Watch Alex Pandian Movie Online

Alex Pandian 2013 Movie Online

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Alex Pandian Movie Online
Alex Pandian Movie Online

Watch Alex Pandian Movie Online directed by Suraj ; Starring Starring Karthi,Anushka Shetty,Santhanam,Nikita Thukral,Sanusha,Prathap Pothen

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  2. don’t weaste u r time

  3. realy my time west

  4. Karthi why a u acting like dis mokka movies….. We dont want any movie ilke dis from u again.

  5. comedy nice but film bed

  6. normalnu sollakuda mudiyathu

  7. What happened to the climax? Part1, Part2, Part3.. climax missing?

  8. the sun risers

    comedy is nice but the film is dump.

  9. copy of Trasporter 3

  10. bad movie as-hole

  11. mokka movie..mokka karthi..

  12. worst movie i seen..

  13. movie rockers

    loading for atoomuch time. mokka padam.tamil cinemaava dirty pannidum

  14. best movie

  15. NAIS film

  16. bad movie

  17. Watching a crappy movie in tamil after such a long time! Such movies with starcast mar the popularity of Tamil movies 🙁 Great disappointment!

  18. loading tooooooooooooo late

  19. Nice Movie i liked it.

  20. marwanhussain


  21. Pls upload the movie in Mp3 format

  22. dickflickbharat

    very very super

  23. super film

  24. mokka…… padam…….

  25. sema mokka mamu……..

  26. ithuku antha medicines ellam tamilnadu fulla distribute panirukalam. makal uyiroda irunthurupanga. Padam nalla irukunu vizha edutharathingada. Athu kooda paravaille Part 2 edutharatheenga appu…..

  27. xxxxxx424682050x

    Wt a kandupiduppu !!

  28. i like karthi or surya ur father or ur famliy and godblesas

  29. rethinapaul

    not bad

  30. it is very super film

  31. mokka flim

  32. sashitharan

    mokka movie karthi luce surya kulla saguni ,paruthi veeranaye pakka mudialla ippa innouru tholla alex pandian

  33. buvaneswari

    padam super

  34. Irunthalum tamilnattu makkal enna pavam pannaga irukkira pirachanai pathaama idhayellam paakkanumnu vidhi….

  35. james karthikeyan

    karthi this no 1 worst movie dont act these kind of movies it you act, u will be vanished by people. please dont laugh too much that is very very very very bad laughing in one or two film ok . mada payaala

  36. number one mokkai…

  37. karti anna dnt feel nxt film kandipa hit agum

  38. sema entertainment ………..

  39. movie is awesome karthi santhanam anushka rocksssssssss in this movie

  40. It’s a super film of tamil.

  41. After 3 days of stop and start completed watching the movie.What the **** movie…No sisters in a family behave like these..
    sama mokkai

  42. I like the end part because the movie is ending

  43. one the very worst movie…i completed the movie in 20 mins.

  44. suraaj pakki…ne padatha pottu pakaleya? naaga dhan kedechomma…ne yalla oru director.

  45. waste of time.Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya is 1000000000000000000000000’/’ nice

  46. very bad movie….

  47. worst movie

  48. pongal became worth less after watching this movie….

  49. Telungu padam patha madhri iruku.

  50. not working in Singapore

  51. pombala satti karthi, Useless movie

  52. its a great message movie only suraaj can take kind of movie

  53. tamilmoviefan

    Another movie which comepltely under estimates tamil people’s taste and intelligence.Karthi is trying to turn into Vijay’s track.The truth is even Vijay cannot make movie like this and expect the tamil people to fall for it.This movie is not even worth watching in internet for free.My time is not at all worth for it.People around the world are giving their soul to make a sinsible movie.These assholes think that we are dumb to watch any shit they make.

  54. Oh my god. Worst movie I have ever seen. No logic, no story. Same copy cat story. Just boring. In which family the sisters will behave like this.

  55. the worst worst worst movie ..can’t be more worst than this .

  56. Remake of Transporter 2

  57. [email protected]

    Stupid film!Comedy is ok. No concpet and worst screenplay and direction.

  58. waste mokka

  59. Director suraajai kandathum kallaal adikavum

  60. sura mokkai… waste of time… Karthi is wasting his talent with these kind of movies……I hope he listen to the story line and make sure only this remains as the worst movie of the year 2013 for karthi..

  61. Waste Movie…..Waste Fellow Karthi….Go to hell….Why u people giving these worst…Karthi can u see this movie with ur mom and sister??? Why are u giving such Vulguar kind of movie…U SHIT….

    • I agree.. Let these idiots dance & talk such dialogues in public with their sisters or wife or mother.. height of vulgarity..

  62. Worst player to watch the movies…it’s taking too long time for buffering..@Rajtamil:I hope u will take our concern nd give as some best links…thx..

  63. mokka film

  64. thuuuu !!!!!! idhelam oru padam, idhula nadikuren nu othukitavan yellam nandukitu sagalam..

  65. mokkai padam, it suits only for telugu

  66. only 3 parts release balance 2 days kalichu vidunga boss intha mokka padathuku athu pothum

  67. mokka player..nikitha and anushka sema kattaigala kaamikamale padam yeduthutan badu

  68. @ rajtamil whens 3 and the rest comin

  69. [email protected]

    part 1 and 2 only working

  70. mokka padam ….

  71. அனுஷ்கா !!!!!!!!!! ஒனக்காகத் தா செல்லம் எல்லாத்தையும் பொருத்துக்கிட்டேன் !!!!
    ஆனா உன்னையும் திருப்பாச்சி திரிஷா மாதிரி USE பன்டாங்க்யளேன்னு நினைக்கும் போது தான் என் BLOODu கொதிக்கிது மா :

  72. not buffring fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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