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vishwaroopam tamil audio cd
vishwaroopam tamil audio cd

Viswaroopam Songs Listen Online

Viswaroopam Songs Listen Download

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  1. Unnai kanadha kannum song is a classic one by Shankar mahadevan . this one super song is sufficient for trio music director who are at top in India ( Hindi movies for many years ) .. anyway the movie does not require any songs at all .. why all this criticism? let us enjoy his hard work of this super movie which nobody dare to take in India !!! hats off Kamal >

  2. hit songzz <3 a lot

  3. i ♥ all songs in vishwaroopam

  4. padam partrhen tamilil irundu tamil traclation vendum poll ullathu music effect silla katchigallil sirppai ullathu photograph excelnt padathai 2 murai parthal than purium pol

  5. kamaldasan

    Hi Vijay, first read the Artist and Technician worked in this movie and give

  6. vijaykumar

    very bad songs .why dId kamal join with ilayaraja on this movie?

  7. super thalaiva

  8. nice song kamal

  9. Awesome songs… Great work by 3 new music directors and Kamal Hasan…

  10. Better than Harris,
    Harris–> Copies track from his own songs
    Yuvan –> Copies beats from International Songs..
    Great work Shankar Mahadevan Team, Its Refreshing..
    All the Best Team..i Loved it..;)

  11. very bad! dont sound like songs,just noise. screwed up again.

  12. Good but not great or magical

  13. not bad and so next he can try wiyh our yuvan

  14. engal kamal rocksssssssssssssssssss

  15. simply superb.
    listend the songs again and again… it is mesmarising. wisvaroopam theam music is rocking.
    film going to be a super duper hit….
    here comes our own kamal to rockkkkk

  16. good music…yuvan n harris copycaters..but this music very different including intrucing song.welldone kamal sir

  17. Great Kamal you always make us proud. Great words and music with high standards. Needs music Knowledge to feel the difference and enjoy. Great going. I never see any movie in past 1 yrs. Going to watch yours.

  18. good and wonderfull song vishwaroom kamal sing very nice *thuppaki engal tholile *real feeling thank kamal and benny dayal

  19. very nice to hear. welldone Kamal sir.

  20. must rock hits….

  21. realy good songs….

  22. Very nice songs. But no lady voice. it would be more attractive

  23. Nice Songs and wonderful wordings.

  24. ya right yuvan and harris are just copy cat’s… what ever songs they hav placed till date have been copied from Rap, Hip-hop, R&B and Indonesian songs… but harris is still more clever to steal tunes from Bengali old movie’s and Tamil old movies… they have good songs to their credit but how long we keep listening to them… we also need some change… when u watch kamal’s movie u will forget the songs… same thing when u watched dasavatharam… we found that few songs r really crap, but we didnt had time to notice them… bcoz kamal’s movies r like that…

  25. I do have this thought. Kamal doesnt sign up our top class music directors. He always believe in the North Indian Music Directors. I dont undermine the quality of the North Indian Music Directors but they dont know the taste and pulse of the South Indian audience. Hence the songs in all his recent Kamal’s films are not so impressive. Even ordinary new comers in our industry produce brilliant songs. When will Kamal understand that songs are important for the success of a movie.

  26. super……..gud to hear..

  27. Not Aalavandhaan majeeeek here this time.

  28. not so impressive…. why doesnt he try ar yuvan harris they do best then this!!!!

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