Airtel Super Singer 4 – 26-11-2013 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 26-11-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. yes we all should support Divakar.Not through emotions. But for his determination and his battle to come to this level it is amazing.surely he deserves the title.But I think Paru has a better chance,considering her versatality popularity etc.Besides all the Malayalese will vote for her enbloc!Lets wait and see.

  2. I hope Diwakar will win the Title. Really he is deserved. He is not from musical background, even though he put his full efforts and his hard works brought him this level.

  3. Very very happy for Divakar May God keep on blessing you brother.

  4. Krishnan, Parvathi and Thivakar Superb performance. All three of you rocked. “Good Luck”

  5. Thivakar:

    Outstanding. Wonderful. Congratulations Thivakar. “Good Luck and All the Best”.

  6. Muthulingam (Chief Steward)

    The best parfamer is thevakar is the best…..and all the vest to all of you……

  7. Madhavan Karthik (KSA)

    Diwakar congrats.!!!!!! Keep it up! May god bless you…. your dream comes true soon and you have bright future. I hope you will win the Title. I am watching this program only for you.. I am not saying others sing badly. They all are singing well because they all are comes from music background. You come from without knowledge of music family and you sing too well. Once again, I wish to you congrats. !!!!!!!!!

  8. farzath klm

    My feverite singar divagar

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