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3 movie online

3 movie

Watch 3(moonu) Movie online directed by Aishwarya R. Dhanush;starring Dhanush,Shruti Haasan,Siva Karthikeyan ,Sunder Ramu,Prabhu ,Bhanupriya and Rohini in lead.

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  1. balasubramanian says:

    nice movie in 2012

  2. Nandhini says:

    dhanush is rocking and shruthi is amazing in her acting…………… lovely story and romantic toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. krishna says:

    what a fucker dhanush and sucker shruthi both xxxxxxx

    the movie is like a bitch

  4. Penna says:

    best movie after a long time. simply superbbb…Sruti character is awesome…. pulliku piranthathu poonai aaguma!

  5. sahana says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud film

  6. cindrella says:

    i love this movie
    nice love story

  7. snehuldev says:

    super movi

  8. Vijay says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! what a movie shruthi character is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dhush also and hamesommmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love this flim

  9. priiya says:

    i love this movie it’s romantic betwn dha n shruhas woooooooooooooooooooooow…………….

  10. sushmitha says:


  11. krithiga says:

    what a movie! i just love this

  12. ragavi says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! WHAT A FILMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM shruthi chater is superrrrrrrrrrrrrr and dhush also and hamesoooooooome i love is film

  13. afiya says:

    this film is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd i hate this film

  14. ragavi says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! what a movie shruthi character is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dhush also and hamesommmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love this flim

  15. Guru says:

    Superb movie, I am wondering why it did not do well in box office.In recent times after VTV from gathaum this is th best movie.

  16. vinolia smitha says:

    awesome movie n a very good romantic story. dhanush superrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. santa sylvia says:

    superb movie

  18. Sushi says:

    Pakaaaaaaaaa movie….supeeeeeeeeroooo supet ,damn goooodddddd awsommmeeeeer movie … No words ti describe tht hw good w as the movie lovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuu shruti n dhanush darling………

  19. jegan says:

    1st of i like this moves

  20. saranraj says:

    the film was super.i realised that i have the same problem that bilpolar disorder .iwas tollay confused

  21. kala says:

    i love the movie. it make me cry.some off the story like im throught now.

  22. gandhiraj says:

    1st half super and 2nd half semaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkka.

  23. chandu says:


  24. chandu says:

    i love this flim.sruti charecter is super.cinema chusinantha sepu full ga edchanu .super super super

  25. Uma says:

    Ada pavi ungalukkella Rasanaiyae ellaiya. First half is very nice to watch, the same same is totally contradictory. Ennavo theriyala Dhanush vachi movie pannalae Ava annanukku psycho character thavera ethuvu theriyathu pola. But songs are overtaking the story.

  26. Angy says:

    I agree with u Ted…just imagine the pain he dud have gone through..hiding his problems from his wife & trying to act normal…just can’t think of through such stuff..

  27. ted says:

    In my opinion this is one of Dhanush’s most realistic and powerful performances so far. Well done Shruthi and Aishwarya. I heard this movie was a flop and hence put off watching this since it was released. When a movie like Anniyan can become a hit even though it showed bipolar disorder in the most ‘artificial’ form, 3 should be a much bigger hit as it portrays the mental condition in a very realistic form. Thanks to the ignorance of our fellow Tamilian’s when it comes to these mental conditions, powerful performances like in this movie go unnoticed!!

  28. sed says:

    worst movie of te millenium,

    • Jagadeesh says:

      100% true…


      Watched this movie right now…had the most painful movie experience of my entire life…If you want to save yourself of serious shit please avoid watching this movie…

      Absolutely no characterization, no verve, Dhanush’s worst ever performance, probabhy Shruti’s worst ever show and one of the lowest lows in directional history of tamil…

      Focus on the scene where Dhanush wears sabari mala and Shruti misses him while he is on pilgrimage and hugs his shirt and kisses it hotly – ABSOLUTE CULTURAL DEMEANING AND NONSENSE ACCORDING TO ME…WHICH WIFE KISSES A HUSBAND’S SHIRT PASSIONATELY WHEN HE IS ON SABARIMALA TRIP???

      People with money – please do not JUSTIFY your drift in life by becoming actors and directors! Please leave creative professions to creative personnel…

  29. ansar says:

    one time can see la

  30. wwwwwwwttm says:


  31. s.karthick says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am s.karthick

  32. Arjun says:

    In acting i agreed Dhanush is best… and Shruthi too awesome acting……It shows originality in their acting.i loved it <3 <3

  33. Anitha Arun says:

    super mama,sema movie all lovers pls watch this movie

  34. sakthi vel says:

    superb love story dhanush acting superb.

  35. sonu says:

    mokkai no-1 osthi…no-2 this movie…

  36. novina.m says:

    nice love is showed in the movie i loved the movie

  37. fathima says:

    this movie is sooo cute,,they are acting very real….love uuu….

  38. pavithra says:

    i love this movie very much and i love dhanush very much

  39. lavanya says:

    super movie i love dhanush very much

  40. xyz says:

    worst movie have ever seen waste of time thu

  41. Raseed says:

    super film.dhanush eppodhume different charecter la nadikkiradhu thaan shruthi face bad…!

  42. gautam says:

    fantastic film

  43. hashika says:

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee film i like sruthi hasans songs

  44. ram says:


  45. Menaka says:

    Mokka film… but nice song.

  46. samsudeen says:

    very nice

  47. sheeru says:

    first of is very nice……. ne partha vizhigal song awsome…… songs are good… movie not bad

  48. sruthi says:

    not bad i like it

  49. polladhavan says:

    po da dubukku unnukku konchum kuda araviula da

  50. karthik says:

    super songs. & gud acting

  51. dhivakar says:

    dont go to this film plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss then u bcome mentalllllll

  52. bala says:

    very bad……………wrost…………

  53. christina says:

    suuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr film thalaiva ur gr8 ..

  54. Dhanush says:

    movie super

  55. charu says:

    nice movie.songs r gooooooooood.

  56. banu priya says:

    i kind of lik da movie ! it was different ! :) <3 da songs ! thumbs up !!

  57. Awesomeness says:

    Epic Awesome Movie.

  58. pavithraiyer says:

    Super movie…acting by danush is extradinary….sruthi acting superb….especially for a starter….aishwarya…first half is fair…second half excellent….really nice…keep up the good work.

  59. Prashanth says:

    Nice Movie

  60. Prashanth says:

    nice movie …..

  61. vignesh says:

    mass movie dhanush super acting! guys dont see the comments u just watch it u ll love the movie…

  62. ram says:

    padama idhu thuuuuuuu!

  63. dfdf says:

    scary movie .don’t watch it .not good

  64. Somebody says:

    Worst movie.. Time waste. Too much Hype for this movie.

  65. aarthi says:

    all contents are rejected..plz rectify this..i want to see this movie..

  66. sathya yashu says:

    first half is awesome…songs r good

  67. gowtham says:

    some problem in youtube to watch the movie..plz immediately correct this.

  68. Sam says:

    Oops, all the links are broken again…

  69. ANitha says:

    Tis is such a crap movie wat the hell dun even make sense would never watch it again Bloody hell this is gonna be a big time FLOPAGE!!!!!!

  70. imraan says:

    Thankq mama super movie, Dhanush super…

  71. praveen says:

    super mame…..
    Dhanush …..u r gonna rock tolliwd…..
    luv u sruthi
    awsme film
    awsme actng

  72. RAGHUL says:

    super movie , if yo r in love yo will realy love this movie…..

  73. name says:

    movie benefited only the music director, none else…

  74. jana says:

    total waste,definitely this one is in top worst film in this world, no story nothing i m surprised what makes sruthi to act in this film, amala paul escaped at last….

  75. chadee says:

    1st half is kind of ok but 2nd half is so sad & boring. Don’t waste ur time & money watching this movie

  76. singaporeRajan says:

    stupid movie

  77. jagan says:

    mokka padam…… but songs super… worst koreo ….

  78. srivishnu says:

    all videos are deleted please upload it

  79. Shilpa says:

    Really 1st half is good and Really 2nd half is bad…

  80. DO NOT WATCH THIS says:


    • paul says:

      I must appreciate the director, for the first time in tamil film industry a 9999999999 is ported as the heroine. good effort director

  81. thamilan says:

    admin all the videos are deleted..pls upload a new link

  82. sandhya says:

    superv songs………

  83. rockie says:

    worst movie ever,,, y r u guys torturing poor tamil audiences by making such movies,, if u have money, do some thing good to society and help ppl rather than making such horrible movies

  84. faz says:

    iswarya has prove she has no experience with direction.waste movie i have ever seen

  85. joyson says:

    padatha pathuttu coment kudutha mattum pothathu. anta flim a edukka evlo hard work panniruppanganu konjam yosikkanum.story is very nice

    • veera says:

      hi joyson,

      pls tell me wht is the story & where is the story? danush become physco in search of story? i dont know how u figured it!!!!!!!!!

  86. sethil says:

    Dhanush acting is amazing, specific to say the last sceen, Showing bad will help to stop thing to do such action, since the recent movie already with the same pshyc charecter, Please stop acting in a pshyc movie, use your tallet to change the trend and move to the next generation, since your followers are young viewrs, this is not healthy mind for them.

  87. Ayiyoooo says:

    Whoever says this movie is good….i think they need to see a Psychiatrist….seriously this is the after-effect of this movie…….please help youselves..

    N Dhanush….watching a movie should never spread negative vibes ….this movie is totally gonna impact peoples mind….

  88. Rajni Kanth says:

    Mapillai Dhanush – En Ponnu pechai kekkatheenganu evalavu thadhava sonnaen. Kaeteengala?? Padam paatha elloraiyum loosu aakita en ponnu…

  89. Good Movies Supporter says:

    u muat be atupid if u tell this movie is the worst one….u stupid people are only good for watching movies with lots of punch dialogues and stupid action scenes for example flying of simbhu and vijay…try to appreciate the work done by this people you fool…this movie has a story and try to understand it and gv ur support…be practical idiot!!!!

  90. DaBoss says:

    dai….”” indha linkukum indha padathukum enna sambandham ?? indha padathula engayavadhu oru bittu scene layavadhu “Psychotropic Drugging” side effectla thaan ippadi aachinu solli irukaana….dei kamunati pasangala padam oru 2 mani neram indha documentary 1 hr ippadi loosu thana paka vetchi kola veriya uruvakiteengaley da….

  91. DaBoss says:

    Mokkai Mokkai Mokkai…. indha padathukku 3 nu peru vetchi irukaanga,1 loosu dhanshu,2nd loosu aishwarya,3rd loosu padatha partha namba ellarumea thaan….. mental disorder pathi padam na porali mari edukalame illa guna mari edukalamea…. evanavadhu indha padatha parungannu recommend pani review ezhudhina avaan ellaroda miga periya loosu…..

  92. uvaraj says:

    please dont wast your money in watching this movie mokka mokka mokka mokka mokka mokka

  93. Mukund says:

    For all the people calling this movie waste… Just watch the video in this link and then look at the initiative taken by the director and his team….

  94. sneha says:

    Actually the story was super.but it should be taken in a nice way.aiswarya was not at all utilized dhanush.we know dhanush is a super actor and he can act any role according to the character of the film.and the sruthi was so bad in this film,she don’t know how to act as a lover.may be aiswarya’s presence may affected dhanush.i think instead of sruthi aiswarya can prefer Trisha,genelia,amlapaul these heroins.then it will be a double super or super duper movie.dhanush act was almost good,but something happened?he is a super actor,we know it after seeing his first movie.i think anyone should remake it with using any other actress,then the movie and dhanush will rocks………

  95. devaraj IPS says:

    best movie ever babes ~ those hates probaly losers in real life ~ hates offf

  96. coolguys says:

    Waste movie

  97. SANGEETHA says:

    LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL pl dont waste watch this movie people very sick……..

  98. priya says:


  99. surya says:

    mentally sick

  100. gopi says:

    it is not healthy movie people brain mental stage. please tamil nadu dont permit this movie flop movie. young kids come energetic pl dont watch this movie

  101. lalitha says:

    this movie watching young kids spoil… stupid movie ragini sir pl advice aysvariya

  102. Swetha says:


  103. mohan says:

    mokka movie. don’t waste and get disorder after seeing this movie. movie should entertain not get sick sycho

  104. Iyer says:

    Pathetic movie. Please don’t waste your time watching this movie. There is no comedy in this movie. Siva Karthikeyan was not utilized at all. Feel sorry for him. His fledgling career has come to an end with this movie. He has to be satisfied with TV shows for the rest of his life. I can’t believe how Aishwarya could show up on every TV channel and talk great about this movie, honestly, this movie is a shame to tamil cinema.

  105. balu says:

    mokka padam la pls dont wast ur time thank u

  106. James says:

    avanunggathaan kolappuraanunggannaa neengalummaa!

  107. Nimal says:

    first half = varanam auiram
    scond half = maka man

  108. sulaiman says:

    very nice songs!

  109. prab says:

    mokka film…

  110. 3 Paatha oru Paavi says:

    Thayavu Seithu intha padatha paathratheenga….Probably the director meant to close 3 organs ( ears ,eyes and mouth) while watching this movie…

  111. shan says:

    mokka movie and worst acting by hollywood hero danush and tamila kedukkum shruthi

  112. ASHIKA UMAR says:

    FILM IS VREY BAD WAST OF THE TIME……………………………………………………

  113. Jaima says:

    Kaludaingalukku theriyuma karpoora vasanai.. It is an awesome film.. Excellent direction… National award winning acting by danusb

    • fashith says:

      those who say tis movie waste r really fools they dont hv any feelings guys appreciate their hard work dnt always criticize the movie ws just awesome nd dhanush performance excellent tht too in climax he ws just amazing dhanush rockzzzzz!!!!!

  114. palani says:

    first half is ok ….

  115. palani says:

    1st half good. Rest mokkai!

  116. sasi says:

    Movie is fine but last 40 mins kolavari

  117. amirthaaaa says:

    படம் குப்பை.. தயவு செய்து பாக்காதீங்க.

  118. rajtamil says:

    worst movie ever,,, y r u guys torturing poor tamil audiences by making such movies,, if u have money, do some thing good to society and help ppl rather than making such horrible movies

  119. LAM says:

    Warning!!!!! Pls close the window after intermission, else u will become mental…..

  120. Siva says:

    i was waiting for tis movie to c in rajtamil….rajtamil u rocks………….and the 3 movie dhanush and shivaKarthikeyan has done superb acting

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