Solvathellam Unmai 25-10-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai

Solvathellam Unmai 25-10-2012 Source 1

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  1. mohd aboobakkar

    very good programe

  2. ukkaramoorthy{sin}

    vanakkam.nirmala amma.nanry.nalla kudumpam.

  3. Nice family

  4. nirmala enna chance vangitharaporingah antha unnikrishnanukku… comeon don’t keep on asking again and again will go to wine shop and all… sometimes some people slip in their life … just try to help…

  5. Raje Anand, USA

    It is a wonderful program. Siblings love is very strong and depends on emotional security. I think that the step mom’family is very selfish and emotially wrecked this man. As Nirmala rightly said, this man has lost himself. He needs to reinvent his strength and focus on his family. The wife and his children will be happy everafter. Nirmala, blow up the family picture that you took at the end of the show and make the man look at it atleast 25 times a day. Great going Nirmala.

    • for viewers, USA/London nu ungalode residency podathevaillai. Just name is enough.

      Very nice to see such a family bonding. Ithu ellam ippo parkava mudiyuthu. Wish that the man comes out of drinks. “Engal Veetil Ellam Naalum Kaarthigai” 🙂

  6. jenny london

    i feel so sad, i pray the god for the family.

  7. Nice end. We are also believe him to come back his old character.

  8. Venky Kondhai

    A very pathetic situation. 3 beautiful athais and children. Poor fellow is unconciously stuck in addiction. 32 years Sabari Malai Or Pazhani Malai ( Nirmala Madam Pazhani Malai). High time Poor fellow has to be rescued,otherwise he will be doomed. Wife does not look to be selfish. He promised he will not touch liquor again. Lord Ayyappan will save the family. Sarva Mangala Dhayagane e e e e e Saranam Ayyappa. No man in this world has sisters like this.

  9. Muthu L, Doha


    Very good programme. Kindly support that family , that children’s is very cute. I pray God to recover soon that person from Drink.

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