Airtel Super Singer 4 – 13-09-2013 Vijay Tv Show

watch Airtel Super Singer 4 – 13-09-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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    Do not cry my dear.Singing is not a full time profession to depend on.It is the technology that is ruling the singing nowadays.So an average singer could be made to hear as a professional with the aid of technology.You are a good singer no doubt.Concentrate on your Job.Singing is only a passion for you.Unfortunately if your would be husband has no interest in Music what will be your position?besides with a ‘KODUKU’ mother-inlaw!Airtell super singer is only a glamour and nothing else.Even if you get eliminated not to worry,you are already a recognised singer!I am K.Arunesar from Srilanka….

  2. What I said in last two days are correct. These judges are very partial. Mr. Immaan! you are great. You are a talented music composer. You know what is best and not. These judges should be shamed about for, what they did. Aravind Srinivas sang better than Sonia. Sujatha mentioned something about it. As usual “kamady piece,Dupaakkoor”
    Mano screwed the show.

  3. as usual Vijay tv favoring on particular persons like sonundarya, alagashan and vaijayanthi … this is not a good sign for healthy competition……

  4. When soundaria will eliminate in this show,

  5. Rajasundaram

    Alagesan and soundariya one on one. Omg what is apparent is judges has already decided these two should go on to next level. great judgement my foot

  6. wrong decision from d iman

  7. All those in danger zone are better than alagesan. Why the hell judges keep pushing him up I wonder, may this guy is being used by Vijay t/v fot their personal reasons

  8. Alagesan , haha there are many young singers than this guy, all those in danger zone are better than alagesan.

  9. I truly believe in Imman’s decision. He is absolutely correct. Also Aravind Srinivas was better than Sonia, eventually Mallu’s politics taken over.

  10. Madhavan Karthik

    Hats off Mr. Imaan . He has requested to judges for Vaijayanthi brought back to safe zone, because she was sang well. Keep it up Vaijayanthi !!!!!!!!!

  11. wrong judgement from D iman their are more talented then waijayanthi in the danger zoon so waijayanthi should be in danger zoon.

  12. வினோத்

    நிரஞ்சனா அடுத்த ரவுண்ட்ல கண்டிப்பாக வெற்றி பெறுவதற்கு எனது வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  13. Alagesan sir and vaijayanthi super songs today excelent.

  14. இமான் க்கு நன்றிங்க வைஜெயந்தி க்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்ங்க

  15. Dhamodaran N

    Fantastic program. Ma Ka Pa is next Siva in all aspects.

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