Super Singer Junior 3 Grand Finale 26-10-12 Vijay TV Show

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  1. Aajeth unnoda nan pasanum pola eruku unnoda number sollu plz

  2. Aajeith your final performance very excellent

  3. Aaaaajeeeeeddddddhhhhhh Luv U So Much….. Luver Boy….. Send me ur number to email hidden; JavaScript is required id…..

  4. HI

    Really shocking results…….There is no opportunity for real talents. People should think before voting.. Last time the result is perfect.. Alka ajith deserved the title.. No one opposed .. But now so many people thinking about the credibility of the show.. Air tel super singer lost its credibility!!!!! People have to think about it…


    • Hi vigash you are right the judgment is wrong aajith just screamed on the first performance some stupid audience gave a standing ovation even the talented play back singers too so stupid. They have to change the 3 judges i don’t know why they put suba as a judge. Pragathy is a kiss ass to the 3 judges. they have to change the age limit to up to 12 not up to 15 . i hope vijay tv see these comments and change the judges that 3 idiots just put tamil speaking judges. other wise don’t don this music show anymore. just cheating all the people in the whole wild world. money making trick….

  5. dei.. pls dont conduct super singer here after. u cheat idiots. deserving people got elimination. vijay tv is worst..aajith is a good entertainer not a good singer always… very worst result. thooo.

  6. A.R. Rahman sir edam irdu house key vankeyadu la i am very happened,i love you

  7. Ajith my number is 8807219178, i am your biggggggggggggggggg bigggggggggggg fane da,send your number, cell me da

  8. Hi ajith i love you

  9. thirumurugan paramakudi

    கவுதம் நீதான் ஏர்டெல் சூப்பர் சிங்கர் வின்னர் ஓகே வா ,நீ எதற்கும் கவலை படாதே உனக்கு நல்ல எதிர்காலம் இருக்கு தம்பி உன் அப்பா அம்மா பணிவுக்கு கிடைத்த அறிவு மகன் நீ ,நீ பாடிய உள்ளத்தில் நல்ல உள்ளம் பாடல் கேட்டு நான் அழுதுவிட்டேன் உன்னை போல யாராலும் பாட முடியாது ,உனக்கு இதை விட நிறைய வெற்றிகள் கிடைக்கும் அறுவது கோடி பரிசு உனக்கு கிடைக்கும் கவலை படாமல் இருக்கனும் உன்னோட போன் நம்பர் வேணும் கவுதம்


  11. congrats ajeeth i’m ur fan tis time oly vijay tv give a right decision enga irundhu pragathi ku titlte pogumo nu bayantutey irundhen thank god ,,,,,,,,,,, pragati also good oly yazhini ok but over excitment gowtham ullathil nalla ullam
    and sukanya mind blowing i request u to suganya pls dont come super singer 4 like sai charan giv a chance to all
    tis season oly people are too happy

  12. Dear All this is vijay tv’s money making show. For sure if the judgement is correct nobody entered thro wild card round can be a winner. That means all these wild card entrants thro voting means what is the fun of running the show and making assessment on regular basis and ultimately bringing some guy in the end thro wild card round to make money. This is totally a business by vijay TV and I have already requested our chief minister to ban all the SMS based shows which are equivalent to Lottery and this should be stopped in all TV channels.

  13. how pragathi got second prize always vijay tv judgement was wrong. So we all have to understand one thing vijay tv is making money by sms .

    Dear parents,

    Done sent your children to vijay tv show eligible candidate will not get award who is getting more vote they will be the winner

    • how pragathi got second prize always vijay tv judgement was wrong. So we all have to understand one thing vijay tv is making money by sms .
      Dear parents,
      Dont sent your children to vijay tv show, eligible candidate will not get award who is getting more vote they will be the winner. pragathi know classical , karnatic , western also she perform well in the final also ,
      vijay tv price schedule Ist price 60 lakhs second price is 5 lakhs also how it will be so vijay tv ambition is making money through people

  14. can u please repost the grand finale of super singer junior 3..the link u posted is a live telecast..thanks in advance..admin of rajtamil

  15. Madhuselvaraj

    Ajeedh u really rock……..god bless you. yalini you too….u both r winners..

  16. hi gautham,, i am ur fan,,, if u can call me 9843628245


    • After Aaajeeth the singing the song Vanthee matharam Chira asking Aajeeth how do you sing. What stupid she is. How you can ask a contestant in grand finale this question? She does not like Aajeeth to win. We show that in her interview and action in the grand finale. She is very raciest.

  18. aajith 1 st place correct, pragathi super excellent. but air tel super singer junior programm. aajit does know music. but he is excellent singer very hard work. this correct result vijay tv.yazhini so good pragathi very very good. age is different. she is usa .tamil nadu people select winner is true result. vijay tv congrats good . tamil nadu india. vaazhga

  19. its very hearning to know that “ava” has not won the title , my hearty congratulations to aajith, u rock

  20. hi aajeedh im a great fan of u…. i love ur voice and ur reactions… all the best

  21. aajeedh im a great fan of ur voice and your reactions….. i like u very much dr love u aageedh….. all the best…

  22. all the best da aajith and all finalist but u all see one aajith come super star tamil nadu thanks for voting all .. aajith ela pugalum iraivanuke….

  23. Mano was telling to Pragathy as a half marks different from Aajeedh for you in singing and voting. This is a very very BIG lie. How can be a half mark different in the voting?. Mano always says this half mark story. But this time he bring that in to voting. This is stupid. This is fooling the voters. Nobody is going to accept it. VijayT.V Please do not bring this guy for judging in future. How Yazhini and Aajeedh went in to wild cart round?. This question asked by Vijay Pragash and Vijay Jesudas? Chithra and Mano you are the two who are responsible for that. Chithra we never forget what you did to Maheesha.

    • exactly my friend!!! mano is a dump a**, even in wild card round aajith got more than 400,000 votes. so in the final voting he may got more than that, which pragathy cant even imagine. also voting is count as 1,2,3 on. not as mano said in 0.5 system..
      its better if vijay tv can eliminate mano from judges seat in next season..

  24. All 5 r good singers. For the age of Aajeeth he is definitely a good singer. All will flourish. This is just a program. Dont include politics in this. They r kids and they had taken this in good spirit.

  25. All the 5 finalist congratulations. I was not thrilled with the result as I guessed the title winner will be Aajith. I felt very sorry for Yalini. Anyway Super singer is not the end of life…Yalini keep growing and ALL THE BEST for the future.
    I was wondering why last 2 season (last senior and current junior) the top 3 contestant did not win the title and only the wild card people are winning the title. The judges are more concerned abt shruti and carnatic knowledge. The normal audiance like me is not worried abt them, we just need feel and some energy and entertainment.
    Aajith does not have great talent(in terms of music technics) but he scored the heart of millions with his song selection and presentation. Other singers should learn this from him.
    I like yalini, she has presented many new songs that no one has sung so far in super singer, but few songs were not great to attract the audiance. She should have choosed some folk number and should have made the audiance dance. Is it a rule that You should choose carnatic song in finals, All the songs in finals choosed by contestant other that Aajith are repeated once. So You feel less energytic and little boring. Do not select songs for the 50 play back singers , keep in mind abt the audiance.

    Suggestion for Vijay tv:
    1. Please chance the judges from next season, its so boring to see the same faces and listen to same comments.
    2. The difference between the first and rest of winners are tooooooo high. That too the title winner prize is too much for their age. Kids have worked hard, I agree but You are not giving proper judgement for othes. All the kids have worked hard. I watched some of North Indian shows, and they give good judgement in terms of prizes to all the top 5.

    I really miss Yalini, she was part of my life for last 6 months. Every week I look forward to listen to her songs..
    All the Best for You

    • you are right nithya yalini very very good singer i expect first two place goes to aajeeth and yaalini. but yalini’s song selection bad that’s why she loose. Any way yalini you have good future.congratulations to lover boy aajith you are rock star (not mano) mainly the judges is very worst.

      • better you both of you go judgement ( nithya,salim).hi vijay tv pls take these 2 world most best judges next super singer junior or senior.

    • Nithya ur comments are really superb and u explained everything perfectly. Nice Nithya.. seems ur huge fan of Yazhini….

    • There is no such a rule that you should choose a classical song. The judges or Angers did not mention anything like that. So where is the rule come from. Ullaththil Nalla Ullam song from Karnan is not a carnatic song as your carnatic style. I accept that award difference between first and second is too high. I wished Yazhili should be the first. But Aajeeth performed outstanding. The legends of music Vijay Pragas, Unni Menon T.L.Maharajan, Sinnaponnu and many others gave standing ovation for the song Vanthe Maathrm. No other contestant did get like this. Yazhini has very bright future in the coming years for sure. She is very smart and talented child. She took this very happily. She was brought up in that way. I am so proud of her parents.

  26. Ridiculous choice. Music is divine. Deserving talents were ignored. Vijay TV did the blunder even last year.





  28. Aajeeth u deserve the title man….congrats…god bless u my dear lover boy…

  29. hai ajeedh. ena da perfomance pandra chanse ela.

    • hai ajeeth ur performaence is so good and suganya was a good singer and yalini also good singer ur r all have bright future i wish to all success in ur life………..

  30. the results are satisfying to our heart but not logical.AAjeeth can be favoured son but pragathi or suganya or even yazhinini is way above .blantant misuse of media againest talent and girls in general. long live frauds!!!

  31. congrats aajith. your perfomance is very very good. i am big fan of u. i like u da kanna

  32. this is cheating aajith good entertainer but not good singer…suganya yazhini and pragathi good singer..vijay tv neenngalum arasiyal vaathi maathiri makkala emathureenga nermaya irunga plzzzzzzzz

  33. nazeemaaslam

    Congratulations Aageedh

  34. shanmuga vel

    congrats ajith wowwwwwwww in the final awesome performance.all the best bright future.thank u vijay tv for good show…
    trichy always best in the world

  35. raja sameer mohamed

    this my brother aajith for winner of super singer junior 3 best singer happy eid mubara god is gift for aajith is winner ssj3 o5 thnk you vijay tv.

  36. Congratulations Aagith. Lover Boy. U deserve the Title. Love u . Keep rocking my child

  37. greate future for u aajeedh…………….
    u are a super ……………singer ……loverboy…aajeedh…

  38. Results are ok. But if see deeply its not fair. Aajidh is best in few types of songs and singing.
    But yazhini too good for her age.
    Her Pazham niappaa ….Owayar song
    Only yazhini can sing, she is alrounder.
    Of course pragathi got trained for
    time since..
    Even my view is either of them should have won the title.
    So people showed that they go behind looks
    and crazy.. Definitely aajidh is most
    favourite in our family but when comes to talent, the results are NOT FAIR!!!

  39. last time sathyaprakash ku badhil saisaranku koduthinga, ippo aajithku..nadathunga bosss… wildcard la irundha 10 kuttiesla 4 kutties sema voice…anu,rakshitha,anjana,malavika ..shame of vijay tv. vijay tv ellathulayum best nu nenachalum,supersinger la eppavum worst.. feelings….v r gng to miss good singers.. aajith just ok thats all… not the best.

  40. paavigala… super singer ku price nu sollitu, game aditinga. eppavum pola.. enjoy..

  41. congrats ajith.thank u vijay tv for good show……………

  42. Aajiteeth ! You really deserve this grand Title.We are certainly sure that you would achieve many many rewards in future and we are awaiting to witness that,our sweet lover boy.

  43. bhavana, dayavu seythu adutha season ku nee varatha..kaathu valikkuthu

  44. Top Fantastic 5,I wish you’ll a hearty congratulations on this pleasant occasion.May your lives always shower you’ll with such happy and successful moments.Your hard work and dedication will bring you to a new world of music.Keep rocking,numbers doesn’t count.For me all of you are winner.

  45. Hi aajith congrasssssssssssssssss kanna .u r dserve man,. I luv u much dear.

  46. tamilan dinesh

    i love you aajeeth all the best da baby

  47. congrats aajith…………the results were pretty fair.thanks vijay tv.

  48. pragathy and yazhini u touched my heart .iloveu buddy u will be the future singers let god bless uuu

  49. congrates ajeeth .let god bless u .buddy.

  50. Very nice great performance i love u da chellam

  51. pvijayabalan

    all the best ajith and pragathy

  52. this not a good decision yazhini is first r pragathi not ajeedh

    • Are you composer?
      The childes are singing in-front of the great composer Dr,A R RAHMAN


      is it above 13000 Thousand pupil STUPID……?


  53. its vijay tv business.people knows who is the super singer should be yalini or pragathi only third price should be go to gowtham,i cant belive this .And also last time they given to sai saran,its game fix one.anyhow we knows vijay game fix show not a super singer.just enjoy,our judge mr srinivas sir will tell in a few days.we will see,all is wishes for yalini and pragathi and gowtham,

    • Dear All this is vijay tv’s money making show. For sure if the judgement is correct nobody entered thro wild card round can be a winner. That means all these wild card entrants thro voting means what is the fun of running the show and making assessment on regular basis and ultimately bringing some guy in the end thro wild card round to make money. This is totally a business by vijay TV and I have already requested our chief minister to ban all the SMS based shows which are equivalent to Lottery and this should be stopped in all TV channels.

  54. thaxs for coming to mr ar rahman sir

  55. vicky malaysia

    Tamilatin Chella Kural finaly goes to Aajeeth…..God Bless You Lover Boy.

  56. ajeedh performance is really very very nice super energy

  57. Aajeedh congrats. After seeing your AAromale song I decided it is going to be you. Thank you very much Vijay T.V for find a junior Super Star. As Rahman said he is a born Super Singer. One day He will be Super Star of Tamil – Naadu. Thank very much RAJTAMIL.

  58. Yazhini sould be the winner , anyway all the best to winners ,
    All the best for your future .


    ALL THE BEST ALL THE 5 singer.God bless for you

  60. congrats aajith…

  61. how come pragathi got second place..??

  62. Aajith and pragathi very super perfomance.good luckaajith is 1st i need winner as aajith aajith

  63. luck play the game realy sunganya deserve the title

  64. Aajith and pragathi very super perfomance.good luck

  65. AaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaJjjjjjjjIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTtttttttttttHhhhhhhhhhhh Uuuuuuuuuuu stole my heart Lover Boy…! Keep Rocking

    Really U R The Little A.R.Rahman 🙂

  66. this is not right decision . the winner supposed to be yazhini or pragathi , this is bad judgements
    yazhini dont worry you will be future winner

  67. fantastic ajith and pragthi,yazili,guathum and sukaya good try

  68. aajith ur voice changing n humming …. n everything r superb kannukutty

  69. Ammu Edward

    You are the rock star Aaajith baby, LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHH…Im over the moon right now seriously ahhhh im so happy for you..LOVE YOU CHELLA KUTTY

  70. 2dy ur both songs r very very xlnt aajith………… way……………aajith……………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  71. congrats aajith……….my lovly kisses kanna…………dont 4get dis viewers kanna…………

  72. Majo ji only you can get half SMS in terms of vote (lot of improvement in technology ) 😛

  73. Aajith WON THE TITLE…

  74. congratsssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  75. aajith congrats

  76. Yeah aajith is the winner…
    But how com pragathi got the second place……yazhini than second vanthirukanum….
    I expect gowtham in the third place….

  77. Ajith 1st place, pragathi 2nd place yaahini 3rd place

  78. 3rd place to yazhini 🙁 very bad

  79. Aajith and pragathi very super perfomance.good luck

  80. venkatesan.T

    yazhini is the winner, god bless you yazhini

  81. Rahaman sir is going to sleep 🙂

  82. Live telecast sucks…

  83. audio problem!!!!!plz clear it soon

  84. noooooooo volume!!!!!!

  85. yazhini should be winner

  86. yazhini wil be the winner… may god bless u yazhini

  87. Why I can’t hear any sound?

  88. vijay tv audio is not coming

  89. Raje Anand, USA

    Sukanya, you should win. You are very consistent throughout. Even Rahman said that you sounded beautiful for that anjali song. God Bless You.

  90. Mohamed Suber

    Aajith is the only one winner of title ”SUPER SINGER 3”

  91. Mohamed Suber

    Aajith will be the only one winner of super singer junior 3.

  92. anu super nice

  93. Yazhini or aajith!!!! wil be the winner…else match fixing…

  94. bombay dance very bore bore.tamil nadu lots of dancers why bombay is not dance excercise.please vijay tv engarage tamil nadu dancers lots of dancers here. lots of tamil songs there.sudha,karthik songs very bore.sudha not good today.karthik songs not good.both of going different direction.vijay tv not telling .vote closing time. it is not correct aajith,yazhini.pragathi.gowthum.

  95. Ajeeth SSJ05 he is the only winner, may god bless him to get all success in his life….

  96. aajith is 1st i need winner as aajith aajith

  97. Aajith ,yazhini and suganya should win .this pragathy is very low compared to other singers

    • aiyoo pls, grow up! she is still an indian wherever she was born!!! don;t be so backwards!??? pragathi is good in singing and that is all matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Tough competition between Aajith and pragathy

  99. Guys A.R Rahman is coming for the finals….Wow…aajiths dream came true….Wow love u vijay tv

  100. Aajith ur performance was the best… What a tough song u took…vandah madaram… U r the winner, all the best

  101. what a performance from aajeedh nice nice wonderful

  102. pragathi congrats today amma sog excellent. super————————–

  103. pragathi congrats today amma sog excellent. super————————–

  104. hello savi suganya is not winner 1 st winner yazhini,2 aajit,3 rd pragathy 4 th gowthum 5 th your suganya ok this is result . melodies chennai queen.

  105. boobesh kumar

    pls update youtube formet la update pannuga pls

  106. boobesh kumar

    pls update panna full update pannuga ok pls

  107. hey guys i got the results of ssj3 that is suganya …. believe me…

  108. super!!!!!!!!

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