Airtel Super Singer 4 – 08-01-2014 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 08-01-2014 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. soooooooooo goood sharath


  3. my vote for alges really i like alges

  4. my vote for alges you are rooock i wish u all the best

  5. my vote for Sonia

  6. my vote for Sai vignesh Sarath santhosh and Niranjana superb

  7. pirashalini pirasha

    sarath santhosh ss01/ soniya ss08 my vorting for you 1crose

  8. ss01/ss08 my voting

  9. soniya ss08/sarath santhos ss01
    my vorting for you 1 crose

  10. algeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttsssssssssss alllllllllllllllggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttssssssssssss you are rooockkkkingggggggggggggg maaacccccccccchhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii i wish u all the best

  11. Krishna songs are tooooooooo gud……all the best krish…….

  12. SO GOOD SS14

  13. Niranjana! Outsatanding performance. Vijay T.V should have given you a violinist. They did for Pragathy in SS3 Junior. But still you rocked without violin. Congrats.

  14. ellarum nalla pandraga i love supersinger

  15. Malayaale Thamailan…when this is going to end.I too agree with the comments.Madhumitha and Nirangana are equally good singers,even Sai Vignesh.All of them are classically trained.I do not think Divakar is a versatile singer,he has no classical training.I too agree there should be a change in the judges panel.However Parvathy is going to make it,with the block Malayalee votes.Why not include our Thamil boys and girls in a Malayalam singing competition and lets see how the Malyalese respond?

  16. sarath i dont want to miss u in the final please sung well

  17. niranjana good come back

  18. all are singing supper wait and see in the final

  19. Vijay TV Super singer programme nalla pandranga but Nalla singersa sila neram gavanikkama vittudreenga… Ramesh kku wild card vaippu kuduthirukkalam… its ok Ramesh-i Vijay tv vidama naraya nigalchikku koopidanum… Good bye Ramesh.. yours Big Fan…

  20. Wrong Judgment – Seen Ganesh and Algetes should go out and Deepti and Soundriya should come in. This is not an right judgement

  21. Honestly tell me folks – can Sonia score against Niranjana, Madhumitha or even Deepthi / Soundharya in this wild card round? Judging by her past performance – I doubt. That is why the crooks (Srini+Sujatha+Unni) gave her immunity. Of course Sarath had to be given immunity because otherwise the partiality will be too obvious. This sort of fraud on listening public shall be stopped once and for all. Eliminate Sonia decisively. Please note that I am not against Sonia as a singer. She has already won award in Malayalam competition. These judges who have been supporting Sonia at the cost of good singers like Madhumitha need no place in Tamil Music world. If proper judgment was done Madhumitha would not have been eliminated in the round in which Sonia should have been sent out. We cannot expect Vijay TV to carry out impartial voting procedure. They always fudge figures. It was quite obvious from Super Singer Junior II when Alka was declared winner against better voted singers. But silently Vijay TV gave a flat to Srikanth because actually he won in voting.

    This is in continuation of my previous comment. Please note that I do not live in India and I do not know any of them personally (Singers or Judges). My only grouse is that such unjust judges are thrust on Tamil people.

  22. Honest Indian

    Hi – Niranjan looks pretty – she sang well. This is an example that there are better singers than the favoured Malayalee Singers – all the Malayalee singers are in top 5 or Top 3 just coz of favourtism by Malayalee judges.
    Music is universal but unfortualtely not all believe this.

  23. Sonia and Algates should get chance. No one is equal to alagasan sur singing.

  24. krishnadevarayar

    Niranjana really rocked…..

  25. niranjana superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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