asathitaru.
    enna naan solardhu!!!

  126. Superb …. good film for all …..

  127. not good not bad..

  128. padam rembo nalla iruku

  129. Prabhu bangalore

    Really Nice movie…Thala now selecting really good and nice story…Waiting for Gautham Menon movie…

  130. Thala kalakkureenga

  131. sama mokka film don”t waste your time thala don’t act like this type of film

  132. marana massssssss thala rock

  133. nallvum irukuuuuuu nallvum illaaaaaaaaaa……..

  134. Nice movie..Thala Fans Will like.:)

  135. Avununga Fansku vanuna ivana parka pudhusa thorium bt common audience la thanga mudiyala

  136. Ghana Kumaran

    Thala Thala tha…

  137. waste movie……waste money……like old 70’s movie….

  138. Really Good.Nice Movie…

  139. awesome…………….

  140. Thala… Thank you very much for a good entertainer! But, dance was the only thing that I wasn’t satisfied with. However, you are the hero in real life and on screen. You can do stunts without doops unlike, some actors *cough* *cough* vijay mokkai paiyan… Idhula VJ arasiyal vera varra ama.. Tamil Nadu la aduku apparam.. Mokkai pasangala therinjutu irupanga!

  141. MahaLakshmi


  142. ethellam oru padam nu parthuttu time waste pannayhinga ,,,,entha padathula songs onnumea puriyela pa,,,,,, anal romaba mokka and next waiting to see jilla ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  143. awesome movie.

  144. Thala pola varuma nu sollathinga…. thala pola vara mudiyathu nu thimuroda sollunga……

  145. As usual masala film. Combination of muratukalai, siruthai etc…

  146. mithunvannery

    Supper padam thala umma

  147. Thala na Thala tha..Good entertaining movie for pongal,semma climax scene.

  148. Ganesh Kumar Jayapalan

    mokka movie.. sema boru.. no sense.. mudila da sami..

  149. Thala than massssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  150. irudayarajbilla

    Thala also super movie supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  151. super move thalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  152. nallave illa padam worst movie time waste………..

  153. semma mokkA padam …….kevalama irukku padam…….dont time waste……

  154. semma mokka padam rambam….. backround musiq yetho paravala………dont waste time

  155. good family subject..hats off ajith..santhanam comedy track amazing…siva and team good work..thanks for entertaining us..

  156. superb movie thala thaladan

  157. muralishanmugam

    nice movie seama maass

  158. mokka padam dont waste time…….ajith fans yevlo mokkaya irunthalum nalla irukkunu than solluvanga….dont believe that

  159. thala gethu thala….pakka action

  160. marana mokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Dont waste your time………………………….thala ethu unnakku thevaya.

    siva ooru thendam…………….

  161. marana mokka second half, first konjam therum, ithellam oru padam nu pathu time waste…

  162. waste of time……mokka padam………………..flap movie……………………worst movie of the year

  163. Marana Mass……..

  164. Can see this movie for 2nd half …..


  166. marana maaaaaaassssssss best of ajith sir

  167. super thala but those people are told that mokka pls go and check ur taste

  168. tamilsureshk

    super thala…….nice movi …..time passs

  169. ashwin kumar

    samaiya irukudu ana jilla mari illa

  170. ashwin kumar


  171. very nice movie iethuthan mass movie

  172. supar pada god movie thalada thala da


    samma sooper movie miss panna vandaaaaaam…………..

  174. sama super movie
    allam nallava viram mattum roma nallava

  175. jilla rasigan

    Wooow .thala gethu suppeerrr movie, marana mass

  176. Nadula konjam padam nalla iruku.. Starting and finishing boring…

  177. mokkai mokkai … damn dont use ajith to make stupid movies like this ..
    dont make thala to vallu

  178. For Fanboys ; Neutral fans Not too insulting

  179. Vanathapala and surivamsaam two movies kalathu adutha movithan veera

  180. Supper Movie, Thala maaaaas…………..

  181. my fav thala superrrrrrrr ….pongal virunthu thalaaa

  182. Nice Movie thala super

  183. veeram is great movie tala massssssssssssssssssssss

  184. super hit mass movie veeram but jilla pakka mokka movie

  185. ethu Jilla pongal

  186. This movie stricktly for ajith and telugu fans. veeram sema kaaram

  187. ajit and nassar looks like same age, Ajit and tamannah looks like grandfather and granddaughter. Please thala next time you try to use dye.



  189. eppodha JILLA upload agu please upload quicklyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    today itself please

  190. time waste….we r thala fans ,,,ful apset…
    sinthu samavelli part 2….

  191. ajith acting super, but shiva direction romba mocha, so ajith fans only satisfied in this film, other fans are not belive this movie….. so don’t waste time

  192. upload jilla

  193. Thala Actng Marana Masssssssss,….. Train Scene Theri massssss, But some sentiment& Fight scen than is crap, Mathapadi Thala Sema Gethu, Happy Thala Pongal Frnds,.

  194. mokksa padam pa saami…………

  195. mokka movie…………………ithuku billa 2 yevolo paravala………yen lifela 2.30 hours waste panniten…….

  196. supper…..thalasuper,,,,,

  197. balaji,paul

    very nice action movie. if ajith would have named jella veeram that would have been suitable.

  198. upload jilla too

  199. please upload jilla also

  200. eppudi play panni paarka pls sollunga

  201. marana mass

  202. suresh kabilarmalai

    what a great movie …..worth to watch……

  203. Marana Mass Thala ………..

  204. vj anna fan

    padam parava ella aarambam mve ya adhichika mudiyathu .. arambam is the best ever mve 4 ajith sir bt i hope jilla vil fulfil ma xpectation … veeram gus mve gud attempt it gave a re entry 2 tammanah i thnk her role doesnt suit her a village role… anyhow jilla gonna rock bt am nt criticizing ths mve .. am a fan of vj anna bt thala thalapathy rocks alwyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  205. Mass Movie!!!!

  206. Sathish Kumar

    thala rockzzz!!!!!!!!

  207. apdiye JILLA padathaiyum poda vendiathu thanae…

    en ya naanga free ah ve padatha pathukuvom la

  208. likegoodmovie

    Super padam …… thala super,,,,,

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