Watch All in All Azhagu Raja Movie DVD Online

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Azhagu Raja Movie Online

Watch All in All Azhagu Raja Movie Online directed by Rajesh, Starring Karthi, Kajal Aggarwal, Santhanam

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  1. krishnamoorthy

    very good movie. karhti is the best actor but kajal is the best. dont underetimate this movie.

  2. Kajol’s acting is very attractive and super…Somehow the film is watchable because of Kajol only !!!


  4. Valuppu

  5. balasundaram

    ppaaaaaaaaaa!yaar ra indha padam eduthadu ivalo mokkaya irukku

  6. superb film

  7. ppppppppppppppphahahahahahahaa super film

  8. thambi konjam unga annena parunga.surya madhriyea padam pannanum nu sollala but epdi mokka padam pannamalavdhu erukalam ella.

  9. Kajal agarwal romba alaha irukka

  10. nice dear. expectations from the karthi is action only.the peoples mind will not accept this change from karthi. more over the advertisements to the movie is not successfully reached that the reason for flap.and also the comedy scenes are expected. watching family entertainment movie in home very nice. all the best for the next action blog for karthi and rajesh for humor

  11. mokka move

  12. all in all mokka raja
    sama boru

  13. watch the movie
    super quality

  14. PLEASE DONT BELIEVE THE COMMENTS HERE. THIS IS NICE COMEDY MOVIE. very funny. Better than i expected. Not sure what other commenters want? message? Grow up. This is entertainment. Not your MGR movie to give a message. Well dont Rajesh. Keep it up.

  15. not even nice.

  16. I think this the worst movie acted by Karthi and not a good comedy in the second half of the movie

  17. awsome

  18. awwsome movie realy love khartik

  19. very hit movie. super

  20. hit

  21. no story no sense

  22. no story

  23. Forward panni pathe mudiyala!! I can’t wait for Karthi to act in a movie like paruthi veeran again!

  24. Superb………continue…..

  25. kajalla comedy pissa akittingale ayyo ayyo ayyo ithu than vithi…..

  26. mudila da sami.. but heroin comedy super

  27. Karthik & ganavel raja studio green ,without ameer bothnot here in this field.ameer is god father both of you.please handover the money for ameer sir,whatever its.otherwise your all movie is get flap.saguni,alex pandian,azhaguraja,next briyani..after you becker mr.ganavel know what s the main reason real hard work for ameer.parutgiveeran la samparucha panam poora pocha.ameer good men. Give to him money back ask sorry,he will other oppertunity.rajesh don’t spoil your name…better luck next time.fucking poooolish movie

  28. Superb mokkai movie

  29. ramboo borre my time wast

  30. rubbish movie. wasting time.

  31. semma bore. Karthi and Satnthanam totally wasted in the movie. Nothing like Rajeshs movie. 5 out of 100

  32. Ruban you the 9 and your family 9

  33. semma mokka – Director Rajesh dont spoil ur name!!!

  34. what about this movie?

  35. semma mokki..sathiyama parthuratheengo….

  36. Forward pani patha koda padam mokkaya irukkkuuu…..:( Rajeshku koncham rest venumnu nenaikaren..

  37. Commenting for the first time…. was not able to control from writing about this crap movie…

  38. just ok

  39. don’t type like this

  40. Karthi oru 9

  41. Karthi & Rajesh (director) pls watch some good movies and think before taking a movie . This will save everyone’s time. Because of these movies..people r not going to theater.

  42. Super super super movie.always not watch movie .not use bad coments

  43. Foward panni foward panni paakardhuke endha padam mokka padam da saami…

  44. Mokka movie guys, don’t waste your time…

  45. santhanam comedy super but kajal-karthi comedy mokka
    .karthi ungaluku intha padam odala please try in biriyani
    here after do the good movies please karthi
    but santhanam always doing his role fantasticly superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  46. yaarum pakkathinga!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. mannu maari eduthirukkan. manushanada nee…ipdi kodumapaduthara?

  48. Such a waste of time

  49. mokka

  50. naan Mahan alla pola illa azhaguraja azhugai raja

  51. enakku padam pakkura asaia phochsu

  52. na innum paaka aarambikala….indha comments lam patha bayama iruke 🙁

  53. ivvalavu mosamana rampamana padathai eduthuttu….. ivainga tv interview -la panra alumpu irukkeeeeeee yappa ……………..thangamudiyalai……..



  55. Adae pavigala… ellam nasama poideuveenga – paaaa – indae maduri oru mokkae padathae naan parthadae illae. Even Santhanam – cha mudiyalae. Can’t believe it was from comedy riot director Rajesh. cheeeee thu po

  56. This is 3rd movie I believe of this Director . It looks like when success goes up you feel any crap will be accepted .Sorry audience know what to see and not .Kartik has a Pedegree such very poor selection is it over confidence or ignorance ? he consult his dad and bro if he has to go long .Absolute crap

  57. Directors should think to bring out best out of Karthi. Karthi should also work out to bring the best out of him. Select story and do home work before you take to that character.

  58. first time commenting ….the worst movie ever to watch …….pl dont waste ur time

  59. We did not expect such like this movie from RAJESH, he put down himself… karthi Suttha waste….tu. Rajesh correct the story, Screenplay method and Cinematography in next movie. MOKKA MOVIE.

  60. over acting dude karthik and santhanam

    not good

  61. Mookkka padam pls do not see and don’t waste time !

  62. ayyooooooo rammmaaaa y intha padatha parkka vacha .. yaruppa athu good movie nu sollurathu ? nalla taste

  63. 2 minutes silence for the person seen this movie in theaters…..

  64. Soora Mokai nu kelvipatirukingla Athu intha padam than, Dai Karthi Neeyelam Epdi da Manasatchie ilama Aarambam Padam kuda Intha padatha relese panna,. Karthi Unaku Alivukaalam Than da,.

  65. 2013 Lai ya mokkkka,padam


  67. Dont waste your time.

  68. Reading reviews elsewhere I thought that the movie was going to be really bad; but it was bearable..horrible acting by Karthi and it for santhanam!

  69. Good movie

  70. dai karthik pavam da un rasigargal

  71. paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh paka mudiyala

  72. mokka padam… karthi kudumba manaththaye vanguraru…

  73. waste movie sandanam mattum ok

  74. priya kutty


  75. mokka movie….

  76. movie mokka

  77. comedy film

  78. mokka

  79. yendaa……..ippidiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  80. crazy movie.very bad luck 2 karthi poor team

  81. Indha padatha theater la poi parthavangala ninaikum pozhudhu than nenje vedichidum pola irukku Mr Rajesh, Mr Rajesh…….

  82. salam to karthi and santhanam

  83. waste movie sandanam mattum ok

  84. nice movie ..
    some senczz it z really boring ..
    pend little time 2 watch d movie.. dont watch full 😛 😛 😛 😉

  85. Sama Mokka Padam.Please don watch it.

  86. Rajesh,

    Enna intha mathiriyana mokka padam….

  87. Dei Hero Director Producer ithu ungalekke over aaaa thonalle ????????

  88. mokka padam

  89. karthi sir… really bad…

  90. Such a waste of time… mokka padam … watch only for Santhanam…

  91. very bad movie

  92. mohamed srh


  93. mokka movie

  94. MohameD Suhail

    Oppz fuck thz movie

  95. Ashish Martin

    well, TBH its not the best movie by Karthi, santhanam and team..
    I am disappointed with this film,,

  96. nice flime nu solla kutath

  97. Totally waste

  98. vijay movie ya veda mosamma irrukula ithu

  99. கொலை வழக்கு போட்டு உள்ள போடுங்க

  100. Marana mokkai…………………………

  101. super movie. exlent. exlent,

  102. aiyo thanga mudila… ena koduma rajesh ithu….

  103. ayyo ayyo intha padam pakkatha

  104. same mokka…..don’t waste your time by watching this…..

  105. dai yenda ipdi padam eduthu kolringa…..

  106. 1 of te wrst movie evr.. waste of watchin..

  107. dhanush bakthan


  108. Rajesh,there is lots of asst director waiting for oppertunity. What is the msg u telling this story through the people.why u r waste rhe money, energy etc…pls do not take this kind of movie.y r spoil your name.karthik don’t have manners.choose the story then act.intuduce some nw directors.santhanam go to lollusabha pls?..fuck off movie

  109. One of the worst film I have ever seen. Sema moooookkkkkkkaaaaaaaaa. Waste of time!!!!

  110. ohoo nanaan………mudiyalla waste of the time

  111. very worst movie…..waste of money

  112. dhanush bakthan


  113. dhanush bakthan


  114. dhanush bakthan

    ayyo ayyo

  115. dhanush bakthan

    ena koduma rajesh ethu

  116. full of comady gays you can time pass 3hours

  117. Rafik From Dubai

    total waste of the money tv serial is best compare this movie waste rajesh fail the market

  118. Super Movie

  119. Paah… idhu verum mokka padam illa romba romba mokka padam.

    One req to director padam ellarumkum pudikira maadhri edunga. Ungaluku pudicha maadhri edtha ippadi than mokka vanganum

  120. i think this movie is last for karthi

  121. Best mokka

  122. Aishwarya / Gayathri – Rajesh has to change his way of direction

  123. super padam………..
    for time pass

  124. mokka movie…

  125. mokka movie in 2013

  126. watch pandiyanadu this is very good movie when compared to aarambam and alagu raja………..

  127. wrong hero selection. karthi very IMMATURE AND POOR ACTING… can watch it once for the sake of santhanam and director…

  128. times waste.. surely flab

  129. mokka……………..

  130. padam waste b cos of hero selection last three hero is acted well karthi is a fruit in acting we can watch for santhanam and kajol agarwal rajesh better luck next time

  131. Worst audio quality

  132. Over confidence, udampukku agathu Rajesh…. Poor film

  133. one time paakalam for santhanam only.

  134. all working fine ..dont watch this was so poor..only BGM was hearing in film, no voices

  135. Mokka movie

  136. very very worst

  137. ooops….now the movie is of no quality! hmmmm waste of seeing the movie!

  138. sound no good no downloard

  139. ok parava illaga . oralavu nalla irukku.ishwarya padam pakka arvama irunthurupega pola. first neegathana.

    • Gayathri neenga solra mathiri video quality vena oralu paravala….Padam pakurathuku off panna monitora paakalam…..

  140. very slow!! 🙁

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