Airtel Super Singer 4 – 25-10-2013 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 25-10-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. The real question is what are we going to do about this?. simply fuming in the internet will not do. this group of judges should be banned from doing ANYTHING in tamil music field. Play back singing, Music composing or compeering / judging they should be barred. Unni should not be allowed to sing even Carnatic Kacheries in Tamilnadu.
    Our grouse is not that one tamil girl was eliminated. She was eliminated unjustly. Definitely this weeks elimination should be Sonia and nobody else. Because of the judges partiality Sonia could get two marks extra than her nearest rival and escape elimination. What next? Oneday Vijay TV will announce Parvathi as winner and Sonia as runner-up (or vice-versa) in the finals without actually tallying the vote count. they had done that before in supersinger junior-2. This should not be allowed. Friends show us a way – we should fight back this injustice. Nobody else should again think of committing such injustice – that is how our reaction to be.

  2. Sorry to say that the judges were biased towards Soundarya…..
    Ganesh deserved to continue to next level…

  3. Madhavan Karthik (KSA)

    Cheating Judge srini. Why judges supporting to Soundarya? Vijay TV, you should care about this nonsense decision taken by srini. Vijay TV program coordinator removes srini from this program. Soundarya came more than 5 times in dangerous zone even last episode also she was in dangerous zone. She should eliminate this week. Ganesh sings better than soundarya. First time his father came to see this Program and you are eliminate him even his performance is good. Srini don’t do politics. Why you keep her to continue this program?

  4. music has no race or religion and all good singers should be encouraged to do their best in this program so that every body can enjoy listening to them

  5. one should understand here, music doesn’t have language,religion.the talent has to be appreciated.Ever green Janaki Amma sang very great songs and made tamil cine field proud, she is not from tamil, she is from Andhra… please, do not bring such attitude here.”Soundarya” what she was doing when ARYA came as guest, what song she sang to dance along with her….really how her parents accepted those such activity.she is a over smart.she has talent but in the second coming to this , i didnt find any improvement….how she came up upto this.It is totally politics, no doubt…….vijay tv is a no#1 tv in tamil channels.So it has to keep it up and kindly do not make such impression and should not allow politics……………..vijay tv is the best in tamil channels……no doubt in it….

  6. Dear friends majority people vating judgement was wrong, but people need to re consider about that,watch properly
    my self love ganesh too, his swaram slip was big marks down otherwise he is fine i think, anyway judgement was
    clear and fair.

  7. this is not fair decision…could not understand the logic why everyone is supporting soundarya and keep pushing her to next level.. she didt deserve to be in top 12……

  8. I miss you Ganesh all the success your life

  9. why vijay tv change result very upset ganesh not elminate sowdaria today elmination cheating. ganesh very good sinner where is unni .eliminate judges not truthful

  10. saundarya who is the one want to eliminated to day ganesh better than saundarya, don’t make poltic to saundarya, judgers your doing wrong don’t take stupid judgemet more.

  11. When stupid judges eliminating soundaria, bad judgement today.

  12. niranjana is not to her best…wrong choice selection and thanks judges for eliminating soundarya..

  13. soundarya sung worster than ganesh but ganesh eliminated bad decision…. ganesh came only 2 time danger zone but soundarya came more than 10 times



  16. today judge playing sailaja said sowdaria eliminate.srini said ganesh. vijay tv does nt care why.

  17. today result is not correct. judge sailasja said sowdaria eliminate. sowdaria said last year 13 that time eliminae. srini contunie talking and ganesh eliminate. it is not correct. ganesh good. sowdaria today not good. vijay tv now a days very bad.politics.vijay tv check the result .please truth judgement want. why unnikrishnan long absent..ask today reult.sowdria eliminate.srini is not fare

  18. Rajah From Eellam. sen thamilan GER:.

    Chase this undeserving judges Sirinivas.sunnivasand and Pujatha,kuujatha.Sujatha out completely from this program first. Then all these Malayali singers ,along with Mathumitha,who can never pronounce tamil properly out . Also take out Sarath Santhos,Saith Suban.This Parvathy can never ever sing worlds best Tamil classical music . Malayalis music in their own language is the worst in the universe. I think the most backward language in the world is Malayallam, In India this language is never respected that is why these bastards coming to tamil naadu for cheating the tamils.They know tamils are geneous,and the best society inthe world. In middle-east house servants for Arabbs are all malayalis,they are treated as Slaves beleive this fact.

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