Neeya Naana -05-05-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. Thanks to mohan via gopi

  2. Good show , this is very important show for our life style. please dont stop with 1 child…..

  3. suresh lakshmanan

    kalai and siva both of you hasn’t understand Mr.mohan’s talk this is social structure

  4. nice topic mr.gopi..but its very hard to find a girl for marriage nowadays and ur talking about we need 1 child r 2 child..innum nelamay vangala..ya..approm than veedu kattonum..

  5. it is not healthy show today. not good .some parents said one child died. other child here. stupid answer. than hurt for one child parents. some parents 3 kids ///8 kids . than 8 child died what to do.

  6. mohan talking toomuch point what is mohan answer 1 child or 2 child. i dont know answer very confused. dont talking . some parents said one child died. 2 nd child here. rubbish. talking.some parents 8 childern. 8 children died. than what. how much pain. dont compare one child died what next…. stupid.

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