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Chennai Express Movie

Watch Shahrukh Khans Chennai Express Movie Online

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  1. mahesh says:

    incredible movie. I love it. I think it wii be nice and lovely if the end part of the movie could be extended a bit. Like rahul bring meena back to mumbai as he promised to his friend bobby and salim that he might bring meena back and to introduce her to his family and finally their wedding.

  2. Caril Faith says:

    The movie is superb. Shit :)

  3. nafz says:

    Loved it… Almost cried in the eND

  4. saumya says:

    seriously , even after waiting for half an hour the movie didnt load and gets stuck in b/w
    but i didnt give up and watched the whole thing
    awesom movie though(y)
    hard to find such love,just saying :))

  5. rashmi says:

    this movie is really great…sharukh has done his very best…the most funniest part is the scene of night sleeping together (thangaballi)…laughed a lot and the last scene is best…well done..

  6. Heli says:

    This movie is really good:):):):):best movie has ccomedy, love, action. so best movie ever:)::):):):):)

  7. Kurmapu Navina says:

    I Love this movie sooo much

  8. Carmen Pinto says:

    I’m latin and I consider every latin american country should take in account these Indian movies ’cause they’re more than perfect especially Chennai Express. SRK & Deepika are my favorite artists of Bollywood no doubt!. I’ll give anything to see this movie not on internet but in the cinema :(

  9. aisha says:

    the most funniest part is when srk try to save deepika and save the enemies
    nice, its long time to see bollywood with tamil scene at same complicate which is love unobstructed by family..long time to see bollywood with nature village love…clap clap..5 star.

  10. kavi says:


  11. anjali says:

    This is the best 2013 movie with shahrukh khan and deepika

  12. melani says:

    love this movie .

  13. Arun says:

    good movie… SRK u did very good

  14. malaysia wacth says:

    goood movie

  15. malaysia wacth says:

    Good Movie ..
    if each man who want maried must do like khan.. omg… hahahahah thumb up….

  16. anush says:

    love it..

  17. SIVASANKAR says:

    It’s such a wonderful movie i have ever seen.

  18. shahzeb says:


  19. Mimi says:

    Cooooll awesome

  20. Mimi says:

    Awesome!!!love it o.o. Coooooooooollllll.

  21. Ariff Badrie says:

    Amazing movie love you SRK and Deepika

  22. Muhesh M says:

    Good romantic film..good acting by SRK & Deepika

  23. badrun nasa says:

    tis is a awesome movie i wish there was more to this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Prasad says:

    Absolutely movies goes like the one and only Chennai Expresssssssssssss……………..

  25. Prasad says:

    100% Tamil movie.. Srk rocks.. Hats off.. Awesome acting Srk & cute Deepika.. last but not least superstar…..

  26. S.ashwanth says:

    This is not a bad movie but it is awesome than every movies so i am going to the theater and watch this awesome movie again.

  27. vinoth says:

    ill never seen like this ………it’s very funny and thrill film….i wish S/K and D/P. and directors board and the….it’s so nice film………salute for our thalaiva rajni sir……

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