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Ambuli Movie Online
Ambuli Movie

Watch Ambuli 3D Movie Online directed by Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan; Starring Gokulnath,Parthiban,Ajai,P. S. Srijith,Sanam,Jothisha Ammu,Uma Riyaz Khan and Thambi Ramaiah in the lead

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  1. is it possible to convert from 3d to 2d online?

  2. where is 2d

  3. V.Akhileshuvar

    What Praveen said is right

  4. bothesy catharine

    hi i like 3d movies

  5. Moakka film.don’t see this movie friends .its a waste of time.

  6. its better to use 3d glasses… its a nice film

  7. i need in 2d not in 3d pls upload

  8. nice and very different kind of movie….syabas to de team movie…and can anyone tell me which website i can watch orr eravuu ??

  9. u dunnoe how to take a movie……

  10. a very good ghost movie
    i like this movie ………..

  11. mohana muthuchamy

    a different film its good but expected more……

  12. mohana muthuchamy

    a different film its good but expected more……climax was not clear but really a good thriller

  13. please upload ghost rider 2

  14. Please upload Engeyum Kadhal movie.

  15. please use 3D glasses which are operated by batteries, then its not a problem…… gabbish

  16. Why Thiraiku pinnale irunthu record pannigna

  17. use a 3D glass dah you “ADI MUTTAL” …. Its now bad but not exactly 3D as I have seen in football matches or even flim.

  18. who ever recorded this is a ADI MUTTAL! ITS A 3D Movie!

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