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Sundarapandian movie Online

Watch Sundarapandian Movie Online directed by Prabhakaran;Starring Sasikumar,Lakshmi Menon,Vijay Sethupathi,Soori in the lead

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  1. baijuyousaf says:

    super movie…………..

  2. sankar says:

    wonderfull movie

  3. umachandran says:

    super movie……….but same affection

  4. M.G.Srinivasan says:

    Sasi started the tragedy film trend from Subramaniapuram, I hated the tragic end as we are fed up with practical life filled full of disappointments and tragedies. Now he himself changed the trend and happy end. I wish to congratulate him for waking up from normal bull shit movies with bull shit ends.

  5. pop says:

    very worst.


    superb awesome movie…..

  7. surya says:

    nice…sasi sir,unga padam eppovum oru good entertainment movie…

  8. Basith says:

    I love this film super love story and nice punch dialogue

  9. sana says:

    very nice movie….

  10. shahul says:

    very gud movie…sasikumar,laxmi,soori acting superrbb

  11. k.Tharan says:


  12. kutty says:

    குத்துனவன் நண்பணா இருந்தா செத்தா கூட சொல்ல கூடாது……!!! அதான்டா நட்பு….!!

  13. vidhya says:

    very nice movie,lakshmi very beaty,sasikumar is nice acting

  14. kamal says:

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr movie and nice movie

  15. dohasheik says:

    குத்துனவன் நண்பணா இருந்தா செத்தா கூட சொல்ல கூடாது……!!! அதான்டா நட்பு….!!

    Super Good Movie…

  16. siva says:

    Very nice movie. so many message to youngster and families. this is not just movie seeing this movie as real life story. Thanks a lot to bring out the real meaning of the friendship.

    Sasi and soori, please continue your goog job.

  17. Shashank says:

    Really an awesome movie….A strong message with equal proportion of humor….If you would have liked NADODIGAL – then this movie is ur ultimate choice..Kudos to the entire team :)

  18. karthik says:

    sasi kumar always best

  19. Sri says:

    Really super movie,,awesome,,

  20. vasu says:

    nice movie

  21. thiyagarajan.s says:

    very nice movie

  22. Sattish says:

    Nice movie & dialogue. Truth about friendship “Kuthunavan nanbanaa irrundha, sethaakooda sollakoodaathu.Athaan da natpu!!”

  23. gokulasaravanan says:

    very nice movie

  24. manjusaravanan says:

    Best movie in 2012

  25. sankar says:

    nice and excellent movie… the dialouge is so superb….. awesome sasikumar

  26. thulasiayyappan says:

    Now a days it’s easy to get a heroine for any sought of tamil movies.
    A simple journey to Kerala will help the directors to catch a new
    imported heroine in a couple of days.

  27. arun s says:

    very good movie. superb

  28. ngpkrish says:

    குத்துனவன் நண்பணா இருந்தா செத்தா கூட சொல்ல கூடாது……!!! அதான்டா நட்பு….!!!

  29. agniputhran says:

    padam nalla irundha naa kandipa comment pannuven. sasi acting awesome heroin attakaasam and suri comedy excellent

  30. PARISI MAX says:

    fantastic movie sasikumar acting super dialogs are awesome i like every second every minute of this film and i love to watch this movie every boys and girls must watch salute for this team and sasikumar..

  31. Nibarson says:

    Padam sooper en thalaivan marupadiyum nirupichutaan!

  32. pavi says:

    very good movie….sasi suprrr

  33. sura says:

    awesome movie
    awesome sasikumar

  34. kutty says:

    super movie……..sasikumar great

  35. Rkea says:

    வெகு நாட்களுக்குப் பிறகு கிடைத்த மிக அருமையான படம்!
    பயணங்கள் தொடர வாழ்த்துக்கள் சசிகுமார் .
    வசனம் அருமை!

  36. Chinu says:

    Of course!… Nice one!… A typical sasikumar Film!.. A friend in need is a friend indeed!…… Worth to watch!…….

  37. aravind says:


  38. Arun says:

    Awesome movie must watch:)

  39. Ganesh GK says:

    Worth watching..

    Kuthunavan nanbanaa irrundha, sethaakooda sollakoodaathu….athaan da natpu!!

  40. Bharathiraja says:

    Superb movie. Sasi and prabha please always come up with our traditional movie. You guys are really very strong in that. it make us to feel the value of our trational things.

  41. karthi says:

    sasi kumar always best

  42. imaz says:

    superb movie!!!

  43. ilaiya yadav says:

    super movie……………………………..sasikumar great

  44. ilaiya yadav says:

    super movie

  45. Kathir says:

    Nice movie… Must watch movie… dialogues are so good….

    Kuthanavan nanbana iruntha setha kooda solla kodadhu….

  46. sanu says:

    Nice movie …I found it little similar to nadodigal so i would mention it as nadodigal part 2
    entertaining movie …

  47. jambai joo says:

    pls watch realy super movie . sasikumar is great acting, 2012 best movie sundarapandian

  48. Chengish says:

    Fantastic Movie

  49. smp says:

    Job well done by cast and crew, Sasikumar had added another feather to this cap. we should support this type of movies as well, so that real nativity won’t lost…

  50. Very nice movie, must watch., wonderful script.

  51. leon says:

    fantastic film ever…

  52. RAJINI says:

    nice movie Soori rockz!!!!!!!!!!

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