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Watch Vidiyum Munn , thriller film directed by Balaji K. Kumar. The film stars Pooja Umashankar, Malavika Manikuttan

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  1. Sasi says:

    Very nice movie

  2. Neelakandan says:

    Nice Movie….Nice To Watch This…….Wish u all the best …..”Vidiyummun” Team

  3. YUGNES says:

    Nice movie and hats off the team members of the film whose make such a amazing movie. A special credits will goes to the small girl for her nice performance.

  4. raj says:

    fucking idiotic movie….. waste of time..

  5. vinoth says:

    Please upload Thalaimuraigal movie.A good movie atha first upload pannungappa.

  6. PV says:

    even though its an inspiration from an english movie (London 2 Brighton), the director presented in a super way that suits our tamil people.. Good message movie… actors, all well selected and well done. No romance, duet, love scenes,comedy .. good to see trend change in tamil cinema..

  7. அருமையான திரைகதை.நன்றி (Directed) டிறேச்டேத் பாலாஜி கே . குமார் .கண்டிப்பா 2013 நேஷனல் அவார்ட் உண்டு.

  8. VijayVeriyan says:

    jilla sold for 250cr..Beated Dhoom3..Vijay rocks

  9. MKV says:

    too good movie hats off direc

  10. Sriram says:

    OOOPS Copy of “London to Brighton” UK movie… Very bad that the director copy that movie and not leaking the news out.. People are fools thinking he is an brilliant

  11. Sriram says:

    OOOPS Copy of “London to Brighton” UK movie… Very bad that the director copy and that movie and not leaking the news out.. People are fools thinking he is an brilliant

  12. Jai says:

    Good Movie.. Must watch..Hats off to the entire team..

  13. Ramki says:

    Very Good Movie.

  14. NESA MANI says:

    film is not bad but acting is wonderful hats off to pooja

  15. Yoga.S says:

    சிறுமியின் நடிப்பு அபாரம்!

  16. Yoga.S says:

    நல்ல படம்.”ஒலி” சேர்ப்பு சொதப்பி விட்டது.நல்லதோர் செய்தியை சொல்லியிருக்கிறார்கள்,வித்தியாசமாக!

  17. X says:


  18. ada gokka makka says:

    intha mathiri padam la teater la parkkamatanga namma makkal india la iruntha 2,3 time teater la parthurupen super movie

  19. Vijay saran says:

    Awesome movie.

  20. Vinoth says:

    Really amazing…. I never saw such a wonderful move like this. Dear people please give award to this movie. Wonderful unique concept. Everyone acting their role very nice.

  21. suresh says:

    very good movie

  22. Ashok says:

    Very nice movie

  23. ramesh says:

    very excellent movie.i saw 300 movies in rajtamil.but this is my first comment.everybody good acting in this movie.small girl acting&&voice are excellent.pooja did very good movie in 2013

  24. Vijayakumar says:

    Nice movie

  25. hi says:

    nice movie but i dont understand what he tries to do in that room..can anyone explain

  26. Jai says:

    One of the best movie I have watched this year. Hats off to the director for giving such a good movie, excellent acting and suspense throughout the film. climax the best. Each and every scene was running in my mind for the whole night. Excellent,Excellent,Excellent,Excellent,Excellent,Excellent,Excellent. Its a must watch movie for all.

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