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Arrambam Moive Online

Watch Arrambam Movie Online directed by Vishnu Vardhan, featuring Ajith, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee

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  1. Mohamedkassim says:

    Good web

  2. Madhu says:

    Superrrrrrrr movie guys……>>>>>

  3. piriya says:

    super ajith is best

  4. kash says:

    wow what a film was soo good.thala always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Naga says:

    Awesome……………..real hero na thala than

  6. prakash says:

    Thala mass movie {thala poola varuma}

  7. Nowsad says:

    very good movie thala is grade

  8. sulthan says:

    nice movies

  9. diatom says:

    oh what a flim i loved it:)this movie is not waste of time i love all characters in this flim especilly arya..and mass one request pls don’t give nagative comments pls pls pls
    nayan and topsee character also good.

  10. velu says:


  11. ramakrishnan says:

    supper movie but everybody, very easy to forget arya charactor

  12. ARUN says:

    very good movie

  13. mauran says:

    good one

  14. Prathap says:

    Super thala

  15. ismail says:

    mass movie and thala made it block buster…. collection also next to endiran, and still running the movie…

  16. kavitha says:

    Really Good…Nice to watch..

  17. jahir says:

    mokka padam cant even do the copied scenes. and its hit thts it.none other than tht.

  18. VijayVeriyan says:

    Hope our thalaivar movie jilla and veeram both will becomes success..Both ajith and vijay are gentleman in real life

  19. VijayVeriyan says:

    Eventhough i’m a vijay fan,i like d movie and it becomes blockbuster..

  20. siva says:

    super movie mass mass make it simple……

  21. Eswaran says:

    Excellent movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  22. Krishnashakthi says:

    Blockbuster Of the Year Awesome Movie
    And Thala Make It Simple

  23. antony says:

    Really good screenplay

  24. m.sakthivel says:

    good move

  25. Rajesh Prabhu says:

    Superb movie….yevendda sonne intha movie oru mokkam paddam….kaile kedecha sette da mawane….

  26. abdullah umar says:

    super movie thala and I love you so much in
    arrambam and your the king to dugatti

  27. abdullah umar says:

    thala super thala kalaki puitta and Iloveyou so much my heor

  28. RAVI says:

    super movie

  29. GOPI says:


  30. nethra says:

    thala u r looking so good

  31. nethra says:

    thala super enna super

  32. karthick lakshman says:

    thala style and class asusual,people who doesnt know how to enjoy this movie pity on u,overall good watchable movie some scenes are really classy these kind of movies take indian cinemas to international standards well done arrambam team!! waiting for veeeram!!!! thala rocks

  33. sheela says:

    pls yaru intha padm pakathanga waste of time

  34. real says:

    And Tapasaee……When there are so many good south India Actress why pick some one who has absolutely zero talent and sariyana Sappa Figure paa.

  35. real says:

    Stupid movie. Seriously what a waste of time. Just because Ajit has a star power the movie will run.

  36. thenali says:

    Ivan thala illa seththa eli sundeli.malayalikalai kondadringale mananketta madayarkala

  37. jith says:

    Full of malayalis… Always in vishnuwardhan movies.. These fucking guys are earning morning from my state..

  38. Zain says:

    Waaw. Excellent Movie even though unrealistic sometimes, It is a thorough thrilling entertainer.

  39. Luap Henibba says:

    thala superb thala I like u thala


  40. sanju says:

    Good Movie

  41. vijai says:

    supeer mokka evan tala alla kaalu

  42. sagul mj says:


  43. vivek says:

    super thalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  44. vivek says:

    thala movie thala thala thalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa than massssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  45. jahir says:


  46. raghav says:

    sama film thala mass style interval block 1st class backgroud super thala action very nice thala pola varuma

  47. abdulashar says:

    very good movie thala super…….

  48. Dari says:

    Semma Padam… Chance eh ella…. really enjoyed… Thala Valgae

  49. Sushmi says:

    Very good film. Ist half super good. 2nd half very good.

  50. Naveen dre vel says:

    Super movie

  51. roshini says:

    gooooooooooood movie

  52. Vinayak says:

    Friends vj fans venumne cmnt pandraanga don’t belive, Thala Is rocking in movi,.

  53. Vinayak says:

    Thala Marana Masssssssssssssssssssss,… sema Gethu,. Sema STyle,.. 2013 Blockbuster,…… Thala Rockz,.

  54. raj says:

    Very good movie super acting ajith

  55. Rajini says:

    THALAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&!!!!!!!!AJITH DA

  56. Sri says:

    Super movie

  57. SANJAY says:

    its a stylish screen play movie from vishnu vardhan, but there are lots of unreal matters directed and acted by Vishu and Ajith after Vijayakanth,Music Rocks. its Not a Big entertainer of 2013.Fans not fools
    think it simple..

  58. Shakthi says:

    This movie is good and direction is nice. (I m not a fan of Ajith but I think this is one of his best). Hats off to the whole film crew :)

  59. edmond says:

    Nice. .. Make it simple. ……THALA

  60. edmond says:

    Thala filmnu chonna chummava…. super hit + vasool raja

  61. ravi kumar says:

    black bastar hit only thala rocks

  62. zakir says:

    some of the scenes copied from MI5 that hacking and transfering money same sequence but different attempt vishnu u really a big copycat not identified outside

  63. ashok kumar says:

    haters gonna hate!!!!

  64. raj says:

    Vishnu u only make, dupping movie.don’t spoil thala name is ok ,specially thala.we will watch one time,nice

  65. saravana says:

    nice movie

  66. ganesh says:

    moKKA moKKA kenu sonavanthan moKKA

  67. katz says:

    vishnuvardhan has to join as assistant director to murugadoss.Scenes copied from many movies.only for mokka ajith fans.better luck next time ajith.will be in theaters for a week not more than that.

  68. kumar says:

    Mokka padam.. Time waste

  69. suresh says:

    the best movie for ever thala is back athu!!

  70. sundhar says:

    ajith yen epadi poi vilunthutaru padam book panrathuku mundai kathai keka matara
    vishnuvarthan always wate

  71. sai says:

    nice movie. its worth

  72. taadeo says:

    nice movie…

  73. venki says:

    super movie …ajith excellent

  74. venki says:

    super movie …ajith excellent …. ,9 thara ,arya super…music perfect …vishnuvarthan best director…i really enjoyed……..

  75. Ashraff says:

    Idu theaterku peithu paaka vendiya padam.pls theaterku paitu paarunga.u vl enjoy it realy.

  76. vijay says:

    Modern vijaykanth movie..Ajith replacing captain

  77. dOLLY says:

    moKKA moKKA

  78. cinema kirukkan says:

    Arya acting is rock

  79. roshini says:

    so cute fatty arya.ajith so handsome yaaa.

  80. azvar ca says:

    guys how did u watch this movie

  81. Arvi says:

    aaaaaaaaaaa… RAMBAM…

  82. Sunny says:

    Good Movie

  83. Mano says:

    Thala Rocks

  84. baalaa says:

    Pagalam Bt pandiya nadu better.

  85. Mohamad says:

    Ithellam oru padamaa..Narasimha part 2…Vekkam illama Hit nu sollatheenga da

  86. Suresh says:

    Marana Mokka padam..Vaendam time waste….

  87. Sundar says:

    Mokka Movie…Thaatha padam putukichu….

  88. Saravannan says:

    Waste movie…Total waste…

  89. kumar says:

    Mokka padam..Dont waste the time…

  90. Ashish Martin says:

    A good movie,, but some kind of predictable storyline.
    Anyway, good act by Thala and Arya!!!
    TBH, its a just average movie, but not bad…..

  91. ziya says:

    super hero thala

  92. abishan says:

    padam super thala awesome acting arya acting also good

  93. Vinayak says:

    Thala SEma Massssssssssss,.. Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Its Jest a Begning, Tok Tok Tok, Sema Style,. Superrrrrrrrrrrr,………. Gethu Thala,…..

  94. Vinayak says:

    Super,… Ithuthan Da AARAMBAM, THala Sema Massssssssssssssssssss,…………………….

  95. bm haja says:

    Thala is back with good movie. ..all actor this movie real superb. ..

  96. syed ali says:

    wow this is nice movie I like it plz must watch….

  97. rajini says:

    Entha JILLA liyum enga tala than BILLA

  98. Jaya says:

    Super movie. Thala will be next superstar

  99. ajith says:

    padam mokka pls dont watch this movie

  100. kathir says:


  101. akhila says:

    kalakitinga thala….u r always d best…………indha varusham thala deepavali than………..

  102. A C FOWSER says:

    excellent movie,,,,i like ajith,,,

  103. jkbvewbj says:


  104. Jashim says:

    Sema MASS Movie…THALA Always rocks…

  105. amru says:

    Arambam it is not a nice………..thalavia and vartha padatha valibar sangam.ajith and nayanthara suck in this movie.with out santhanam a movie is boring .ajith is not lookoing good

  106. rakesh says:

    Good movie… Good acting by Thala & Arya

  107. ashok says:

    Nice movie thala Diwial

  108. amru says:

    With out santhanam a movie is flop and is boring

  109. amru says:

    Waste of time and money.arya is not looking good in arambam

  110. amru says:

    Mokka padam.vartha padatha valibar sangam.thalivais better than arabam.

  111. amru says:

    Mokka padam

  112. ranjaa says:

    கடைசி பக்கம் எங்கடா கானம்

  113. afrith says:

    super movie …………….$

  114. A.K says:


  115. rich says:

    thala na mass movie superrrrrr

  116. vigneshraj says:

    so simple….

  117. Raja says:

    Good.. indirect way of attack of current politicians

  118. rambala says:

    we r writing comments without considering how many people done their hard work behind the screen. So, plz just watch and either try to write positive comments or keep quite..plz.. We should also think v r watching @ free of cost…

  119. thala movie good plop allso

  120. LM says:

    wasting money…..——…..Ajith try to act good movies…

  121. Suresh says:

    This movie is an amalgamation of English movies “Sword Fish”, “Dark Knight” & “Ocean’s 11”.

    The story of this movie remains me a scene, from “Ayan” movie, in which one film director asks Karunas the DVD collection of all bank robbery movies to prepare a story for his next film. I think, that director is “Vishuvardhan”:-) :-)

  122. vasudevan says:

    nice movie

  123. arif says:

    goog movie

  124. reegan says:

    thala rocks for all the time

  125. sathya says:

    this movie is similar to “swordfish”

  126. vishnudhoni says:

    super movie thala massssssssssssss>>…..>.>..>…>>>..>

  127. உக்கிரபுத்தன் says:

    நீங்கள் மட்டும் குறித்த வேளையில் பாகம் 3 பதிவேற்றாவிடின் உங்கள் மேல் சிறுநீர் அபிஷேகம் செய்து விடுவேன் !! ரொம்ப நேரம் எடுக்குரிங்க !!

  128. rich says:

    make it simple

  129. imran says:

    padam sumar…ella old padathaium mix panni dry wash panni iron panni powder adichu polish panni padam euthirukkanga…just like hhow they did for thalaiva….but one common thing about thalaiva and arambam is that both vijay and ajith were soooo damn goood 😉

  130. TNPSC says:

    SUPER Movie, Thala Diwali than ella varusamum. Super Movie. Must watch

  131. mura says:

    nice and class in theatre good sound effects & visuals.

  132. anbu says:


  133. dinesh says:

    Padam mokka… waste of time and money.

  134. farzath klm says:

    Thala is good work story is not compatible myiru visnuvarthan

  135. roc says:

    mokka pp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. ramkumar says:

    excellent movie,,,,i like ajith,,,good pls add last part

  137. adithyadurai says:

    Ajith Nadinga…summa Nadanthutey irkkathinga… eppA PARTHALUM NADAKKURATHU ..COOLING GLASS PODURATHU…VERA ETHAVATHU PANNUNGA…we need some thing more From you..

  138. Thamizhan says:

    மீதி படம் எங்கடா….

  139. vikar says:

    part 3 apo varum

  140. Jaykay says:

    Yenna Padam ithu. of course we can pass the time seeing this movie aduthukunu ivllo build up rommba over. mega hit, super hit are all bull shit. we can see only once. Aporom there many scenes from many famous hollywood movies given in a different way. Ajith style than aduthukunu ethana scene slow motion walks, turns etc it makes the same bullshit as thalaiva. the director thinks the audience are all stupids coz many scnes lacks logics.

  141. RAJKUMAR says:

    ok but old movie copy

  142. krishanth says:


  143. Make it Nice & i love Thala..ummaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  144. Venugopal says:

    Waste movie, same as mangatha!!! Why ajit please select good things or stop acting,do not spoil ur image

  145. wasif says:

    full movie podunga bro

  146. rajkumar says:

    orey madhiri nadikkadhinga bass…

  147. R.Mubarak says:

    Really Mokka movie…

  148. Jaffar jasim says:

    thala rock

  149. reality says:

    stylish movie..ajith as usual classy

  150. gayathri says:

    Add part 3.. Waiting…

  151. marie says:

    mega hit movie

  152. krish says:

    Inimethan AARAMBAM correct ? (Part II Will come sooon!!!!!!!)


  153. Raja says:

    excellent movie,,,,i like ajith,,,good work.

  154. Thale says:

    Superb movie….pls update the last part!!!

  155. ajwath says:

    ajith good move

  156. Ajith Veriyan says:

    Padam eduka sonna othaa Vishnuvardan ipadi pannitan..Expect panna madiri oru mayirum illa..Thala mattum illana inda padam oru vaaram kooda odaathu….

  157. rufas says:

    2nd off mass…….ok for ajith…..but not bad movie….we can watch for Ajith Mass……..

  158. sampathkumar rajendran says:


  159. peer mohd says:


  160. gayathri says:

    Add Last part fast….

  161. sathy says:

    Thala yeppothume weight

  162. naresh says:

    super movie thala always super

  163. karthik says:

    it’s better compare to previous films of ajith.

  164. ப.தேவேந்திரன் says:

    படம் சுமார் தான்

    • daan sathya says:

      டேய் சுமார் முஞ்சி குமார் செருப்பல அடிப்பேன்

  165. rk says:

    please upload the full movie

  166. sankar says:

    mokka movie dont waste your time

  167. ajith fan says:

    i am ajith fan and the movie is waste of time

  168. sankar says:

    mokka movie

  169. Merin says:

    Make It Simple

  170. karuna says:

    mokka padam dnt watch guys

  171. max says:

    eaga da climax

  172. ashfankhan says:

    dey yenda ippadi malpura super movie

  173. Raja says:

    where is the remaining movie??

  174. sanjai says:

    it’s OK watchable……

  175. Nirmal says:

    As usual taking a story of a old movie and make it as good visual.
    Ajit hopes tat only anti hero subject suits him??
    Visnu – y are u plain games wit ajit we all seen lots of good quality movies from ajit which expresses his acting..i think in this movie no acting only words.
    Yuvan – take a leave for couple of years lik harris, go and stud n music school…except 1 song all are bad even BGM is also average taken from lots of english movies.

    Make it simple : average.

  176. jai says:

    mokke padam i didnt expect this from ajith

  177. Rajesh says:


  178. jahanushin says:

    na malai illa da vadi vache thahurukka tamilnadukka thala da

  179. Jaya says:

    Ajith next superstar

  180. ANITHA says:

    Boring movie.. dont watch it.

  181. billa says:

    As a THALA fan, i’m disappointed…but THALA screen presence semma…movie is kinda ok

  182. jah says:

    padum mokke movie am happy on not wasting ma money

  183. rimsan says:

    நல்ல மூவி நன்றி

  184. god thala says:

    please upload the full movie

  185. Raj says:

    I watched this movie in theaters, it’s a nice movie to watch. Watch it in theaters. Don’t comment bad after watching the movie for free. They are spending lot of money to entertain us. You guys are watching the movie illegally and also commenting badly. How this is right? Think twice before writing the bad comments. Please don’t use bad words. They are like us.

  186. vijaybabu says:

    a movie without santhanam is utter flop

  187. as anirudh says:

    mass movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. antony says:

    super hit movie

  189. siva says:

    not weorking

  190. thala fans says:

    i m ajith i agree this movie is to mokka :(
    but i’m sure next movie will be super hit 😉

  191. Rj says:

    ada paavingala oru naal kooda theatre la oda vida maategalada enga thalai movie da..,

  192. kishore says:

    mokka padam boss. Thala style mass

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