Watch Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal Movie Online

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Moondru Per Moondru Kadal Movie Online

Moondru Per Moondru Kadal Movie Online

Watch Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal Movie Online directed by Vasanth. It stars Arjun, Cheran, Vimal, Muktha Bhanu and newcomers Surveen Chawla and Lasini

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  1. lovelylipsbuddy!!!!! says:

    What a nice movie!!!
    It’s an awesome movie. I just love the songs!!

  2. jairollan says:


  3. jeevan says:

    good one…………….. lot of feelings……………

  4. vishwa says:

    super super super…………..!!!!!!!! very nice

  5. GAYU says:

    nice film mokka nu sollara aalauku ithu onnum aavalo mosam illa love pannaravakaluku tha intha padam pudikum super loveka ka uyira udarathu perumai tha

  6. Eugin says:

    nice movie

  7. ananth says:

    Good story. Screen play should have been better.

  8. rajini_my_hero27 says:

    have to agree with u vishnu screenplay is shit story could hav bn told better bare confusing.and the music is shyte except for the nadaswara bit at the end of cheran’s portion song

  9. Aariya says:

    flim is centiment flim very nice loves

  10. vishnu says:

    screenplay could have been better.director enna solla vandhan nu last varaikum theriyala :(

  11. Jack14 says:

    Nice film and climax is very touching
    Good Film with nice morals

  12. vijay says:

    producer ah antha andavan dhan kapathanum

  13. nirmal says:

    mokaa movie ever

  14. priyatharsini says:


  15. Raji says:

    The sock share link seems to be loading forever. Any reason why? The Now video link is the same issue. Pls help. Tks

  16. raveen says:

    thamathoondu awardu kedaikkum but padam flop.

  17. hajanajubudeen says:

    good film

  18. 3per3kadhal says:

    nice movie,,, with a very good morals… kadhalan daaaa 100–51

  19. farheen says:

    Frndz hw is ths muve..??????

  20. Uma Shankar says:

    Moondru per. Moondru mokka kadhal………

  21. ramesh says:

    nice movie thx

  22. Uma Shankar says:

    Worst movie…….

  23. sathya says:

    gud movie .but sometimes confusing

  24. pooja says:

    he has not given equal importance to 3 love stories….. its very slow and some place boring….. worth to watch one time

  25. SubhaKarthik says:

    nice movie but too slow movie….

  26. french indian says:

    first part is very boring very slow !!

  27. deepan says:

    good movie.. worth to watch one time.. climax is touching.. it makes some sense.. compare to other movies.. heraty welcome back director vasanth.. .. :) :) :) hi raj tamil.. please upload some english dubb movies in vever .. thnk u.. :)

  28. superuser says:

    so boring :-(

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