Jodi No.1 Season 7 14-12-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. Hi,

    Karthik Weldon best of luck.
    Kuyili Aunty pls don’t dance, we respect u as a actress

  2. Kuyili is my grand father generation dream girl…why she is show the same like in my generation too..!! old lady must behave as old…don’t make a fool all of us…stupid caste..!!

  3. karthick

  4. take out all old women include d d plz

  5. Very worst caste !! I think it will be a big flop this time !! No dancers in a dance show ?? Are you kiddin me ??

  6. sasneen rafiq

    jd season 7 no gd vry sad!!!!!!!!!!!

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