Airtel Super Singer 4 – 18-12-2013 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 18-12-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. please kick out these judges Srini, Unni and Sujatha Because of these Judges doing politics and supporting for malayalees ***k

  2. Hello Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer Program organizers, we would like to ask you that why are you conducting this program? What is your plan and whom to give this title? If you have already fixed the title winner don’t conducting this program. If you are really conducting this show, please kick out these judges Srini, Unni and Sujatha from this show immediately and don’t allow them to final. Because of these Judges doing politics and supporting for malayalees. The viewers whoever watching this program every one saying about these Judges all stupid and mad. We are not fool and we know which singers singing best in this show. If Tamilian sings giving marks less than malayalees. At the same time if malayalee sings, these judges praising too much and gives high marks. They are doing this specially for Sonia and Parvati. They are planning to bring parvati in first place and Sonia in second place at final. If you keep these judges they will do in their mind. Finally we want to say you that around the world all Tamilian watching this program. These Judges selected only two persons from Tamilian (Diwakar and Arvind). It is only 40 %. These judges are purposely eliminating Tamilian talented contestants with supports of VIJAY TV. What a shamed?

  3. diwakar super

  4. Hi Honest Indian, We agree that Unni comments on parvaiti. But it should be affect on her marks. There was not affecting marks on her performances. She will not go in eliminations. Because of her God (mallu Judges) is there. Definitely they will bring to her in finalist.

    Diwakar Rocked….We sure that you will come in final. We are hoping you win this title. God bless you. Syed did excellent performance. Sonia and parvati was not the best performances as Judges Comments. But not affect their marks. Unni has fixed marks (9) for Sonia. Sujatha comments as usual for both of them. Srini comments sometimes as per his mood. Chitra speaks Tamil better than Sujatha. Vijay TV kicks out beauty girl sopna sundari, Unni and Srini from this show. Anyhow parvati and Sonia will not go to elimination as long as malayali Judges there.

  5. Unni is judging without partiality…way to go Unni..
    Parvathy did not do a gud job..
    Diwakar and Soniya Rock!!

  6. diwakar super..

  7. Syed rock….

  8. It’s all blank (black) I cannot see anything? Any Technical problem?

  9. Honest Indian

    Paraathy singing not good – if there someone who is honest will agree to this unni comments were good on parvathy – She shud have be eliminated rather than Madhumitha. anywayas plz eliminate parvathy

  10. Syed, Diwakar and Arvind Superb. Diwakar we expecting too rock in next round. We are always supporting only for you. Sonia and Parvati no comments. Both of them singing awesome. If we tells truth, both of them nothing than others.

  11. Mohamed Salam


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