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David Tamil Movie

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David Movie Online
David Movie Online

Watch David Tamil Movie Online starring Vikram,Jiiva,Tabu ,Lara Dutta and Isha Sharvani;directed by Bejoy Nambiar

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  1. rubbishes movie ever in the world

  2. the stupidest movie in earth…………….. plzzzzzzzzz don’t watch it

  3. i scold 2 riyas and venky but y didnt accept?whats ur probs?

  4. wat this move vere vere no good
    plese dirictor you see first see story aftre make filme ok y like dat

  5. this movie sucks,…. but like the songs

  6. i am an hindou and i am proud of it. and i respect all others religions and belevings. there is no anything against hindouisme or for christianism in this movie. this is a good movie. ppl may dont like it it’s there taste but ppl who talk shit about it are realy ass holes

  7. Please don’t condemn and talk about religion

  8. Idhan moolam director enna sollraaru na sadha peter ku ellam endha padam pudikadham… Arivu jeevinga david ku thaan padam pudikuma… goyyale different ah padam edukren saavadikathinga da…

  9. wat this film story really i dont know who is hero who is heroine wat this story subject mention ya?

  10. manik veeramani

    great movie from vikram

  11. wonderful movie n y bringing religious issue ere i dont get it its just a isolated individuals story..

  12. nice movie.. different take from normal masala.. 🙂 I loved it.. I don’t care about others..

  13. poda ……. palae

  14. worst movie……………….f___k

  15. Thiyagarajan

    pls dont see this movie its very very bad

  16. guys don’t see this movie in poster also…very bad

  17. after all fuck venky as`well

  18. Has anyone seen the hindi version? How do the three lives coincide in hindi?

  19. i con’t see this movie from laptop why

  20. @Lloyde… your right but dont say that it is done by Protestants but not Roman [email protected] HINDU It is the will of the ppl to choose the religion to follow. you dont have rights on others life.. Hope your educated person and belief that ppl can take there own decision in [email protected] I like the way you explain religion compare to company. Ppl il follow a religion not oly for money but also for other inner heart reason. If any1 like to Follow islam.. let me follow.. No1 have rights to comments on any1 will


    My Dear HINDU brothers please read this and beware of this fringe Elements. i am sad VIKRAM and JEEVA did this useless movie which hurts the truth of our SANATANA DHARMA.

    CHRISTIANS started preaching through TV, MEDIA and now MOVIES, you can see in this movie they are showing 1 face off there belief. come on DIRECTOR tell me how did those guys became DAVID and there parents became CHRISTIANS because of conversion. means It is a loss to an another religion now tell what is truth. CHRISTIANS converting HINDUS in INDIA with some foreign missionaries donation and from so called Secular media and secular CONGRESS party, SONIA GANDHI and there chalas like converted Ministers and some state Chief Ministers.
    being 2% percent of INDIAN population how can CONGRESS PARTY and its cabinet has 12 CHRISTIAN MINISTERS because of SONIA GANDHI and her under Missionaries.

    • There are people to get those donations. its their will to receive or reject. that depends on the individual’s concern. More over first see what religion they are they are Protestants. not Roman Catholics. first be clear what they are, who they are and then open your mouth. i hope you are strong enough in your belief. else don’t watch the film DAVID. be clear that Roman CHRISTIANS does not convert HINDUS in INDIA with some foreign missionaries donation, its all Protestants. there are people without basic needs and none cares about that. in that situation if any one helps them by giving job, money etc. why do you blame on them. instead you help,and save your count. That all depends on the corresponding people by their own will and not compulsion. Eg .. in a firm why people are shifting, the firm has to analyze find the root cause, and they will do the necessary that no one leave the firm. first analyze.

      • **** the religions. Every religion is trying to make you a fool. I feel so sorry for a guy who would come out, crying about a religion.

        • Well said Anand. get a freaking life and stop crying over ur religion, fuck allah, fuck jesus, fuck all million hindu gods

          • sabh ka bhagvaan ek ………….i agree wth u mr.venky

          • @venky: loved ur comment man.. “fuck all gods”

          • after all fuck venky as well

          • @venky… I appreciate your comment but have you ever realized the truth behind what you said. I had seen in many websites and social media neither christian nor muslim say fuck all god or something against their religion. Its only the hindus who say this first or stand against their own religion. I am not blaming anyone except the hindu guys. Come on man wake up.

          • hey you bast… dont says bad abt ours da badu

        • Anand learn the meaning of “religion” before you can say or talk about it, try doing some research… it the religion is trying to make you a fool or “certain” human in the religion is trying to make you a fool? before you can say something, make sure you view it from all the angle…..

    • Fellowmen

      Hey Bro,
      I don find anythg religion based in this movie. The core is really fantastic – to forgive others. Forgiveness always accompanies pain .Its not that easy.
      There is nothing to fight over religion here. by the way, u n me created by God but religion is created by man… Don keep religion as base for any of your actions.
      We are under one creator irrespective of Bounderies religion lang .

  22. good filmánd mokai at 2nd part

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