Office – 05-10-2013 Vijay Tv Serial

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  1. Sanjay Vinu says:


  2. maghes says:

    this story super

  3. bas says:

    Vishvanathan character is very good and his acting,way of speech and dialogues are very interesting,way to go…

  4. Akki says:

    Yes, I agree..Mr Vishwanathan is really a good mentor and practical manager

  5. sathish says:

    Vishwanathan is good professinal character – always focus on work and judging good. No politics.
    Like susan so many managers are there and they are trying to degrade the good workers to keep them in that position.

  6. Ashwin says:

    Mr. Vishwanathan again impresses as a professional manager.
    Teaching moments.
    Also, storyline has been interesting recently and continuing to be interesting.

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