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Attakathi Movie Online

Attakathi Movie

Watch Attakathi Movie Online directed by Pa. Ranjith; Starring Dinesh, Nandita and Aishwarya. in the lead

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  1. ansaf says:

    super movie!!!

  2. Uma Shankar says:

    Nice Movei..

  3. sri says:

    wishing tamil cenima goes in this direction. No payasum and chakarapongal. just simple executive meals.
    Simply awesome in all aspects. dialog, screen play, art direction, acting, songs and the true essence of a real hero and the pain and emotion he undergoes and the way he expresses it. great acting. It is always difficult to act immitating human emotions the real way. We have long seen synthetic acting in tamil cenima and got adicted to it…. it will take some time for tamil cenima audience to get deadditcted to payasum and chakarapongal. We need more of these movies to bring out the tamil audience out of the maaya.
    Good job guys…..

  4. balu says:

    படம் பரவால்ல பா ஒரு தடவ பார்க்கலாம்

  5. Padayappa says:

    Overa mokka potta padamum
    Concepte illatha kathayum
    Nalla odunathaa sarithurame illa !!!!

  6. dolly says:

    what a movie

  7. lathadillibabu says:

    ithu attakathi illa mokka kathi…thalavalinu peru vachi irukanum correcta irunthu irukum..

  8. nakul_london says:

    soothu movie

  9. Shan says:

    Funny Movie..-:) Time pass.. but something reality attempt..

  10. sree says:

    what a stupid movie

  11. serialwatcher says:

    Good attempt . funny movie.

  12. anniyan says:

    instead of name atta kathi, it cud have been named as mokka kathi…!!!

  13. Ammukutti says:

    Idhuvum mokkai padangalil onnu….
    thoooo….. hero-va dummy piece akkitanga..
    very good starting for a new hero..
    nalla vellai… naan idha padathuku commit agala..

  14. thulasiayyappan says:

    இந்த ஹீரோ மாத்ரி ஏகப்பட்ட அட்டகத்தி REAL LIFE ல இருக்கானுங்க….!
    அட்டகதி நா வாய்லையே வடை சுடுறவன்.. டம்மி பீஸ்.

  15. RAJA says:

    padam super ah erukunu sollavematanka

  16. gomathi says:

    different movie


  17. mathan says:

    sharmila The rest on the theatere……go and watch…..

  18. nizam says:

    attu mokka,,,,,,,first time in my life.

  19. Yuvaraj says:

    Attakathi name ha ha,,, Movie is very much excited but. எங்கே கடைசி முடிவு கட்சி ???

  20. Ragav says:

    padam mokka..lathika parvala…

  21. Ragav says:

    sarva mokka padam…idhuku lathika padam 40 thadava pakalam…

  22. rajesh says:

    2nd half mokka.. Don’t waste Ur time guys.. I cant even guess wat the story is………………….

  23. so and so says:

    po di naya poi paru

  24. Arun says:


  25. Sharmila says:

    Ah…………..going to c the movie
    very much excited….

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