Saravanan Meenakshi – 16-09-2013 Vijay Tv Serial

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saravanan menakshi

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  1. Let’s go with the writer and the character. There are women like meenu and men like saru, plenty in real life in this hi-fi world. There may be persons like the commentators like above. The serial is going great guns. Well done. Pl carry on. We appreciate the genuine feeling of our friends.

  2. Stupid meenakshi character annoying, ur right varsha no apologies from her side at all. She thinks always saravanan needs to come behind her heavy headed character. we are hating this serial nowadays

  3. The trend has changed in cinema. People like to laugh and enjoy the life. So the new script writers are trying to
    give funny and comedy type films. But this serial is in old fashion. “THULAPAARAM” type crying serial would not be a success. Vijay TV Please change the script writer.

  4. I Agree with sara naan character in a point..always he has to ask sorry..I haven’t seen meenakshi apologizing…I think this is too much of dragging and drama..woman are got giving of course dont spoil it with this meenakshi character…can you give a valid point for blaming sara naan for her fathers death..ya he didn’t come…but that’s not a many don’t come atall. Please don’t give a wrong approach towards marriage and compromises…the serial lost its charm.please end all fights and give some happiness…many come stress and here lots of stuff…unbearable at times.stopped watching

    Thanks for the good episodes earlier..that was nice

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