Solvathellam Unmai 10-12-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai


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Update: Niramala Periyasamy has taken a break due to health conditions



  1. Bangalore bulls

    We really miss Nirmala madam.. what a personality 馃檪 very kind, compassinate, judging ability, approachable.. amazing.. pls come back mam.. without you the program is a bull crap.

    Im in UK currently, to kill the time, i started watching the whole collection in utube and eventually become your biggest fan.. somehow i didnt liked the host change..

    Whatever may be the reason.. we all miss you.. may god bless you and your family 馃檪

  2. hai madam mr.sivha take the two kids ok please my reguset this the lady she not good begose bavna i shoo now only this mater iam kuwait pls give reply whre is the kids now thank u,this( 10 2012 mater is),

  3. kuzhandhaigal appakitta poganumnu solra alavirku pillaga manasa amma nogadichitaga. appakittaya kuzhadhaigala anupi vachiduga pleace

  4. somtime laxmi mam judgement pathutu kovandhan i quit watching this prgrm.and i m wating for nother person to host this show.plz do something…..

  5. Hi Zee tamil,
    Without Nirmala this programme is not good. Ms.Lakshmi not able to judge the situation
    To be honest nirmala periyasamy is best for this program.or else look for nother anchor.plzz
    plzzzzz .becouse i quit wathching this prgm after nirmala went….laxmi mam not able judge the situation…

  6. Mrs Nirmala periyasami she did a great job and i like her judgement and attitude is very good we missed her we want to meet her agin in this tv shows.. if her health is not good we pray for her to get well soon and we expecting you for solvathellam unmai shows mam please we kindly request you to come.

  7. I will pray u to recover soon mam. I love u mam…….

  8. IbitSuresh

    Nirmala is fit for this prgm….

  9. panneer.m.solomon

    nirmala sister realy he is best sister you comeback the program

  10. THIS LADY IS FIT FOR MOVIES ONLY.her tamil is horrible to listen.ask nirmala mam to come back..-Raj kumar ,GABON , WEST .AFRICA.

  11. NIrmala Mam should come back to host this program. She is good at judging people. The new host doesnt know how to handle the situaution sometimes and shouting for no reason. moreover she is not understanding the problems root cause and giving right solution… waste of time……

  12. Mrs.Nirmalaaaa Mam vangaaaa………… plssssss…

  13. Stop the program without nirmala mam. She is the only person talking and fighting for judgement and truth. Raising voice for the person who is helpless. No one can replace her. As one told this is life so don’t try to take name by conducting with some one else. Even now I am fighting for my life. I was very confident that I will save my life and my family members by telling nirmala madam. But I lost the hope now. Plz save thousands of helpless people by bring back nirmala mam. Or atleast give her contact number I will call and ask the advise. Please. There is less time for me. I am not telling bad about laxmi mam. But she can’t handle very well like nirmala mam. As a girl belong to low caste no one is help me. As I born in low caste they r not even consider me as a human being and trying to spoil my life

  14. itz better to leave the children to their father, that mom not seen good, i feel very very sad on those children, how they r crying??? please ask those children that with whom they wana go with,
    also nirmala is the best perso for dealing with this program
    actually this is not a program to enjoy, this is a program that deals with so many sadnesses of so many human lives
    every one should watch to make their own life and it teaches us to make and shape our own lives
    younger generation should watch this program

  15. Mrs. Nirmala is always the best

  16. hi mam this childrens have to be stay with mother ,father then only good for childrens.this is my requist

  17. Hey it’s very shocking to us, where is she??
    Is something wrong with her??
    We watch this show just bcz of her
    She is so good @ this job, after seeing her we don’t think
    We can adjust someone else in her place.
    Miss her

  18. Nirmala amma..
    Nenga ilama intha program parkave pidikala , plz come back..i can’t imagine without u..just i see ur face sudenly comeout my worries i really miss pray for u..plz re entry in zee tamil..

  19. I AM A Sri lankan actually i am working in india, really i didnt miss this Solvadellam Unmai. Its great of Mrs.Nirmala Periyasamy. her loyalty and judgement.

  20. we want nirmala

  21. Solvathellam unmmai will not succeed without Mrs Nirmala Periasamy………… I like Luxmy Ramakrishan as a actor. She is a very good and perfect actor but not for this programme.

  22. selvam ABUDHABI

    喈曕瘉喈脆喁嵿喁堗畷喈赤瘓 喈喈班瘝喈曕瘝喈 喈喈掂喈距畷 喈夃喁嵿喈む瘉. 喈む喈掂瘉 喈氞瘑喈瘝喈む瘉 喈む喁嵿喁堗喈苦疅喈瘒 喈曕瘉喈脆喁嵿喁堗畷喈赤瘓 喈掄喁嵿喈熰瘓喈瘉喈權瘝喈曕喁. 喈囙喁 喈庎喈む瘉 喈掂瘒喈`瘝喈熰瘉喈曕瘚喈赤瘝.

  23. thiagu ooty bougainvilla

    i like nirmala periya swamy i have seen her in a show…. her judgement her good show is good… i see only this program only for nirmala periyaswamy…… so i want that lady to be full part of that show………

  24. abirami ooty

    I think nirmala periya samy was good job, why did u chage her?????

  25. we pray for Mrs nirmal has to cure and strenth

  26. if there is not available nirmala no need this program we feel very sad it s like something we lost from us and give that kids to their father stop sol un until she come

  27. Nirmala Periyasamy is doing well that programe…. why did u change her??????? avanga super ah Tamil pesuvanga, problems ah super ah handle panuvanga. we miss it Nirmala mam…

  28. I started watching this only for Mrs Nirmala. If she’s not hosting, viewership would be on the decline. The way the new anchor says ‘Kuzhandhaigal’ is really terrible.

  29. we wish Nirmala Periasamy quick and early recovery. GOD BLESS!

  30. I think Mrs.Nirmala Periasamy was doing a good job. Kindly bring her back. We like to hear TAMIL as it should be spoken.

  31. nalla kallathodarpu ulla pengalin thalaiviyai intha channal miss panniduchu. odipona pengalukaga vathadum thalaiviye yarudan odi poita un magalin kalla thodarpu kurithu pesathathu en why

  32. she do the well job, please don鈥檛 give chance to NIRMALA PERIYASAMY.

    • Ms. lakshmi does a clean job unlike that nirmala periyasami. lakshmi does not say “romba azhaga irukkanga”, “romba nallavara irrukkanga” which was sickening to hear. after seeing this program one thing is for sure: tamil culture is going for a toss, the reason is that fellow runs away with that lady, that with this, and this with that’s that.

    • canoukouty

      enna seithinga enga akkava, without her this program is nothing, bring her soon.

    • I think also

  33. Thanikaivel

    Niramala Periyasamy is good to Judge , here this lady is new and she is not able to handle the problem, Better please hold this program untill Nirmala Periyasamy come

  34. Oruthat nalla thamila pesana pudikathey.Nirmala mam pesana avalavu nalla iruku..The way she handled is marvellous.Unga show popularity vanatha udanay avanagala thoki potuduvinga nenaikiran..We all watching only to hear her nice voice and sweet tamil.Otherwise nobody will see this pgm..Now all the channels are doing this kind of show.But we like to watch only zee tamil becoz of achor nirmala .Not becoz of the stuff..Oru nalla thamizh thericha anchor iruthan ungalaku porukathey..You bring her otherwise we wont watch this pgm..

  35. We want nirmala madam plz .. This lady can’t speak Tamil this lady speaking tamil look like a from alian space plz bring it down nirmala plz plz plz

  36. PARROOPOO ILLADA SAMBAR . NIRMALA ILLADA SOLVATHALAM UNMAI.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  37. please leave the children with their father. this mother seems to be an arrogant lady. please don’t give this kids to this irresponsible mom. and also please bring Nirmala back to this show.

  38. here after nirmala periyasamy not yet to come , becoz She’s had lot of unwanted call from people… 馃檨

  39. Where r u nirmala mam.. U r only to fit for anchor the solvathellam unmai.. Am miss u mam.. Plz plz plz u come back again the solvathellam unmai.. Mam yellorukum awareness create pantra show solvathellam unmai, neenga senjathu godku equalana social service, i feel really very bad, i lv u mam, u r my role modal, plz amma thirumba vanga.. I’ll pray for u, plz plz come back again..

  40. 喈曕瘉喈脆喁嵿喁堗畷喈赤瘓 喈喈班瘝喈曕瘝喈 喈喈掂喈距畷 喈夃喁嵿喈む瘉. 喈む喈掂瘉 喈氞瘑喈瘝喈む瘉 喈む喁嵿喁堗喈苦疅喈瘒 喈曕瘉喈脆喁嵿喁堗畷喈赤瘓 喈掄喁嵿喈熰瘓喈瘉喈權瘝喈曕喁. 喈囙喁 喈庎喈む瘉 喈掂瘒喈`瘝喈熰瘉喈曕瘚喈赤瘝.

  41. wat happened to nirmala periyasamy??

  42. aiyoo yenga akkaa yengee?? yenga kitee oru vaarthai sollittu pogalamilaa, duet scene poottu akkave thorathitaangaya,, m inime veli naattu paisa zee tamilukku varumaa?? akka irundha seat le luxmiyaa,, yenna kodumai saravanaa,,

  43. PradhaSathya

    Hi Zee tamil,
    Without Nirmala this programme is not good. Ms.Lakshmi not able to judge the situation. She is making the
    situation very complicated. She make the people emotions to come out. She is not much capable to solve the problems. On this seeing lot of programmes by Ms.Nirmala we able to judge the situations. The children belongs to the father is good for the future.

  44. not good

  45. Mrs. Sudha

    Why Mrs. Nirmala Periasamy has been changed. We used to watch the programme only for her and for the way she talks. We admired her talking in Tamil fluently. The new anchor is somewhat struggling hard to talk Tamil. Pl request Mrs. Nirmala to come back.

  46. better close the solvathalam unmai whithout nirmala mom !!!!!!!!!
    we pray for mom rectify her health soon! first she has to care her health contion !

  47. better close the solvathalam unmai whithout nirmala mom !!!!!!!!!

  48. mohamed nazeer(u.a.e.)

    hi zee tamil viwevers pls oungaluku pidikalan ada nalla muraila sollunga oruthavangala thapaa pesaadeenga thts nt god frnds

  49. mohamed nazeer(u.a.e.)

    yanaku yannamoo 2ndu permelaum thapu irukunu thoonudhu bt ammava vida anda kulandaigal appata irunda nalla irukum ammava kandaalay anda kids bayapuduthunga paavam. yaaro oruthan than pillaiya adikuradha kooda porutpaduthala indha ponnu. she is nt good mom. inda mdmku seriyaaa therpu solla teriyaa so pls nirmala mdm u have to come again soon. tis is our kind reqst to zee tamil

  50. senthil thevar

    where are you nirmala periyasamy ,the judgement no good, leave the kid to the father i guess he can take care of the kids i hope nirmala will come back soon ?

  51. all the comments viewers . i tell u one thing some one come new in handle the show just give support otherwise just give comments . donot say she is not perfect. thanks coments viewers.

    • Parpanar Hater

      If she (lakshmi ramakrishnan) is not perfect then how to say in other words to say that she is not perfect.

      Lakshmi Ramakrishnan cannot do ‘katta panjayathu’ well. Nirmala Periyasamy is the correct person for this show.

  52. plz stop back ground music

  53. Zee tamil please change this lady and bring NIRMALA madam for this show otherwise you will lose your valuable viewers please do it ASAP.

  54. nirmala Madam???????????????????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  55. periyasamy

    With out Nirmala Periyasamy , there is no solvathallam unmai programme in ZEE Tamil TV.

  56. mano elangovan

    were is nirmala mom. we want nirmala periyasamy mom. dont like other anchors. speek tamil also very bad. today argument and judgement also very very bad. please leave this kids, hand over father side.


  58. 喈曕瘉喈脆喁嵿喁堗畷喈赤瘓 喈喈班瘝喈曕瘝喈 喈喈掂喈距畷 喈夃喁嵿喈む瘉. 喈む喈掂瘉 喈氞瘑喈瘝喈む瘉 喈む喁嵿喁堗喈苦疅喈瘒 喈曕瘉喈脆喁嵿喁堗畷喈赤瘓 喈掄喁嵿喈熰瘓喈瘉喈權瘝喈曕喁. 喈囙喁 喈庎喈む瘉 喈掂瘒喈`瘝喈熰瘉喈曕瘚喈赤瘝.

  59. Who is this new item.. do not know tamil also. this is bullshit.

  60. where is nirmala periasamy she is the correct person for this program…….. laxshmi ramakrishnan is not correct person for the program and her language also so different and very bad she dont know how to handle this program…..

  61. nirmalaperiyasamy engappa?????????????? intha ammaukku tamil sariya pesa theriyala. call back to nirmala madam

  62. this program not well,nirmala periyasamy doing well.plz re entry nirmala.

  63. this program not well,nirmala periyasamy doing well.plz re entry nirmala.

  64. this child is to stya with fadhar is good for life tish child

  65. for some reason.. Nirmala Periasamy was moderating this show very well… where is she???? bring her in Z tamil..
    i am not sure if z tamil is reading these commments.

  66. Who the hell is this new anchor? It is a downward contrast comparing this women with Nirmala Ma’m. If it was Nirmala she could have solved this easily. And the viewrs could not get adequet details to make a wise decision. She is not competent enough to this job

  67. The age difference in the couple is causing the problem. The man is not as good as he portrays himself.
    children goes to the parent who pampers them, this doesnot mean the mother is bad.her agony is more.

  68. Please leave the kids to their father.I hope he will take care of them.

  69. please kindly change her.. nirmala periasamy is best

  70. moorthy {singapore}

    vanakkam.nirmala amma.where are you.pls comeback to solvathellam unmai.lakshmi ramakirushnan.i think your director.your movie aaroganam.the movie is nice.pls makking next movie.solvathellam unmai for your un setted.becouse neenga peasum tamil.pls help to nirmala mam comeback.

  71. First of all , where is Nirmala madam? Please bring her in. This lady’s voice is very annoying.
    She is spoiling the show. And asusual no verdict.

  72. Oh God take these parents to you ASAP and send the lovely children to either Mukesh or Anil Ambani’s house with instructions to take good care of them. Look at their expression, no need to visit temples.

  73. kulanthaikala oru nalla school la with hostal facility ooda serthu vittu rendu perum sernthu care ethuthu kalam

  74. where is NIRMALA PERIASAMY madam?
    what happened to her?

  75. dhanakumar

    this program not well,nirmala periyasamy doing well.plz re entry nirmala.

  76. hi
    nirmala madam is the highlight of the show ,these is change of anchor is not satisfing.

  77. What happened to Nirmala Madam?
    I cant imagine without her. Please bring her in.

  78. Hi Zee tamil network
    We need Nirmalam mam………..
    No need others.
    Thanks & Regards

  79. Jack Sparrow

    What happened to Nirmala PeriyaSami.. ? Without her “Vannakaaaam” i cant see this show!!! 馃檪

  80. What happened to Nirmala Periasamy ? I think she must be so stressed hearing all problems of people. Solvathellam unmai really miss Nirmala periasamy. Now the program looks so boring

  81. We want Nirmala Periasamy, not other shit anchors

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