Neeya Naana 04-11-12-Vijay TV show


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  1. Fareed says:

    I don’t know why this Kallani is there in every show..he doesn’t seem to be knowledgible on many topics..simply blabbering all the time..may be he is the relative of Gopi or someone in Vijay TV…

  2. Kaleeswaran says:

    Very Good Topic.. Required to be discussed at this moment. From the discussion, we can realize that it has both pros and cons. So, the intention should be a regulated policies which should be implemented by the Indian government, where in everyone should get benefited from each other.

  3. Lafir says:

    Hey, Gopinath you sound very good when you speak Tamil, Please try to stick to it. I don’t want to comment you English!

  4. sathyam says:

    ulloore peruchaliyai ollikka Veli nattu poonai thevaiyaa? mudhalili veli nattu poonai peruchalikalai mulungum atharku piragu nam sothukkalaiyum seerthu mulungam.

  5. s.sanjeev says:

    really good. but argument should be continue….

  6. Surabya says:

    One sided argument, against FDI

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