Solvathellam Unmai 08-10-13 Zee Thamizh Tv show

watch Solvathellam Unmai 08-10-13 Zee Thamizh Tv show

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  1. gunzo gunzo

    Hmm… the hostess and her team did a fantastic job. Sumadhi could have simply walked out of the marriage with or without a divorce. Arasan andru kollum; dheivam nindru kollum.

  2. American technology….india is improving….

  3. C.S.Ramalakshmi

    A modern woman will tell that she is not sexually satisfied and take divorce from husband.Divorce is easily available now.That is very honest and bold and truthful.If she is a coward,she will elope with another.That is also pardonable in a way.But she is only breaking a home,but not killing anybody.
    But this lady is a criminal.Why cant we think she only gave the idea of killing husband to her lover?She is not an accomplice.She is the planner.Both have to be hanged.She should continue as mother to kids.
    She will be a wrong influence on kids.
    Hats off to the hones,and very human approach taken by the brothers.But Over-kindness will not do.The kids have to be separated from her.
    Very good Moderation by Lakshmi Ramakrishnan.She was kind, considerate and not judgemental.She was just aghast as all of us are.
    We read in papers about a kid killing a teacher.We were aghast and shocked.
    What to say of a teacher doing this dastardly act to her own innocent,unsuspecting husband?
    My kind suggestion to Zee Tamil:Why dont you add a verse from Tirullural everyday to enhance the moral conscience of our Tamil Population?Moral standards have gone down.
    Tiruvalluvar and avvaiyar only have to save our Tamil Population.

    • காலை எழுந்ததும் கணவனைக் கொன்று
      மாலை முழுவதும் மயங்கி விழுந்து……திருவள்ளுவர்.
      காணாமல் போன காதலைத் தேடி
      கழுதை போல கணவனைத் திட்டி……ஒளவையார்.

  4. Aval plan panni avanoda sernthu oruththanai aniyayamaha konru viddu ippo thappip pathatkaha nadagam adukiral. Thayavu seithu mikavum kadumaiyana thandanai kodukkavum. Inthak kiladukalukku Enna kallak kathal vendik kidakku. Hey laxmi unna antha inspector kooda mathikka maddenkiran. Nee aen kaadduk kaththu kaththirai.

  5. rajan sumathi iruvaraium thookil poodavendum

  6. intha mathiri oru pen irunthu pillaigaluku yandraikum avamathai kodupathai vida ilamal irunthal nalla irukum. ival ninachale aruvaruppa iruku madam oru ara vidunga madam iva enna senjalum thagum.

  7. veesai

  8. sumathi i thookil pooda vendum

  9. Dai commaneti mouvane rajive gandhia konnathukum ithukum ennada sammantham paratheci mouvane……



  11. avva inikye orutan nallai orutan ippude panitoo povaa avva pundai arippu atuthu triera a

  12. avva p**** arippu atuthu alliyra

  13. lakshi madam pillaikalukaga antha manaiviku tandanai kudukamal irukka koodathu ithil Samantha padda head master DR razan akiya annaivarukum tandanai vangi kudutal tan inta solvathalla unnmaiku kedaitha unnmaiyan verri tq

  14. i am really shocked and how the south indian woman dare to do this? to kill your innocent husband beter you can boldly say to your husband that you don’t want to live with him and divorce him. that children might have a father for them. comparing you the wife leaving her husband and elope with someone is beter woman than you.

  15. lakshmi madam unmayileye super.adutthavankaloda kudumpamna namakkennannu ninaikkama atha evvalavu akkarayoda thunicchala visaricchu step edutthu no words to thanking you,.and also sumathi paditthavarkalthan intha nattai puthumai endra peyaril asingappadutthukirarkal endra padikkathavarkalin karutthu unmai enbathu pol nankalum vetki thalai kunivathupol niraya nikalchikal inku arankerivittathu anal unnaippol oru jenmatthai nan ippothan parkuran thoooo.antha kulaithakal unnidam valarvathaivida avanka chitthappa periappavidam valarvathey mel unnayum antha nayavansaka nai redayumey nadu rotla vacchi thokkila podanum.nee sava ponappo mattum illa avanka appa setthappavum antha kulanthaikal appa endruthan azhuthirrikkum athu unakku theriyalaya.naye neyellam pennin perumaikkey izhukku.setthuppo.

  16. syed masood

    what is the solution from my side,who is married tyhat lady sister that man to take this two children and we need to but in jail this lady(fucking)and the rajan(mother fucker)also life time full. only when they death that time this two fucker body will come out from the jail
    becoz this two need always fuck if live this lady like this 5 or 6 year after the same show will do sister death,who is the killer owen sister and who is dath that lady haspant also make this murder together. like show comeing so please put jail this lady.

  17. இந்த நாய்களை நடுரோட்டில் வைத்து கல்லால் அட்டித்து கொள்ளவேண்டும்

  18. yenna vaalka pa ethu….. dont miss laif

  19. emmma lachumi ithu polla irukkira nigalchiyellam nalla vaiya thoranthu pesuraa, but do you have guts to pull any higher officials or politicians where everyone know that they are cheating and consuming poeple’s money like 2g scam etc. then ill say you are doing a great program and honour to view it…summa trpikku vendi ithaiellam seiyathingah…

    ithey pola angah oru amma vaimaiyey vellum kollum mullumnu



  21. I don’t have any words to express. Feeling sorry for the kids.

  22. வெளிநாடு வாழும் இந்தியன்

    காசு பணம் துட்டு மணி மணி காசு பணம் துட்டு மணி மணி பிரதமரே கொன்னவங்களே இன்னும் உயிரோடுதான் இருக்காங்க

  23. நம் சமுதாயம் எவ்வளவு சீரழிந்து போய்விட்டது இது ஒரு நல்ல உதாரணம். கொலையை சதாரணமக விவரிக்கும் ஒரு ஆசிரியை கள்ளக்காதலனும் ஒரு ஆசிரியர், ஊசி போட்டதும் ஒரு டாக்டர் படித்தவரகள் தான் எலோரும். சுமதிக்கு கணவராக வந்ததுதான் அவர் செய்த பாவம். பிள்ளைகள் அனாதைகள் ஆனால் பருவாயில்லை எல்லோருக்கும் தண்டனை கிடைத்தாக வேன்டும்.

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