Koffee With DD 24-11-2013 Vijay Tv Show

Watch Koffee With DD 24-11-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. vilondon says:

    DD sathiamyamma ithu programmae kedaiyathu, it almost covers some unusual questions, please dont ask same question to all celebrity. Yendi eppa paathallum sight adichingla, love etc., nu athulayae kelvi kekkuringa.
    please stop this non-sense, COFFEE WITH ANU WAS GREAT AND SHE PRESENTED NICELY. But DD nee vara dress kammi aagittae poguthu. so ponnu maathiri nadathukko………

  2. anto says:

    i dont like ur dressingsb and make up ddddddddddd,,,, what happend

  3. Tamilan says:

    Hey DD, Too much makeup looks ugly like ghost

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