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  1. doctor talking lie no need to go court investigate praperly doctor not giving right answer if she talking english that true lakshmi madam just reply the lady doctor how she talking you come to know.


  2. We can’t decide based on her appearance.

  3. Hi,

    I personally know this doctor not much but met her only once. Her way of talking and her behaviour is like this. She never smile or talk pleasing to the patients. But my in laws will say she is very good.

  4. madam doctor lie please investigate the family cureact

  5. Hi mam, we understood through their talk that doctor is not talking good. please lakshmi mam u too do not see parsality. you are the correct judge i thought still. so please try to get good and true solution for this. god is always there to help the true peoples…consider that true mothers heart…

  6. Hi madam you are like our god the god will not lie for money. You hurt a nice mothers heart please tell the truth.

  7. the problem will solve to through court

  8. hi mama,i really feel sorry to say this,but i strongly dought the doctor .She knows every thing .pls investigate this issue clearly and help the family to fix the problem.because this is the little girls life .

  9. If you create new version human following things not in the new world

    1. Zee Tamil

    2. Police station

    3. Court

    4. Rapping

    5. War

    6. Bomb

  10. Madam the doctor talking way not good even you know, but madam I can say one thing when doctor die she will suffer more and more one whole day I will pray for this mighty God. I am sure Doctor have done mistake.She hurt one good mother heart, heart less doctor must answer for this she may be a doctor and have society power,money but the true never fail all the bless go to mighty creator. For all doctor please don’t do like this pandering things for money Doctor all equal to God everybody knows in the world but some one doing like that the whole doctor name affect.Oh mighty God please do this when some doctor want do like that for money at the same kill them with your mighty power.The doctor all your agent if they do mistake must punish severely. Oh my mighty God now a day i never believe man for money they can do all in the world Oh God i will suggest one thing can you do for me please delete all the people create new version people, the people should be honest and loveable heart one important things money can not change the new version people mind. When you start to delete people I want to be a first man please………………………………………….

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