Neeya Naana -21-04-2013 Vijay Tv Show

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  1. good show.. really it extracts the painful life behind on every one .. expecting gayathri marriage on next years and hope neeya naana will post that occasions..

  2. At first i’d like to thanks for Neeya Naana to brought this show. I came to know everyone lives under pain and sorrow’s. As Gopi said some where good people are still alive, so that’s why, world keep spinning i firmly believed. i’m really impressed about blind man came for blood donation. when i was heard this from gracy i got goosebumps. how good he is isn’t?. Only suffered people can resentful other pain and these people are willing to look after other pain. People should think about this and bring some consequences to sustain for better living don’t we?. This show makes me sad. I was thinking several times and i’m questioned myself how come they last their Happy life? who took their life under what circumstance and why?? I thought it may be one of the reason Supply and Demand Chain is well poor in India. what might be the reason because of politician and corruption plays a major role??? whatever might be the reason who took their innocent happy life. This show completely(100%) helped me to realize the women’s hardest part in life. I wanna hates for women’s who’s born in India.

  3. venishraja

    thanks for who are all participate this programme i learned something today …………………..

  4. Remembering of my own family life…

  5. I cried a lot when i saw this program

  6. Big salute for working ladies………..

  7. Painfull show Iam remembering my life with my sisters and heartfull GOD mother. The whole show i can not able to my feeling. Today night difficult to sleep

  8. nice show thanks for neeya nanaa team

  9. super show


  11. Grace you are really a great person and showed this world how friends are more important than the relatives. Secondly, Gayathi sister don’t worry God is great and he will fulfil all your needs through this show. Thank you so much Mr Gopinath for organised such a wonderful show and very useful show for each and every person in this world.

    I felt one of thee best show ever in neeya naana……

    Hats off to Vijay TV….

  12. nalla topic gayathri is a rock.ennoda life appadiye partha madhiri irukku thanks to vijay tv good

  13. Raj,

    Don’t worry brother we are with you……

  14. hameed (Abu dhabi)

    one of the best show neeya nanaa thanks neeya nanaa team.

  15. Nice show, Please respect to the lady, love ur wife.

  16. one of the greatest show in neeya naana…

  17. Gopi sir excellent programe . melted my heart , i salute for Indian Womens

  18. indian friends is very very love able friends…….

  19. muthubhaskar

    one of the best show neeya nanaa

  20. My heart melt

  21. What a topic i ill salute for such a girls, i’m a boy but my mom struggle as same as the lady with pink sary

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