Watch All in All Azhagu Raja Movie DVD Online

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Azhagu Raja Movie Online

Watch All in All Azhagu Raja Movie Online directed by Rajesh, Starring Karthi, Kajal Aggarwal, Santhanam

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  1. krishnamoorthy says:

    very good movie. karhti is the best actor but kajal is the best. dont underetimate this movie.

  2. Navin says:

    Kajol’s acting is very attractive and super…Somehow the film is watchable because of Kajol only !!!

  3. ok says:


  4. narayan says:


  5. balasundaram says:

    ppaaaaaaaaaa!yaar ra indha padam eduthadu ivalo mokkaya irukku

  6. balasundaram says:

    ppppppppppppppphahahahahahahaa super film

  7. saga says:

    thambi konjam unga annena parunga.surya madhriyea padam pannanum nu sollala but epdi mokka padam pannamalavdhu erukalam ella.

  8. Muba says:

    Kajal agarwal romba alaha irukka

  9. nice dear. expectations from the karthi is action only.the peoples mind will not accept this change from karthi. more over the advertisements to the movie is not successfully reached that the reason for flap.and also the comedy scenes are expected. watching family entertainment movie in home very nice. all the best for the next action blog for karthi and rajesh for humor

  10. mahesh says:

    mokka move

  11. dhina says:

    all in all mokka raja
    sama boru

  12. watch the movie
    super quality

  13. Ganesh says:

    PLEASE DONT BELIEVE THE COMMENTS HERE. THIS IS NICE COMEDY MOVIE. very funny. Better than i expected. Not sure what other commenters want? message? Grow up. This is entertainment. Not your MGR movie to give a message. Well dont Rajesh. Keep it up.

  14. XOXO says:

    I think this the worst movie acted by Karthi and not a good comedy in the second half of the movie

  15. niroshah says:


  16. niroshah says:

    awwsome movie realy love khartik

  17. Duraivel says:

    very hit movie. super

  18. don says:

    no story no sense

  19. Boo says:

    Forward panni pathe mudiyala!! I can’t wait for Karthi to act in a movie like paruthi veeran again!

  20. nitya says:


  21. diatom says:

    kajalla comedy pissa akittingale ayyo ayyo ayyo ithu than vithi…..

  22. anushka says:

    mudila da sami.. but heroin comedy super

  23. raj says:

    Karthik & ganavel raja studio green ,without ameer bothnot here in this field.ameer is god father both of you.please handover the money for ameer sir,whatever its.otherwise your all movie is get flap.saguni,alex pandian,azhaguraja,next briyani..after you becker mr.ganavel know what s the main reason real hard work for ameer.parutgiveeran la samparucha panam poora pocha.ameer good men. Give to him money back ask sorry,he will other oppertunity.rajesh don’t spoil your name…better luck next time.fucking poooolish movie

  24. YDX says:

    Superb mokkai movie

  25. ashwin says:

    ramboo borre my time wast

  26. mau says:

    rubbish movie. wasting time.

  27. Cuban says:

    semma bore. Karthi and Satnthanam totally wasted in the movie. Nothing like Rajeshs movie. 5 out of 100

  28. Guhan says:

    Ruban you the 9 and your family 9

  29. Lover Boy says:

    semma mokka – Director Rajesh dont spoil ur name!!!

  30. what about this movie?

  31. nancy says:

    semma mokki..sathiyama parthuratheengo….

  32. polathavan says:

    Forward pani patha koda padam mokkaya irukkkuuu…..:( Rajeshku koncham rest venumnu nenaikaren..

  33. polathavan says:

    Commenting for the first time…. was not able to control from writing about this crap movie…

  34. deepan says:

    just ok

  35. odi says:

    don’t type like this

  36. Ruban says:

    Karthi oru 9

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