Watch Moodar Koodam Movie Online

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Moodar Koodam Movie Online

Watch Moodar Koodam Movie Online directed by Naveen; starring Naveen,Sentrayan, Rajaji,Kuberan, Oviya, Anupama Kumar and Jayaprakash

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  1. Nivi says:

    Good entertainment movie, enjoyed lot………….

  2. Stalin Selvam says:

    Good movie.. I don’t know the Korean version of it.. Good attempt to coming up with good script and dialogues.. Nice casting.. Good.. I regret to see this movie this late and not watching in theater.

  3. Varuthapadadha valibar sangam says:

    it is good. Definitely better than naiyyandi… But i don’t know about the korean version of it. If it is a xerox or copied version it can not be appreciated

  4. NEELAKANDAN says:

    Its…..Gud see the movie….with thriller….as well as comedy very nice movie…Thanks Naveeen I enjoyed alot…

  5. DUUPU says:

    very good naveen.all the best

  6. sudharshan says:

    its a copy of attack the gas station movie

  7. jj says:

    Awesome, will bcome time pass and cult movie.. watching it for the third time

  8. mohan says:

    Good movie and lot of hard work director and story and editor. good movie and good try

  9. ranjith says:

    nice movie…. watch one time everybody….

  10. Krishna says:

    Worst movie… wasted 1.5 hrs of my time…watched 10 episodes of nalaya iyakunar

  11. balaji says:

    Nice movie. Yes it is some what same as Korean movie (forgot the name), with some masala, sentiments for tamil people… good attempt…keep make these kind of movies

  12. ss says:

    superb movie

  13. Chinna R says:

    our indian movie directors should be ashamed..people who have not watched the original korean movie might like it..but south korea country itself is much smaller than chennai city..look at them.. not only on movies..companies like samsung..LG and hyundai is all from this tiny country..we being such a big nation never ever had creativity on those lines..guess we all should be ashamed..thooooooooo..

  14. Chinna R says:

    this movie is better than soodhu kavvum…lloks like they have inspired with korean movie..

  15. Ramesh Ramachandran says:

    movie good can be watched one time

  16. kumar says:

    diffrent direction movie superb scenes good

  17. Vinod Antony says:

    cool screen play. and editing its kinda different movie.its worth a watch

  18. Muthu says:

    good movie

  19. vinoth says:

    Nice Movie.

  20. Thulasi says:

    Director “Naveen” thought this movie will gross like “Soodhu Kavvum” but it wouldn’t happen at all. Nice story but the way the movie is narrated is sloppy. Simply to say this movie is looking like a movie that is showing in tv program “Naalaya Iyakunar”.

  21. rrv says:

    and all this people who left a message saying this is comedy movie!!! u are all dump..senseless..stupid..houmerless idiots..

  22. rrv says:

    i just wasted 2 hrs of my life.. such a waste of a movie.. sense less

  23. rrv says:

    why every one is saying this is good movie ??? i dont think u all having good times in ur lives ??? such a boring movie

  24. kumar says:

    Super movie…. super entertainment…

  25. Director Naveen நீங்க எல்லாம் ரெம்ப நல்ல வருவீங்க.GOOD.

  26. ARUN.I says:

    very good movie…………………….

  27. prabu says:

    good attempt by new director.. worth to watch…

  28. shanmugam says:

    soo good

  29. pk says:

    copied from Attack the Gas Station! “Juyuso seubgyuksageun” (original title) (South Korea)

  30. john says:

    nice movie . watch it once

  31. shyam says:

    super cinema betterqulity next time

  32. deepan says:

    oh my god.. first half is too comedy.. i laughing my shit out 😀 😀 😀 second half is ok :) worth to watch one time.. good movie.. :)

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