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  1. arokiasami m thomas france

    Madame Lakshmi bonjour. pendant de discussion le 13fevrier vous etes tres belle. felicitaton. bonne continuation.

  2. Lakshmi, this hair style is not suits you. “You expect actresses to be responsible in their costumes”. please change your hair style. Shantha has to be punishable.

  3. lakshmisambath usa

    lakshmi madam ungal aprocha change panungal. Rempa soft aa deal panrengal. Dont smile. Intha programme rempa painful programme. ungalalla epdi sirika mudiyuthu.

  4. arokiasami m thomas france

    if santha sent her in security she has to take with her i.e logic si non purposely she has done very great mistake
    arokiasami m.thomas. france

  5. she is big bitch and spoiling small and young girls life hatshof to zee Tamil and thank you madam

  6. Sabhanayakam

    When you praise Mrs Nirmala, why you are comparing her with Mrs Lakshmi. Both are really good in bringing out the truth. Instead of going to the court and waiting for judgments for a very long span of time, amicable settlements can be reached instantly. Both Mrs Lakshmi and Mrs Nirmala Periasamy are real social workers. Hats off to them…

  7. அவல சும்மா விடாதீர்கள்..அவலுடைய மகளை கூட விபசாரத்துக்கு விட்டுடுவா பணம் ஆசை பிடிச்ச பிசாசி.இவல்லல்லம் பெண் சமுதாயத்துக்கு ஒரு பாவம்….

  8. Put her jail for 10 years!!!

  9. even if some one toll you to go with some one you will go than you will blame them,where is your sense,now the females are very clever you cannot do something like that with out her permisson,if really the aunty’s fault why that couple didnt come?
    bull shit………..

  10. adiye naattamai nee nalla adi vankap porai enru mattum theriyuthu. unta veeddu velaik kariya aval. avalai nee enna miratturai. police enral enna payama. theera visariththu unmaya arinthu kol muthalil.

  11. adiye laksmi unakku entha rights um kidayathu antha ladiya accuse panna. naye ithellam oru programa. thoo
    naan antha idaththila irunthal unnoda vadivai kathaippen.

  12. லக்ஷ்மிக்கு நிர்மலா மேடம் மாதிரி தெளிவா பேசி அந்த பொம்பளைய உண்மை பேச வைக்க முடியல. தமிழ் சரியா பேசின தானே ப்ரோக்ராம் பண்ண முடியும்.

    Nirmala would have tackled this very well.

  13. kulappangal athikam irukkuthe? 1- manimekalai ean ponaar sritharudan? 2-srithar keduthavudan ean police station poka villai? 3-ippothu ean sritharaiyum, manimekalaiyum kooppida villai? 4-saanthaavin vilakkathai ean muluvathumaaha ketka villai? 5- sritharukku power irunthaal, ippothu zee tamilukku vanthathu pola appothe ean varavillai? 6-manimekalaiin pechai kettu vittu , saanthaavidam visaaranai seivathu sareeyaa? 7- ithanaal neengal solla varuvathu, penkalellaam muttaalkalaa? 8- latchumi ramakrishnan yenna periya arivu zeeviyaa OR yella balamum konda penmaniyaa? 9- mothathil ithu oru muttaal thanamaana episodaaka therikirathu?

  14. Hi mam!!
    Awesome!! I like you approche!

  15. please she send few year in jail

  16. Intha shantha kandipa thandika padanum.Please handover the lady to the police. Thanks zee Tv.

  17. pls punish to sandha,,, i thought she is proshtitute

  18. IT’s Really Good Thanks to Manimekalai .

  19. selvaraju ambalapattu.

    entha amma poi nalla solluthunnu theriyuthu ana sridhar ippo nallavana nadikkiranonnu doubt varuthu eppidiyoo cinimavula varramathiri antha kelavanoda konda intha ponna vala vacchitteenka athuthan kodumaiya irukku intha sridhar mathiri alukala mannikkave koodathu jailukku anuppanum .

  20. pls punish her.she s not a woman first of all.she s a lady broker.god s seeing all these things calmy wen he il put an end to these type of human beings.she s very excellent n her speech.

  21. Prabakrishnan

    Santha vai arrest pannianum

  22. please check deeply with Santha . she did like that. thats y her daughter life is going bad

  23. Zee Tamil brings everything black and white in Tamilnadu,and creats awareness about our country!
    Roberts ,France

  24. why you all not handover this lady to police, hereafter she will spoil some other ladies also

  25. First on seeing Santha’s face I thought it was a repeat of her daughter’s case.. But lo! this is even more sickening to see her real face emerge.. Thanks to Zee Tamil for having been a medium for Manimegalai to show the identity of the woman who led her to the sad state. Though Sridhar is a sick fellow to have used her and now accepted her as a wife after the whole episode was telecast, I am somehow sad that she was pushed to live with a husband more than twice her age!.. And as for this lady… Isn’t there a way she can be legally punished for playing with another girl’s life just like she did with her daughter’s..

  26. nice wrk team

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