Solvathellam Unmai 30-11-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai

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  1. stupid brahmin family

  2. Sumi London

    Madam I think he did kill her.i am 100% sure. He is now doing Rama.solvathellam unmai pls make enquiry his family and give him punishment.

  3. all of them are at fault. the elder brothers let her go to this guy (becoz they wanted her off) and this guy eneded up making a mess out of this. its so sad that women had to give birth to 3 spineless boys who are worth less than worms. such a shame…my heart feels heavy…

    the tears from all these guys are fake…. they should not go to hell.. thier life should be hell while they live it until thier last breathe.

    i truly wish the old lady had a peaceful death and she is looking down from the sky… ( i like to think she is with her husband now) discussing thier wonderfull chilrdren on earth.

  4. Venky Kondhai

    According to these people’s Dharma Shastram, the mother is bound to live with eldest son and nobody else. That is why eldest son is not allowed to cross sea to earn overseas even if US or any other country offer him hefty salary of US Dollars one lakh per month (US$ 1,00,000/month)based on whatever qualification he has. Younger brothers go abroad to earn. You need not insist Subramaniam to say what happened to the mother. He will not cut his mother into pieces and bury her. There is a possibility he pushed his mother,out of frustration, into a well, or under wheels of running train or bus in which case if the body is not claimed, concerned auhorities will do the cremation. The fault is on eldest brother’s side.If he lived abroad, his wife will act on his behalf. Shame on these people. In the event mother is located by any chance the world must let know of about it.

  5. dei, ithu pona varushame potta episode da.. pottathaye ethana thadava daa poduveenga…

  6. Thanikaivel

    i think the blue shirt guy entered makes that person to tell the lie, if he is not entered he may tell the truth, anyway lets pray to god that old lady ( amma ) will alive with some other orphanage. Oh god let solve this problem

  7. Poor mother, why this brothers are fighting now, i say all of them areguilty for the missing mother, where they went till he got his mother, stupid excuses

  8. madam iam from chittoor avanga ammava ennga vittange solla sollunge na ennala mudinja help pandren…..

  9. ennada ammavai pannuney,ennoda nerumala akka tension ana enakku thangathuda,neerumala please cool,nethu progrem frist night part mattum missing? so please update.

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