Airtel Super Singer 4 – 30-12-2013 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 30-12-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. Follow foodie

    Parvathy is not Fit to be in finals. She has had a free ride to top 4, which is not a good sign for that lady parvathy , diwa will win finals, all tamilians pls vote for diwa and kick that parvathy lady out .

    This week is made in such a way to make parvathy reach top 4 . If she is really good she should have sung a western song and a free style song get good marks and get to top 4. Y is she given a free ticket . Is this done to protect her voice . Horrible vijay tv . Shame on u judges .

    Public are not fools to watch the drama u are doing .

  2. Fucking malayalis political in chennai…

  3. musiclover

    Judges are clever in protecting parvathy..they know if she sings western round, she should be eliminated as she will not do a gud job…so they cleverly sent her to top 4..
    Shame on u judges…u are not looking at talents here…u are very partial..and yuou are not worth to be judge at all…

  4. Bala Toronto

    This is SS4. How many years stupid all of us calling to change these judges? This is not going to happened at all
    We have to fix the Vijay T.V., then only they start to think about this.

  5. Bloody Malayali judges doing politics

  6. ganeshchithu

    very nice divakar

  7. Ridiculous indeed….!How can the judges arrive at an unanimous conclusion that Parvathy should be elevated to the next round with the first song itself?No doubt she is excellent in singing melody songs,but definitely not a versatile singer.She experiences hitting at top notes.How about Deepthi,Madumita and Nirangana?They are too good singers.It is we the general Music loving public and viewers who are the real Judges.Parvathy should have been requested to sing a high pitch fast number to prove her mettle.
    We Srilankan Thamils do not know much about Thamilnadu other than Music and teledramas etc.Yet the rivalry between Malayaleese and Thamilians are well known here in Srilanka too.Are Thamizians ilicha vaayargal indeed?

  8. Bloody Malayali judges doing politics


  10. today parvathy is not great singing voice crack not clear voice i dont know judge 45 marks POLITICS. SARATH, SYATH,DIWAGAR SINGING GOOD SONIYA NOT GREAT TODAY.

  11. Enda velakannai judges.. Parvathy sang her own comfort zone song. We don’t understand Why the hell she has been given the top performer because of having all Kerala judges in Tamilnadu. This is totally blunder. Vijay please change the judges or stop the programme. Dont do for the sake of getting more TRB rating.

  12. Dear Judges,

    Do you really think that Sonia only deserves 8. She sang really well. Her dynamics was simply outstanding. We are not satisfied with the score given to Sonia.. she is equally good and deserves first place.

    Dear Sonia.. you always rock.. I am a big fan of you… Don’t worry.. Don’t give up.You will win this competition. 200%

  13. It is ridiculous to send Parvati after just 1 song when it is obvious she will not do that well in western genre.( she is rather weak in western songs) It seems the judges have decided the top 3 even before the competition started. I think Sonia , Sharat, Diwakar and Syed are much better than Parvati. Why do you even bother having a competition for Parvati just give her the title.

  14. Madhavan Karthik

    Diwakar Superb…hope you will come top in next challenging rounds in this week. God Bless you…..

  15. Verry verry nice navin karu parvathi all so is verry verry good

  16. today parvathy voice not good.judges is not correctjudgement it is not fare today voice not clear how is possible goto parvathy goto level 4 i dont know all keral judges decide every time vijay tv allow this .it is not correct

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