Airtel Super Singer 4 – 20-12-2013 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 20-12-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. bis says:

    idhu tamilagatthin bramaanda kural thedal thaane?appuram edhukiya matha state lam ilukureenga

  2. ravi says:

    People who are commenting on partiality are crazy and dont know the facts. Sreeni is a tamilian and not mallu. He was born in trivandrum and had education in kerala. Thats all.

  3. venkatachalam says:

    i like sonisa performance well u know the same yelandhapazam song she sung some years back in idea star singer malayalam group . but at that time she has not given weightage by judges though it was brilliant i really stunned but now she got it. that is the power.

  4. abu says:

    Hello Raj, I agree with you. Indians all knows we have lot of issue in our nations. Here is not that matter. That will not come to ends as early in our nation. This program in Tamil channel conducting by Vijay TV. They are deliberately neglecting our talented Tamilian singers in this show. This program watching by Tamilian people who living in the world. There are stupid mallu judges doing partiality and politics. Our Tamilian is not fool as like these mallu judges. We all should raise our voice against these mallu Judges and Vijay TV.

  5. Dont worry arvind .come back u to give the best performance.thank u.Congracts sonia Diwakar.

  6. Raj says:

    Hello Viewers,

    Super Singer is a business for Vijay TV. They know whom to market to sell their product. We have lot off issues in our nation. Please raise your voice against those issues.

    Jai Hind!

  7. Ghaney KSA says:

    Aravind, Really you are a good singer. We are expecting you in Wildcard round. Sure you will rock.

  8. ANNIYAN says:

    One Tamil singer(Diwakar) and four non Tamil(Two Malayalees, one Telugu and one Uruthu). Vijay T.V you want Tamil’s money, but you do not like Tamil singers. This is the fate of Tamils in Tamil Naadu.

  9. Shami says:

    Aravind we all missing u.. Don’t worry bro u will rock in wildhard. And these judges are talking wrong decision. They all supporting to other contestant. Lm proud of ur friendship. Even sydth doesn’t hv musicality but he is in top 5 . Pls take off these judges from this show. Tz

  10. abu says:

    Vijay TV program organizers take action about these mallu Judges. Check below this comment 99% against for Judges of their patiality and politics. We are not aginst Malayalee people. These stupid Judges Srini, Unni and Sujatha are creating this much problem. If they are really justified, we all will respect them. If they will not change their attitude, our comments will raise more worst as fellow citizens. These judges all bitch…

  11. viji says:

    Diwakar rocking….Good Luck. Don’t worry Aravind. You are very talented and awesome singer. You are singing too better than Sonia and Parvati. Hope you will come with full energy and prove your talent once again in wild card round. God Bless you…We are appreciating your mother for the kind of helping minds to others. She is treating Diwakar as her own son. If anyone singing she is encouraging and smiling too. She is not like other contestant’s parents. As we know everyone about these mallu Judges always promoting parvathi and sonia. Sonia escaped from elimination for his throat infection. Three weeks before parvati suppose to be eliminated but escaped from as like Sonia. Particularly last performance of Sonia‘s normal person can sing that songs. First up all theses mallu judges to be eliminate and kick out from this show.

  12. Mangantha says:

    To bring parvathy at first place they eliminated Aravind

  13. Mangantha says:

    3 From kerala one from Anthra and syed urudu then who s thamizh???/

  14. k.arunesar says:

    Paru is a versatile singer?I doubt.Can she sing highpitch numbers like Madhumita?NO.She is a melody queen,yet the huskiness in her voice always travels with her singing.Being a Malayale she speaks Thamil with a reasonably correct accent,unlike Sujatha who speaks Thamil with a Malayalam tinge.How will be Paru’s singing career?Only her HOROSCOPE can reveal.Deepthi Suresh,Madumita,Sai vingnesh and Niranjana are also good singers.It is only the Musicdirectors who can decide who is capable.For me all of them are supersingers.The title and the prize money is immaterial.Hey!how about a Malayalam Musical event in Kerala sung fully by these Thamil supersingers….?

  15. k.arunesar says:

    Once again has i have been mentioning throughout…playback singing is not full time profession any more.You need not be a professional in playback singing these days.The technology will look after it.It doesn’t mean that by getting eliminated itself,once singing career is over.There are number of examples.There is not guarantee that the singer who bags the title will be a successful playback singer. In the case of Aravind, prospects of becoming a playback singer is in the hands of the Musicdirectors and with the supersinger judges.Anyway good luck Aravindh.

  16. sathish says:


  17. Kumaresh says:

    I don’t like Sonia’s singing and she was not performing so good. I don’t know what happening there. These stupid judges are playing with true talented singers life. Fuck off the mallu judges and arrange the music directors as a judge.

  18. padhma says:

    Aravind dont worry. In the previous seasons those who are eliminated out of partiality have bright career in the music world. You will also rock like srivinivas (last programme contestant), Sathyaprakash and Pooja. Dont be sad. It is the history of super singer eliminations that those with real talent who are eliminated out of certain politics inside and partiality, all became play back singers. You will also come up like that. God bless you my child. It is very much obvious for the viewers that there is partiality judgements, from the way they selected Sonia who does know how to pronounce tamil lyrics. It is Tamilnadu’s fate that vijay TV super singers should not know correct tamil to go to top 10 or top five. Ofcourse except Sonia all other four selections are best and deserving.

  19. sheila says:

    aravind given outstanding performances compared with parvathy, not happy with the result!!!!! aravind shld not eliminated!

  20. AJ says:

    If you all remember last season there was one person who eliminated as like arAvind and reached greater heights now !! That’s Srinivas !! I hope arAvind too becomes like that !!

  21. sara says:

    aravinth sure we miss u…….diwa u rock

  22. Srini says:

    All the comments are genuine, as mentioned some regional biasism is seen now. Unni & Sujatah should replaced with some efficient & un biased good human.

  23. raj says:

    This is pool shit…vijay tv why they noboddy care abt good performer..arvind nice singer…but some judges are kerala.sonia have nothing talent.but they fucking judges selected,this is realy politics.sonia desn’t know tamil properly,first give chance for tamil..tamil natula tamilanukku chance kudungaya first..remove fucking unnikrishnan judges first..aravind don’t worry ilam puyal tamilagathin singam…OSCAR NAYAGAN A.R RAHMAN GIVING CHANCE FOR U….take it easy men.good luck for u

  24. antony says:

    அரவிந் , திவாகர்
    உங்கள் நட்பை TV ஜில் பார்த்து
    விஜந்துபோய் விட்டேன்.

    ஒர்ரளவில் நீங்களும் தளபதிஜின் கதானாஜகர்கள்.
    படத்தில் மட்டுமல்லாமல வாள்கைஜிலும் வாழ்ந்து காட்டுங்கள். நீங்கள் இருவரும் இணைந்து செய்கின்ற சாதனை உலகத்தை விஜக்கவைக்க வேண்டும்.

    எதிர்பாக்கும்போது நல்ல நண்பர்கள் கிடைப்பதில்லை நல்ல
    நண்பர்கள் எதையும் எதிர்பாப்பதில்லை.

    வாழ்க உங்கள் புனிதமான நட்பு.

  25. Bala says:

    Luck plays lot For Seyed in this week. When you compare him with others he is below the average all these months. But this his singing is good in two performances. (Firest and last) Good for him.


  26. Shiva says:

    Again Mallu lobby voted for Mallus.Aravind sure u r deserved for the top 5.If this shows goes on i am sure people will hate this one sided mallu judges and the show.

  27. abu says:

    Hello True Musician, Diwakar sings too better than Sonia and Parvathi. There is no sentimental. His hardworking and efforts bring to him this level. Diwakar is going to win this title. Even these two girls sing nothing than others. How these two came in to this level, the viewers who watching this program everyone knows.

  28. boo says:

    Diwakar anna and Arvind remind me of Thalapathy Rajini and Mammuti! So cute! I hope you win Diwakar anna!

  29. vijay says:

    diwakar super …rockssssssssss

  30. SALIM says:

    aravind & diwakar your friendship will go to long way

  31. MG says:

    We respect the decision of the judges, but this one makes me thinking that after all they are humans and made a mistake.
    Well, Arvind rocks… Deserve to b in final and he will rock like a Phoenix

  32. karthik says:

    Sonia and Parvathi are sleeping with all the judges thats why they are fuckin get selected every time

  33. Raj says:

    Too much support from all judges for sonia. She last her voice almost two weeks. Still these judges are pricing two much. Super singer 4 early stage judges are refused lot of good singers because they have same problem. They didnot give chance for them. Now quater final how many chance they give.

    Super singer must give importent for singer not for dancers. You guys are not slecting super singer or super perfomer?

  34. shebhu says:

    soniya and parvathi rocking…..semaayah paduringa…all the best

  35. SALIM says:


  36. klmfarzath says:

    Diwakar very nice nee thanyaa super singar

  37. sudha says:

    All the four Diwakar, parvathy, syed and Sharath deserve to be top five. Since Aravind slipped the lyric, Sonia could go ahead of him. Bad luck for Aravind and good luck for Sonia worked out.

  38. Dhamodaran N says:

    Super singer Diwakar or parvathi ?
    Next. Syed or. Sarath or Sonia.

  39. sudha says:

    Sharath super. If you sing this Vishwaroopam song in the finals you will be the tile winner of super singer. Elandha payam is not the good song for a competition that too for a quarter finals. Only because of back ground orchestra she escaped. Compared to Sonia, Aravind is far far better. Sonia did not sing well that too lyric pazham she sang as Payam.

  40. p.saratha says:

    dont worry Arvind yr elder brother and best friend Divakar will win the title i want you to be in 2nd position

  41. jebasuthan says:

    syed voice good….

  42. rooser says:

    Once again Mallu Mafia taken Sonia and Parvathi to top 5 and i am sure if thoese judges continues they will give first and second prize to Sonia and Parvathi and this should not be happened please all of them support to Diwakar who is really deserve the title.

  43. True Musician says:

    Hats off to Soniya and Parvathy…Do not worry if you do not win the title as the sentimental idiots would choose Diwakar as winner…But you both would become successful play back singers soon just as Pooja (already sung 25 songs) from Super Singer 3 rocking now compared to Sai Charan…God bless u both!!!!!

    • Anbu says:

      Mallus are always in favour of mullus only. Both siinii and sujatha should be out from judging.

    • abu says:

      Hello True Musician, Diwakar sings too better than Sonia and Parvathi. There is no sentimental. His hardworking and efforts bring to him this level. Diwakar is going to win this title. Even these two girls sing nothing than others. How these two came in to this level, the viewers who watching this program everyone knows.

    • Rath says:

      Hello True Musician. If you like sonia and parvathy, that is your personal matter, How could you compare Diwakar with them. Diwakar is the real hero. First try to learn music and then do compare others.

    • bis says:

      kavalapadaatheenga anbu,abu and rath oru ponnoda manasu oru ponnuku thaan theritum

  44. giri (KSA) says:

    Congratulations to all the top five contestants! Our best wishes to Arvind to rock in wild card! May the Almighty shower their blessings! Your deeds & good nature will take you to dizzy heights!

  45. Sandy says:

    More than Arvind, I would miss seeing his mom in the show.. Such a good mother.. Always encouraging all the contestants, clapping for all their performances, and for taking Diwakar as her own son.. Such a selfless person.. May God Bless Arvind and his family always!! Hope you see you rock in Wild Card round and make it to the finals..

  46. Navabjohn says:

    yes..Diwakar Singing good / Wishes

  47. Ratha says:

    soniya ,parvathi…always singing not perfect ….something missing their singing but they are still in the ground judges..

  48. chandru says:

    parvathy very super song singeing awesome god bless you keep going good

  49. Madhavan Karthik says:

    Congrats Diwakar!!!! Way to go….Good Luck. Arvind you are rocking singer. We are feeling sad for you. We are hoping you will rock in wild card rounds. God Bless You.

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