Airtel Super Singer 4 – 02-01-2014 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 02-01-2014 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. Divakar has real talent and my vote goes to him

  2. According to me the Judges are doing very well from their part, so pls stop commenting on thier judgement and if they give a biased judgement they would have not reached those heights .if this statement hurts or pinpoints anyone than I really apologise for that .

  3. Hi Sonia,
    now u r no more a kid to cry in such a big competition, and after winning a competetion in Kerala this kind of attitude is very kiddesh and now we want our Tamil Contestants to win who ,who have never felt the joy of success

  4. don’t worry sonia,,

  5. Yes I agree Parvathi shouldn’t sit in top 4 she knows herself this- Sonia is way better than Sonia and she is brave enough to take challenging song even her throat was off. Hey Judges what you guys are thinking non sense – it is not realty show it is already been decided who is getting the final prize by some political person looks like – why can’t Vijay TV change OMG crapy. And they are scrutinizing Sonia’s maraindirundae parkum as if she did big mistake but when you hear this Parvathy’s song even a normal person can find lot of issues but crapy judges can’t find anything are you kidding guy- you think people watching this show are dumb – stop this nonsense and do your best especially Srinivas and Sujatha they are the worst judges please send them out

  6. karthikeyaraja

    dont worry sonia. you will come back wildcard round.only 2 person can win this competition. one person diwakar and another person you. i will pray to god give to u good voice. you are only singer can sing to all kind of songs in top5 contestents. god bless u.

  7. Sonia had a wonderful and a beautiful voice much better than other contestants. Why did you eliminate her?

    im looking forward to see her in finals… x

  9. Don’t Worry sonia,sure come pack give the pest performance in the wildcard round.thank u so match.

  10. The whole judgement is very biased. Singers who do not have any classical background are in top 3 is unbelievable. To be a super singer requires versatility in each genre. I question the judges of super singer if they are taking unbiased decision. The decision of A.R. Rehman choosing Parvati as best singer is also not justified. Parvathi has a beautiful melodious voice but she does not have any clarity in her vibrations. She does not have a high scale also. Super singer has to be chosen properly. Otherwise, this whole thing is a joke. The viewers who have been watching all these episodes are a joke too. Sonia has been too good for this competition and hence has been voted off. Best of luck to Sonia.

  11. k.arunesar

    hey Bavhana….you have announced Sonia’s exit as reading out an obituary notice of somebody’s sudden demise.
    !And adding salt to injury Pathos music was broadcasted.My dear….!There is no guarantee for the final winner to become a playback singer and who were not successful to remain in the backdrop.Only those classically trained can go forward in playback singing.Sonia is one of them.Her broken marriage….with all that she had the courage to compete.Yes her bad throat was a deterrent factor.As I ha d mentioned in my earlier comments…it is we the viewers who are the real judges.Technicalities are irrelevant to us.At least the Malayaleese should be greatfull to Thamilians for being tolerant and encouraging Malayaleese despite the rash treatment meted to Thamilians by the Malayaleese.

  12. sonai (Abu Dhabi)

    Don’t worry Sonia darling, take care ur voice and come to the wildcard round. I will pray to the god and give good voice to Sonia.

  13. Sonia can go to kerala. Tamil person should win the title. Will they allow tamil people. Simply acting.

  14. vidhyakumar

    We are INDIANS.Why are you saying like thiS?Sonia do well in the wildcard.See this is not war in between two countries.This is competition between young talented people.please try to understand.If you couldn’t encourage all children,please atleast don’t hurt anyone.all the best for other 4 children.

  15. Actually Sonia should have won as she is versatile. It was because of her bad throat. Inspite of that she chose difficult songs, as she does always. Syed always sings only A.R.Rahman Songs and choose only songs of fast numbers or shouting ones. He seldom attempts melody and other composers’ songs. He is not versatile.

  16. Don’t worry sonia she will come wildcard

  17. post the source2 guys..

  18. Don’t worry Sonia darling, take care ur voice and come to the wildcard round. I will pray to the god and give good voice to Sonia.

  19. pragathi in india why she is not coming vijay tv visiting why why why

  20. Yes ! It is true. Luck played a lot for Seyed. Very bad voice with average singing talent he came in to top five.

  21. nice to see u ninja,,,,,,, i am big fan of u…………..

  22. helo sonia, dont worry, u will be back and rackagain. as judges told u voice is more precious and u have to take care of donot worry, take care and come back with ur most unique and beautuful voice.

  23. Why these have to come here ….let our tamilian kids win n take the pride.they hv their own in Kerala competition

  24. It’s ok she can go back to Kerala n sing win.

  25. I am 100% sure that you will win this competition. Don’t worry Sonia.. Take care and do well in the wildcard..

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