Watch Aadhi Bhagavan Movie Online

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Aadhi Bhagavan Movie Online
Aadhi Bhagavan Movie Online

Watch Ameerin Aadhi-Bhagavan Movie Online; directed by Ameer; Starring Jayam Ravi and Neetu Chandra

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  1. mohamedbasith

    i like movies

  2. Ok… not bad.. 100 times better than Vishwaroopam…..

  3. half goog half bad ponnes movie

  4. NICE movie … Jeyam ravi try a different role … Keep it up 馃檪

  5. Nice Movie Dear Thanks For Sharing

  6. last fight scene is nice

  7. not liked……………movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  8. mokka movie

  9. mokkaendu sona allu ella than mokka unkalluku kan illaya lusukala padam nala padam

  10. good movie and i give you 8/10

  11. mokka da saamy

  12. its gud film only…….not tooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. appa ulaga makka mokkaida saami. antha kaalathu sivaji padam maathiri irunthuchu.

  14. Utter waste. I strongly decided hereafter I will Not watch any of that stupid Ameer’s movies.

  15. Seema mokka paddam !!! Lots of expectation from Ameer’s movie.. Crap movie

  16. DJSEelaN

    supper,supper,supper movie

  17. ADHI-BHAWAN.dont tell or screen mafia storys in theatres because coming generation will be lost

  18. The movie revolves around ‘oru asingama’-looking Jeyam Ravi vs ‘adha-vida asingama’-looking Jeyam Ravi… ‘Aaadhi Bhagavan’ – rhyming-liye thittanum pola irukku!

  19. Who the hell is that comparing this movie with samar movie, This movie’s story might be the similar one which you guys might have came across, But the way ravi’s action and the way of ameer’s direction is really amazing. and the movie is really superb.

  20. is not like samar movie its nice movies end is ok but incomplete

  21. First,Story line makes no sense, wat is the purpose of ahdhi’s character, wat is the purpose of bagavan, wat happened to those telugu guys, wat happened to the minister, wat happened to adhi’s mom and sister. lots of unanswerable questions. Nevertheless jeyam ravi’s acting must be acknowledged, he has done his part. Ultimately the film will be a flop and is cause of bad story line which no sense. Varae nalla movie irundha poi parungae buys n gurlz

  22. gani kuttalam

    good movie

  23. gooooood movie

  24. romba ethir pathen amir kitta ana en ethirparpu ellam waste a pochu

  25. mokka mohan

  26. wellwisher

    almost its like a vishal’s samar movie…………

  27. pakora movie



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    • see this movie is not a mokka movie. if u feel so keep tat in mind. jeyam ravi has taken good effort such character and ameer too. please don.t underestimate movies like ths. okay.

  30. jayam ravi bagavan super

  31. waste movie …dont waste your time guz

  32. manik veeramani

    pesaama oru quarter adichittu thoongirukkalam..illana fb la chat pannirukkalam…idhaiyellam vitutu unakku yen indha velai..makkale..thappichu poyirunga..illana sanga aruthuruvaainga…

  33. ameer once again proved his talent…….

  34. excellent good team work mr ameer and jayam ravi ,nice movie……..

  35. padam mokke summa builtup buyaganram….enne ameer neethu ok vaa, producer semma dill ma.


  37. Super Movie

  38. Didn’t expect this kind of a story from Ameer’s direction…

  39. kodumai….Kodumai… AdhiBagavanea ippadi oru kaisada padam parthu ean Weekend Waste agidiheaaa….

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