Solvathellam Unmai 09-05-13 Zee Thamizh Tv show

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  1. super

  2. நல்ல நாரதர் வேலை பண்ணிடிங்கோ லக்ஸ்மி மேடம்.

  3. I am not satisfied with this judgement.
    If that boy failed in +12 she(host) has to approach in a +ve way like work hard you will have bright future and so on….
    Why you are wearing good dress y not u study ? did she brought the dress? What is their for her? y she is hurting that boy.
    If the parents are fighting like this how can that boy study peacefully.
    Y cant this team help by giving loans for 1st wife’s house then she should not suppose to suggest him to go and get some money (loan) from others.
    If 2nd wife comes here for justice the host will arrange to get some money from that husband.
    Usually what host will say what happen is happen accept him and live happy for 1 st wife. You only need money not him? and so on….

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