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  1. yei judge muthalla un mudiya sari panratha niruthidi,unakku enna thaguthi irrukkudi judgement solla,you shit,zee tamil please change the judge, bull shit,,,

  2. To Ms Lakshimi Madem,

    I have been observing lately that higher importance is given to Education above than anything in Indian-born mentality of Life in general. Frankly, this paper based education is not even equivalent to the great emphasis placed on knowledge passed upon to us by our forefathers, true bearers of knowledge.

    Back then education placed foremost importance in family from learning by example method. Both mother (Amma) & father (Appa) played an exemplary role & impart their life experiences as an education in home economics & social ethics. How our parents lived acted as a strong foundation for their children to build their lives on strong ethics. Today father marries several woman & the mother have several lovers with grown children.

    In today’s episode this man seems to loose his once unbreakable ego & virile strength. He clearly understands our Indian Society & tries to protect his daughter who had grown out from her innocence. He knew clearly his daughter is capable of understanding the sins of mankind & consequences of infidelity. Not once he tells on the camera that his wife was unfaithful too until this woman who makes a dramatic entrance & gives a sobbing tale about her husband’s countless affairs but then without remorse she can without showing any emotions tried to justify her mistakes which will be implanted as scars in her young but intelligent daughter.

    This man tries to keep a low profile of his womanising habits & tries his best to shield much to his daughter as she might be ashamed. It is very clear from his demure that he is very ashamed to get his daughter involved in their antics. Both the man & woman have an illustrious life for the past 10 years. The woman can tell every detail of the man’s illicit affairs but the man on the other hand could not & will not tell. He was clearly seen here on the program by always admitting to his mistakes & openly declaring that it was all his mistake.

    If the man opens up this woman’s dirty laundry than his children’s paternity would be questionable or otherwise called in old english as bastards. This woman’s openly tells on the national TV that she made only one mistake but I am sure Lakshimi Madem has her doubts on her standings though she tries to reprimand her on her chastity & her normal antics on how a woman ought to behave under such circumstances. The mum, is also or equally as bad as her dad with the only exception being a loving mum. This is a natural characteristic inherited by every female species of the mammal group on planet Earth.

    The dad seems to even neglect his responsibly to his children, realising at almost the last staged of his life, his grievous mistakes first blinded by lust & followed by anger next. This woman(mum) is more dangerous & might make this poor girl, lost & robbed of her childhood could potentially turn her daughter into a mentality deluded woman in future.

    High Lakshimi Madem, education(paper qualifications) is only 1 aspect of life & there are other aspects which are also equally important attributes. Through the Indian quota system which is to act as a stepping stone for the desolate & provide an equal opportunities arena can only at most provide a top most civil service job.

    But the sad truth is we are losing every genius who are even capable to run a MNC company or the best job, an entrepreneur. The first 2 positions are merely high class slave with the exception of the last….. Master of the Slaves. This child had work hard or its a natural gift of intelligence(I don’t believe in IQ ratings or tests) only time will tell.

    My point is there are many successful losers in life. What I meant is people with excellent qualifications also need to be trained & to taught to do certain things though it is widely believed their learning curve is smooth or even exponential. So, in my view, education is only one factor of a few many factors to be successful in life. Self confident, self-consious, self-pride, self-intigrity, self-worth, etc are a few factors that cannot be purchased or graduated into or with. Even if she attends IIT in india, she will be just another number, yeah just a another student number with year & some records in the collage alumni. Being a person who throughly enjoy both my university & most important of all….. the love of studying & trying to share it with friends was the best memorable memories of my days…….. which without a doubt I would attribute to both my parents upbringing & sacrifices.

    Madem Lakshmi, some times your genuine concern, care & love for youngsters lost in this turmoil were clearly visible & at other times it can be seen as an act or worse still a drama. I know it is hard to sit there in your sit & easy to make comments but let me tell you something….. there was once I wrote a long letter after seeing an episode & episodes of the same nature. Clearly, you are not neutral or practice gender neutrally or rather sex biased. I almost ordered a copy of Hindu Marriages Act 1955, later inclusion of sub-sections, amendment 2012, basically a true copy from Indian Commission of Law with the paragraphs high-lighed with the titles void & voidable marriages.

    Please know what you are talking about or at the least try to educate what the current law states & constitute. If you think the present Hindu Marriages Act 1955 & 2012 is not equally or neutrally gender biased than please have your personal or group war at the constitution.



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