Solvathellam Unmai 27-02-13 Zee Thamizh Tv show

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  1. While the host is eager to bring the couple back and be fair to this girl, this boys arm is being twisted to accept her because of the parents foolishly convincing an immature person into a marriage. Probably he liked the bike the brides side gave him better than this bride. In any case ,but for a miraculous change in attitude on the boys part,not much hope for this marriage to pull along given that he does not find her attractive unfortunately.

  2. aiyyo konjamum poruththam illai iruvarukkum. viruppam illathavanai kattayap paduththi vala vaippathu nallathu illai. intha paiyan santhosama irukkap povathu illai.

  3. good judgement thanks madam

  4. “Azhagu” , / beauty … nobody has the definition for this word…! Mind decided the life…!.. Every one should realize what is love and the end result of love.. Hi girls .. Love should result in marriage… Then why to love a married boy…? Marriage means the boy should have earn money at least to feed the family…! Why few girls love the married boys and few girls love the boys who is not having any kind of earnings? How to lead a life?

    If a beautiful girl spoils a life of a married girl then …..the boy ultimately becomes womanizer …. the girl can be replaced by another more beautiful girl at any point of time….

    Girls are fighting for rights in society and they are improving a lot….but few girls are the reason for such nuisance. The ladies association should teach such foolish girls … this could be a good social service…!

    Hands off..Latha ji…very good resolution…! Thank you….

  5. evan ktta kattekut 2 pondadi tavaiua tannoad sappaddukka veliellai evnukku avn pohan valudu

  6. lol

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