Airtel Super Singer 4 – 03-01-2014 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 03-01-2014 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. Was extremely disappointed and disgusted Vijay TV/Judges in eliminating very promising and deserving singers such as SS03 Saiganesh, and others in favour of Syed Subhan and Algates Alagesan. Alagesan, -yes he is old and spirited. However in a serious competition like this where the singers are working so very hard to find a seat, there seems to be no fairness, justice or no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste creed or age!
    As a international viewer, I am soo-o saddened for the participants- I felt like turning off the TV Program.. Judges and Wild card voters please play FAIR!


    • Sai, Aravind krishnan should be there instead of diwakar, parvathy,syed. Judges are not doing their job properly. They need to ask them self am I doing honestly?

  2. diwakar shd win the title. he shd get the house.

  3. sarath santosh all the best u r rockinh

  4. Diwakar. Congratulations for becoming direct finalist. All the Best to win the super singer title. Parvathy will be tough competitor for you. So practice well and select a super song and catch viewers’ and judges’ heart. May god bless you and your parents. You deserve the title. Good luck.

    • Dont know how syed was selected among top 4. His song range is very limited. Can he take challenging carnatic based songs for a change? Decisions are biased n influenced especially Mano

  5. all the best parvathy and diwakar…You both are rocking the stage…

  6. diwakar i am happy for u man. you should win the title.

  7. great buddy,, i am very happy for u,,,,,,, great achievment,,,,,,, u deserve it, all the very best for ur final, god bless u

  8. SO HAPPY FOR DIVAKAR ANNA! Cant wait for u to win the title….

  9. my,dear,, diwakar,,grand fainal,,atilum nee vetry pera irayvanidam pirartikkirean ,,

  10. good luck dhivakar keep going well may god bless you

  11. sonia is the best of SS4.. the judges admitted that while eliminating her.. stating that they believed that sonia is the potential winner.. there is not even one of them close to sonia’s level.. her voice infection doomed her.. sympathize her.. hope she gets a better luck in playback singing then the rest of them…

  12. Jayakanth Sri Lanka

    Diwakar keep it up!!!! you will win for sure, if the judgement is fair!!!!

  13. karthikeyaraja

    rocking diwakar. keep it up



  16. Can anyone please justify, why Santhosh has to be among top 3 or 4. Its like discriminating Parvathi, Diwakar and Syed when you have Santhosh among them or still beating them by having his such kind of voice which doesnt have any kind of sentiment to the song that he sings.His songs doesn’t make it live at all. Santhos’s last song’athangara marame’ song is an ideal example to justify he cannot sing high pitch songs. May be i am wrong. can anyone please comment in this regard,

  17. k.arunesar

    Parvathy is going to bang the title.The grand finale etc are only formalities.She deserves it.Yet can she make it to the playback singing field?Malyalese should be great full and appreciate the Thamilians for their tolerance towards the Malayalese.Afterall the Malayalese and Thamilians have lot in common.We Thamils in Srilanka are experiencing the effects of racism.We are jealous about the Indians,because they have a country to call their own.Despite many differences there is no racism.So Malaylese and Thamilians come together.Through away your petty differences.Reality shows and competitions do help in bringing these togother.We Thamilinas should support Parvathy and praise her for speaking Thamil correctly unlike sujatha who still speaks Thamil with a Malayalam tinge!I think the Olive branch should come from the Malayalese.Will they?

  18. ganeshchithu

    Diwakar very great man.

  19. Congrata Diwagar! All the best for the Final!

  20. vidhyakumar

    please…introduce classical round(film song).contestant should prove their versatality.If they did well in that round,most probably they can sing any other type of songs.

  21. maansoundar

    Diwakar you will to touch the top point of Himalaya in music world.Best Wishes.


  23. saravanaraja

    Sonia is a deserving versatile contestant than all others, her elimination was acidic.

  24. Diwakar, Kalakiteenga ponga…. All the very best to win in the Final.

  25. thivakar,and parvathi has mature voice. they can sing for movie.

  26. Razzak/jawwadh(Sri Lanka)

    இயலாமை கொண்டவரின் இறுதி ஆயுதம் ஊர்,சாதி வாதங்கள்……
    விஜய் டிவி முழு உலகுக்கும் சொந்தமானது.நடுவர்கள் மிக மிக பொருத்தமானவர்களே… விஜய் டிவி வாழ்க…..பணி தொடரட்டும்…..நடுவர்கள் எவரும் நோவினை கொள்ளலாகாது.அதுவே குழப்பவாதிகளின் வெற்றியாகிவிடும்.

  27. கங்காதரன்

    ஹாய்,திவாகரன் முதலில் இனிய வாழ்துகளை தெறிவித்துக்கொள்கிறேன்,இந்த பட்டத்தை வெல்ல இறுதி சுற்றில் மேலும் நன்றாக பாடி,இந்த பட்டத்தை வெல்ல கடவுளை பிராற்திக்கிறேன்

  28. god bless you

  29. great,,,,,,,,

  30. Hai bro Diwakar you are Rock….you are they title winer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  31. DiwakarIsSuperSinger

    Out of 50 comments so far 49 comments are wishing and wanting Diwakar to win Airtel Super Singer and I too. Who knows, he could be next TMS or SPB or Sankar mahadevan of Tamil cinema.

  32. It’s and the three finalists are diwakar, parathy & sayed. We may see the recorded on monday

  33. Grace Ravin

    Diwakar…God bless u brother.
    From the day one till the moment u won as finalist round our only aim and wish is to hear the only announce that is “The winner is Diwakar”.
    Yesterday after u completed singing , it was a heart beat moment for our entire family wtg for the finalist result.
    The joy we feel after the announce is so great..the victory is not for u alone ..its for all ur fans ..children to elderly.
    Diwakar from the bottom of our heart we wish u the best and u are the winner of super singer.
    God bless u.
    Again u are the winner.



  34. Madhavan Karthik

    Hi Diwakar, Congrats! We are sure that you will win this title. We support always for you. All the best……. God Bless You…..

  35. SRINIVAS MURTHY sir hats off to u fr being a real judge. ..I always love srini sir.

  36. Hopefully s.murty sir will be the final judge also.unni is very partial…it was a surprise thst they let go sonia.SRINIVAS MURTHY sir hats off to u fr being a real judge. ..I always love srini sir.

  37. Sujatha n unni either one shud be the judge.

  38. Oh my God dai diva……u rocked…but bcaz of srinivas murty’sir ‘s honest n I shud say bold judgement ur r on the top…if not that unni n sujatha wud hv definitely placed parvathy…..him god is great…luk at that sujatja’s face….wow.

  39. Congrats Diwakar. You make us proud. World Tamil are always with you. Waiting for the BIG DAY. We will celebrate your winning.

  40. All the best diwakar you are winner this supper singer god bless you

  41. Diwakar you are Rock….
    Honest judgement.

  42. valthukkal thevakar

  43. Rameshkumar KUMBA KO

    congrats diwa sema rock star

  44. Conmgrats Diwakar. Your voice beat everyone else today! Do Syed and Santhosh have to compete again or what? As far as I heard it seemed so. If it is so, is it unfair, when Syed obtained 33 and Santhosh obtained 32, competing both of them once again.

  45. weldone dewa comeon

  46. SuperSingam

    Congrats Diwakar. Hope to see you crowned as Airtel Super singer too. Was a right judgement that was made today.
    This is Airtel super singer – Mix up of all types of music. We cannot expect people to sing only Carnatic here. If that’s the case, there are lots of happenings in Vani Mahal,Music academy and Naratha gana sabha. People can go there and watch it.
    Kudos again Diwa.

  47. i am very happy today diwakar you are title winner god bless you

  48. Diwakar very good expression and good singing…

    well done…

  49. diwakar rocksssssssssssssssss

  50. All the best diwakar,have a nice day.

  51. what a moment congrats dhivaka stil begining iam ur big fan good luck all the very best i need one more person that is syed he is also multitalenter shoud he is in top3 iam sure u will there top 3

  52. All the best Diwakar, god is great.

  53. diwakar rocks. alll the best diwakar u r the super singer

  54. Rajan Danmark

    Congratulation Diwakar.
    Det er en dejlige music programe Vijay tv

  55. Your rocking diwa……May god bless you…………


    Hi, Diwakar U have given best in best. ALL THE BEST WILL REACH YOU. WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR-2014.

  57. Dhamodaran N

    I have already told that Diwakar is a role model for all good qualities of his age.He will achieve .He deserves everything.
    I also predicted about top five ,long back.Its true now. All are good.

  58. Best wishes Diwakar

  59. Good luck for the inals diwakar

  60. Diwakar, you rocked today. Good luck for the finals.

  61. Diwakar, you rocked today. Wishing you good luck for the finals. May GOD be with you always.

  62. cmk (russia)

    diwagar is rock your are very great, great future for you, don’t worry, be always happy, thanks gods

  63. Ravi London

    Super Diwakar congrats God with you…………..

  64. Diwakar deserves this. I pray god that he should win the title and become a playback singer..

  65. congrats diwa I know you are the tittle winner of super singer 4 . and i pray to god for u ll won the tittle winner of super singer 4 . all the best diwa my friend

  66. farzath klm

    Walthukkal diwa ilove you r songs

  67. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss diwakarrrrrrrrrr u just rock man……

  68. Mohamed Faizal

    Well done diwakar. Super…….

  69. What a program..vijay tv u are god of entertainment.why dont u list in stock exchange..though parvathy is superb awesome my favourite singer, day belonged to divakar

  70. well done diwakar nice to c u in final but don’t forgot parvathy also should be thr so try to
    do something wonder on the final otherwise u can’t beat her again all the best good luck

  71. Super Singer

    MR. Srinivasa murthy Hats off to you!
    You did an honest judgement, without any favoritism unlike other judges…
    If it was not for Mr. srinivasa murthy, parvathy would be in top 3 and not Diwakar

  72. congrats diwa

  73. Sema moments!!! Diwakar, Congrats!!!

  74. Super Singer

    Semifinal is not a carnatic round and who is very great in carnatic singing cannot be a super singer. They have to exhibit versatility in singing including carnatic and classical songs IMHO.

  75. diwakar rock…….

  76. musiclover

    Thankfully today, the usual judges did not have the full power to judge.Otherwise, definitely parvathi would have gone to top 3.
    Hats off to Mr. Srinivasa murthy for his brave, bold and honest judgement!!
    U should see the face of College beauty when Parvathy was not selected hahaha…

  77. I am very keen to watch this program. i could understand the semifinal is not that tough as it has to be.the songs what they sang all repeated one.And i was surprised to see why there was no classical songs.Even in the last junior semifinal it was tough program then this.I feel it is to satisfy some one or to bring some one to top.I am totally upset the way the semifinal is as normal as it is to be …nothing special in the semi final.It was not like semifinal. And all the judges were pre planned to give mark to bring their favorite to top.I am very sorry to say this.

    • TruthSpeaker

      Iam not convinced with the judgement….Aitel super singer show is loosing this quality…

      I remember Mr.Srinivas saying….Anybody can become playBack Singer , But being the Airtel super singer is difficult”… Being said this i dont see any quality in this Airtel season. How can a person be a first finalist without singing even one carnatic song. Iam not against diwakar and i respect his hardwork he has put and he has inborn talent and it needs to be recognized.

      But at the same time , Airtel supersinger should not lose its quality.

      I always remember last airtel super singer season…. sathya , srinivas , santhosh , saicharan , pooja and malavika…

      They gave so much variety and sathya , saicharan and malavika who has good knowledge in carnatic . especially sathya and saicharan ….what a contestent…. you rocked guys…..

      Overall this airtel super singer is not a quality show for this season….

      • Did you forgot the song “mama mappile” sung by Diwakar and Narayanan. It is a semi classical.But Seyad came top 5 without singing any classical.

  78. musiclover

    All the very best Diwakar – U rocked today. May God give you enough strength to win the super singer title. Very rare to see natural talent win over Parvathy who is a great singer. God Bless. I am praying for Syed to be next finalist. Let a tamilian win Tamil super singer this time.

    • No matter whether the person a Tamil or none,the crown should go to the best performer.One thing I would like to say is,Tamilnadu was successfully ruled by none Tamil persons,specially by MGR.He is a Malayalam and was born in Sri-Lanka.

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