Saravanan Meenakshi – 18-10-2013 Vijay Tv Serial


Watch Saravanan Meenakshi 18-10-2013 Vijay Tv Serial

saravanan menakshi

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  1. Rangamani says:

    Hey guys, why don’t you type in comments in Tamil or in English? If you type tamil comments in English, it is difficult to understand and lost in translation.
    But from what I understand, these serials are for entertainment, not for factual case study. And if it entertains you fine, else it is subjective and you can tune out. I think that the characters and story-line is entertaining lot of times; sometimes, it is less entertaining.

  2. Joshua says:

    last aa tamil serial nu nirubichutanga..public aae hero heroin aa sethu vaikurangalam..sothappal lo sothoppal aapadi oru sothappal

  3. Priya says:

    Canada ena tirunelveli pakathulaya iruku. oru passport ila oru visa edukala canada kelambitanga ninachavudane :)
    hehe comedy serial sothappal serial.

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