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Watch Mankatha Movie Online starring Ajith, Arjun,Trisha ,Vaibhav, Lakshmi Rai, Andrea Jeremiah, Premji Amaren and Anjali in the lead ,directed by Venkat Prabhu.


  1. Nice Ajith performance

  2. Jaffar jasim

    Good Movie

  3. there is very long chargement

  4. Rocking movie Thala the great.

  5. Periyaka kodumai saravanann…free ya irunthalaum intha padam ellam online varuthu….pls block it otherwise died count will add often

  6. arun kumar

    vijay bore thala jore

  7. ijay fans

    east or west thala is the worst very very bore movie always our thalapathi the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • .............

      dude….either watch or leave it
      i bet ur vijay’s fan datz why ur sayin dis

      • Atha ninga solathinga da…echaingala…Mankatha mankatha last 3 years padam kathuringa..ana padathala edum illa….ponga ajak pasangala.

  8. nice movie

  9. mohamedfarook

    tala veery super but over acting next very simple act very super thank u

  10. mankatha mokka film..very bore..

  11. dai vijay mariya oruthanum nadikka mudiyadu da loose
    vijay always the best

  12. in tamil cinema this is the first and ever full movie dubbed of an english movie of fast five

  13. hey hey watch fast five and tell this is a clean and 90% dubbed movie of fast five …..ok…lets see our thalapathy's velayutham is hit or not ……

  14. This is thE pakka copy of FAST FIVE.

  15. Ajith Is Pro

  16. ajith is so smart…love him in dis movie

    • How can some1 criticize such a great movie and performance by ajith.I was also a fan of vijay.But aftr tis movie i realize ajith is lot better than vijay and all those who are his fans are fools and kids.We fools(vijay fans) always go and watch vijays idiotic movies and expect him to do someting worthful next time and always getting dissappointed.Now i took a bold decision to move to ajith’s fan.The Only reason i can say is he is worth watching and he tries someting creative unlike vijay who always acts in remake/copied movies and keepon doing his same bullshit style patterns in everymovie.Really fedup vijay,go and get a life,only ting u can do is dance & bullshit

      • How superbly drafted a text by ajith fans behalf of saying vijay fans…We know the stupid dont cheat or use our thalapathy name here….

  17. the stunts in Mankatha remembered me so many English movies.

  18. all vijay fans………… burrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………

  19. Hi Friends i am also vijay fan but wen i saw this movie really Thala Ajith did a excellent performance….. his mannerism, style really superb attention Vijay Fans we have to accept the excellent performance by Thala…. we cant expect this from vijay also…. good keep it up

  20. mokka no1

  21. Vijay's Velayudham will be a big flop in his career.He will easily lose to Suriya;s film this Diwali.Vijay keep it up for another flop in your cap.Fellow became useless because of his father's stupid imaginations that his son will become CM and PM one day.Vijay in his last film last dialogue will be "ENNA VAZHKADA IDHU"..It's going to be true.Watch it Vijay fans.His dad spoils him.

  22. good time passing

  23. Chithiram pesuthadi

    Tamil cinema has seen lot of drop out movies, But they are not praised any day. This is the only movie that was raised beyond its contents, which feels sick and Its a sick movie without story and without even screenplay. And can it be categorized as masala movie. For that Hero should have done a good dance or fight. Here hero tried it. But he couldn't do it. Finally the losers are audience.

    • Dude velayutham,villu,vettaikaran and all other vijay movies are the real pakka masala movies.Grow up dude.Enjoy some difference

  24. wooowwwwwwwwwwwww really nice & intersting movie.. vengatprabu did a good job

  25. Thala movie is simply superb after a long time. Its a pakka ajith movie so we cant see the logic and all

  26. enna maire paddum da

  27. Thambi Vijay ni innum valaranum….

  28. pooda punnaku … ennga thala vijay madhuri varuma ….

  29. Mankatha da

  30. thala superbbb.east or west thala is best


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