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Paradesi Movie Online

Paradesi Movie Online

Watch Paradesi Movie Online directed by Bala; starring Adharvaa, Vedhika and Dhansika

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  1. naresh says:

    movie paradasi

  2. Balaji says:

    Are you kidding me mr. Bala (f***r). Lots of talented directors and new directors doesn’t have money or producer to do a beautiful and entertain movie. You are making such a worst movie I have ever seen in my life the second worst movie I ever call it none other than your shit. (Naan kadavul ). Beware if you gonna waste the money on shit movies like this you gonna end up soon like the actor in the movie(slave man fuckin slave) to your producer.

  3. anfas says:

    dear bala sir

    plese make paredhesi part 2

    very grade thanks for u

  4. Guna says:

    Excellent Movie Outstanding Director Bala

  5. good lesson for younger gen.

  6. Subash says:

    BS movie.. no evidence about the past, just a imagination.. his mind and thought has been reflected in his mind..

  7. Goldwin says:

    Dear all its very sad that our ppl suffered bez of ppl who doesn’t have humanising . Plz Evers work hard make changes in our generation ,,, by all factor thing About others pain when they suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should reason for any one tears ,,……

  8. mohamed malik says:

    True good movie please mr.bala sir make next part like some can release those people.

  9. jhakir hussain says:

    nice movie

  10. sudhan says:

    very very ……..,worst film in 2013

  11. prashanna says:

    naan en pinnadi ulla vaazhkai sariththiraththai paarththen
    en kannil vandha kanneer …naan ssagum varai nitkadhu
    thank you bala anna …thanks

  12. ramananp says:

    good movie

  13. anuarun says:

    that’s very good film.. in Tamil cinema…. Namma kudikkara… china Tea pinnale… ivalav per oda.,.. valzkai.. varlaru adangirukku.. Nammaloda.. intha Adimai thanm. Ariyamai.. ipdi ellathaium avanga…The..Mavanga eppdi use pannirukkanga nu pruiyuthu…

  14. Shailu says:

    Come on ppl……….If you can’t appreciate a good piece of art better don’t comment….

  15. vinoth says:

    very proud of director in tamil cinema bala. is a one of the legend in tamil cinema industry.very sensitive movie in world. i am proud of movie in bala

  16. KadasiTamilan says:


  17. GK says:

    one of the best in recent times…

  18. MARIAPPAN says:


  19. priya says:

    hai this is a wonderful movie this shows how our ancestors suffered those days because of poverty!hats off bala!

  20. iyakkuanr says:

    Amazing ! I am going to see this movie in theater.

  21. mohan says:

    freeya padam pathudu binathuranunkada.

    • bhagath says:

      evergreen direction.but sir this story not urs.direction screenplay superb. ppl read all novel .so sir don’t foolish people next time.

  22. Sadik says:

    Why this stupid director always showing the dirty films to the peoples and also he is wasting the golden times for the Heros the same thing happened for Arya for his Naan Kadavul.

  23. Ramesh.K says:

    hai praveen, I read ur comment, But i like to say only one, if any woman had education he will get more knowledge, who are all doesn’t get education knowledge, they will have like this problem. Before 1930 ago what happen u don’t know who will get more money his attitude everything change in his mind, Because he should keep uneducation people under him, Now everybody studying in this geranation. Before nobody get education knowledge and more money. So in this generation also happening like this, so please don’t say like this and everybody is same people.

  24. ramesh says:

    realy i have feel i west my time

  25. ramesh says:

    pls pls dont west time padam oru kuppa i dont know balaku enna achinnu 2013 nobody like this kind of movie

    • S says:

      Please don’t speak about Bala. You don’t even know the spelling of “Waste”

    • Charles says:

      one must be a REAL IDIOT to talk bad about this film. This is the story of our ancestors and not some fantasy story.. Claiming that you cant watch this film just because you are in 2013 is probably be the most stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life.. I wont expect these kind of people to appreciate this film as that will be expecting too much from them. BUT please dont open your stinky mouth to say something bad about this..!!!!! This is the least way of giving respect to our ancestors…!!!

  26. Raja says:

    thanmbi praveen intha mathiri hair cut pannikira kalacharam thenmavattangalil irunthathu , piragu padi padiya marainthu ponathu, inatha makkal inga vivasayam panna mali illa tha karanathal varumaikkullaga pattu kothadimaigala sendru maandu ponaargal oru kalathil

  27. muthu says:

    best movie by bala,,,, atharva proved puliku piranthathu punai agadhu nu……

  28. praveeen says:

    Nicely taken, but doesnt give any good impact, not much details on who are these people and why do they have thier hair cut done that way and how poor they are and why deseperate they are to get money and why didnt they revolt against the illtreatment. Why happened after to them after india got independence( at the of the title a photo is lot of people standing seemed to be a real one.

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