Solvathellam Unmai 18-12-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai


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Update: Niramala Periyasamy has taken a break due to health conditions



  1. meeran maricar

    They should show their grand childrens to their gran parents compulsery.

  2. i love this mam’s programme , sorry to say u guys, nirmala mam did commercial programme

  3. were nirmala periasamy i am waiting

  4. Meendum………………….yeppodhu antha kambira kuralai……ketkapogirom.NIRMALA PERIYASAMY MAM FANS SINGAPORE

  5. I never miss to see this programme, but now im not interested anymore.This new lady has no talent to do this programme, guyz pls see the way she listen to problems, sometimes u c her face, just blank……. wat happen to Nirmala.

  6. mohamed nazeer(u.a.e.)

    Andha ponnu romba stubon thata paatiki paarka yalla urimaium iruku kandipaa avanga andha kulandaiya kaatanum
    ivanga anda ponna avanga vetula vandu vaala sollala just they want to see the kids its nt wrong anda thata paati andha kidsaa avanga veetuku kooda ketkala weekly 1s r mnthly 1s parkanumnnu solluraanga adu gnayamaana korikai andha peran ropathula avanga maganakooda parkalamnu ninaikuraanga

  7. The judge is right, atleast she can show the kids to the old people. Life is short what happens next no one knows. But now the world we live , there is no place for forgiveness , we all know only one thing, to take revenge, hatred ……

    If she and her family is good, she will show the kids to the old people once a while.

    Anyway its her life, its her decision.

  8. What mother did tat was correct………dont allow them……..


  10. sorry to say, nirmala madam doing as a Commercial Programming Style, but she is doing very good,

  11. Hello Madam,
    The kids has to be with their mother only. There is no other option.
    But whether the mother should show her children to their grand parents or not, that’s her own decision.
    We cannot insist. So let the mother decide.

  12. Thatha/Patti already in Tragedy since there only son has Died. Now they need to see thier Grand Childrens its not wrong. what ever is could be forgeted and mother should atleast Show Childrens to Grand Father/Mother.

  13. What children’s mother saying is right. Why thatha/paati is extremely interested in seeing grandchildren when their own son is gone ? The plan is to snatch and own the grandson at a later date. Give them children’s photos on yearly basis, they can keep on looking at it. Father gone, children must naturally stay with mother and nobody else.

  14. were nirmala periasamy

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