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  1. Hi Lakshmi Mam ,

    You tried lot from your side , but the girl did not understand. Time has to answers our all questions.

  2. The girl (sorry) married lady is allowed to go with another man before diverse? How is it possible? Thalai vedikkirathu.

  3. Adipavi unna Nambi kalyanam panunadhuku un mama paavum di. Avar ena paavam panunaru. Un lover oru aambalaye ila aludhukite irukan unmaiya love panuna edhuku di kalyanam panuna. Poi saavu di..

  4. laks pun.. loosu mathiri maathi maathi pesaiyuraa gommala

  5. ஏன் இந்த ஈனப்பொலப்பு…..

  6. Antha devadiyava kollungada,ava nallave irukka parents sentiment,once u get marriage thats all.all problem goes lady only.kill her

  7. எப்படி எல்லாம் யோசிகுராங்க,அடுத்தவன் பொண்டாட்டிக்கு நாதாரி.

  8. How can the brother tell his sister whom she should live with. What the girl did is right. Let them live happily ever after. The brother will marry someone one day and he is going to live happily. By the way that first husband looks much older than the girl. 40 yrs look real.

  9. farzath klm

    this world is a important matters&storey and this one good choice for this life very very risky and goodluck

  10. kootti kudukkurathukku LAKSMI engayavathu poi soo…… kattu

  11. Ava nallava herka kodathu

  12. T. Rajendran

    இந்த பெண்ணை துக்கி காட்டில் போடுங்கள்..

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