Watch Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey Movie Online

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Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey Movie Online

Watch Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey Movie Online directed by Narayan Nagendra Rao;Starring Aari, Shubha Phutela,

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  1. its a fantastic movie . i love it


  3. Excellent movie ever I have watched. Thank you all !

  4. Wow a fantastic movie. yes it is slow movie. but a good one. Appreciate it

  5. Slow Sweet candy.. mmmm love it…

  6. Nice movie,,.

  7. Beautiful movie 🙂

  8. fuck off movie…

  9. Really excellent movie…

  10. senthil velu

    i like this movie, good.

  11. Very Good Attempt

  12. superrrrrrrrrrrr movie …………………nice

  13. Where is a good moive

    Not bad !

  14. thulasiayyappan

    I watched this movie in theatre on one sunday evening show.
    Only 25-30 peoples are there and some went out in the interval.
    Very slow dramatic movie.
    I think they are coming to tell like “a lot can happen over coffee’
    This producer may have tie up with cafe coffee day.
    No more locations used except the coffee shop.
    Its a great thing to move the story with the happenings that came around coffee shop for more than 2 hours.

  15. Excellent movie, nice music, Thank you All Team.

    Special Thx Narayan Nagendera Rao

    C.H .Mayuri Sekar,Your Great (Dhill)

  16. Nice movie ,,,super Art and background camera V nice.

  17. Had a Very Wonderfull time while watching this movie

  18. aboo siddik

    this is awesome movie its goes like air………………..

  19. dont watch the movie but just reading the review. i watched based on it and wasted my time.

    ipadiyum padam edukaraangala… thaanga mudiyalada saami

  20. Ennaku oru nmai theriyanum….
    I felt songs are good but nothing so interest abt the movie…..
    But comments partha yary Director friends mathiri theriyuthu…
    Ennpa …ipdeee……
    ellarum vayee kusama padam … lovely .. super…athu.. ithunu….
    Internetla partha appdithaan thonum …
    Kasu kuduthu theaterla poyee parunga….pls….

    • You better release them abroad, we ll watch them in theatre. Taste differs with people! I think its a different movie and I dont know any member of the crew. music and cinematography was great. Philosophical a bit which i liked the most. Pad people who take different movie and not criticise them and make them to take the same masala based formula movies. good day!

  21. simple and super nu solvangalla.. this is it.. and lovely, comedy, love, sentiment, wowow… really thanks to director and producer to choose this story to make as a movie.. every dialogue so touching and genuine.. thank you thanks a lot.. wish you all the very best and expect from you more the director… i just love it.. i am sorry i watched here.. i am outside of india. so i couldnt watch in theatre.. sorry for that.. and thanks for the great work.. time porathe theriyala.. i watched 4 times for the doalogues and songs.. wonderfulll.. best wishes for your future babies.(movies)

  22. jovialasif

    i loved the story…but pls friends someone explain what was the MORAL…???

  23. mohammmed

    what a movie?????…awesome….super class movie…this is not dialogues but it is real words…..super class movie in tamil….

  24. wow totally a different story…! dialogs… and picturisition 2 good!nd good selection of actre actres!

  25. romba alagana padam,,padam pudikanum na poruma venum,,,,

  26. Classic Movie Loved it…. it happened in my lifeee..tooo!!!!… n for all loosers..who..comment bad about this film…need to grow up..its not punch dialogues… tata sumos..and couple of fightsss… movie should depic real life….with human emotions!!!..unfortunately..i had a broke up today..!!..felt good..after watching this movie..:)…

  27. gururajan

    very slow movie with decent love story

  28. Madhusadhana

    Nice movie…….

  29. Decent movie.. congrats….

  30. very nice movie i like it .

  31. Excellent movie slow paced but only gets better

  32. Not worth to watch the full movie. They should have made this as a Short film….
    I think the director Mr.Rao (director) might be a close friend to Martuti (Producer).

  33. Simply like it as it explains much about life and reflects the truth of what we r doing. Just to sit and relax. expected much in an ending. feels like that the movie ended without climax 🙂

  34. Nice Movieeeeeeeeeee

  35. realy good movie congrats to the whole team ,

  36. kollywood virumbi

    don watch this movie…totally waste of time..the screenplay is dead slow…

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