Solvathellam Unmai 18-10-13 Zee Thamizh Tv show

watch Solvathellam Unmai 18-10-13 Zee Thamizh Tv show

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    This video has been removed due to a breach of the Terms of Use.

    i cannot watch this video why

  2. american technology….india is improving…

  3. Hey what the hell is this. Why zee tv is Supporting to this bitch. How dare that woman still alive . Ponkada neenkalum unka. Ava than sollurale than sex adimaiyaki ippadi senjen enru. Appuram Enna avalukku support.

  4. Actually neethi have to get to those kids who lost their father and that headmasters family. Not for this sex addict sumathi.

  5. good show.nalla muyarchi.,ethil mayakka injection vetla poi potta doctor matrum,postmartum report kuduttha doctor eruvarin medical registration certificates imediata cancel pannunka.indiala muzhuvathilum thiyaka ullatthodu velai parka etthanayo nalla ullankal katthukkondu irukkirathu,avarkulukku kudunkal pani seiyum vaipai intha mathiri naikalnalathan,nadey nari poi kedakkuthu.retired teacher,rajan,sumathi,and two doctors ellorukkum,marana thandanai kudukkanum.,..oru nalla manitharin ezhappu evarkalukku thandanai kudutthalthan enkalukku nimmathiyaka irukkum.,thanks to zeetamil tv.keep it up.nalla indiavai uruvakkuvathil anaivarum ondrupaduvom.,

  6. Don’t blame the lady because of her husband and rajan made mistake but the lady was punished her husband had problem he. Can’t statisfy his wife so want take treatment he didn’t respect her feelings that rajan utilise her weakness point

  7. frisi culprit that lady,she is the one did every thing, but zeetamil lady saying victim !!!! next culprit is the person who given suicide report?? doctors and police,and zeetamil that lady said need to support that culprit,
    and need punish five persons that lady that man doctor police and zeetamil lady.because this kind show your giving and spoilng everything, zeetamil i know you never worry because you are doing bussines, this way you are macking money,????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????/

  8. you too do this so only u beg her to save…………….

  9. lakshmi fuck off…………….

  10. hi shaji
    don’t never ever expect this happen in india.whole india is corrupted.even they do this program repeatedly because they wanna increase their trb rating.but definitely police and doctors should be punished

    • Raj, No India cannot remain like this. We have to change and the change has to happen now.Its good that Program like this are creating awareness. People should start taking responsibilities.

  11. Hello

    Why this programme is supporting this woman?She did everything just for sex.Both are culprit.She is not a victim..Why she has to get neethi?She has to be hanged….

  12. Why the doctor who performed the autopsy reported this as suicide. Did not the doctor see the external injury marks on the body? Why the police reported this as suicide??? These questions need to be answered?? Were they bribed to give false reports??? Severe action should be taken against the doctors and police who fail to perform their duties

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