Solvathellam Unmai 23-10-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai

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  1. older one

  2. Poor decision.
    If she accuse him any deficiency,arrange for medical test.If he is alright and
    if she doe not have any idea of doing 2nd marriage,you could have asked both to wait for some time.
    After some time he or she may feel about their partners and their values.2.5 years lived together.
    Definitely both will realize.

  3. Same situation but in different angle. People please give your comments.

    My friend has completed her engineering and she wants to pursue her career but husband(well educated) says no to job, the reason being if she goes to job she may get attracted to someone else it seems. The girl pleaded so
    many times that she wont do anything like that but he strictly says no to job. Also she pleaded she will leave job after kids but nothing helped. Same thing like this her mom says “guy is a good guy”. Not only that she should just be a housewife thats it. Right from dressing to whatever she does he will question her.
    Infact her husband looks good and is very well educated. Before marriage he accepted that she can work but immediately after marriage the scenario changed.
    Why parents give education to both boy and girl equally and why boy alone can pursue his career and not the girls?
    Why our society is not giving importance to girl’s improvement ?
    She cries every day that she does not like this kind of treatment and that she wants to leave him. Well educated girls cannot tolerate this.
    What can be done please suggest????

  4. sumi London

    Good judgment.revathy ur dicition 100%correct. Evan unnai adimai Akka pakkiran.

  5. this is RE telecast

  6. This is already telecasted. waste of time.

  7. nirmala madam u did again same mistake ..u hav to giv time 3 months s enough my thought 1 ly nt only so u did one of ur worst judge tht last 2months u done or solvathellam unmai ruined so many lives mean people who dont knw anythng abt ur show or nothing did wrong. jeremy show in uk very famous ur show ur z tv director copy cat bt ok no more ruin lives bt earlier ur shows good then after that u r like politicians or solvathellam unmai team m sure peoples who r read it they think abt tht i dont want hurt ur show …running z GROUP MONEY Mind ..see nirmala madam sply last 10 shows r example f….ff 2/10.or lets u introduce ur family members with address n show

  8. Good madam i like it your result

  9. This program is already telecasted last year..don’t know why Z-network is repeating it…

  10. pulichupoochu

    pulicha maavaaa pallaya sooru nirmala…. get the new sooru lol

  11. Madam….This girl has other boy friend now she become a m mcom,ca…she is seeking upper level,,,and handsome guys………that is why she dont love him

    • padicha thimiru antha ponnukku….manasu iruntha aval kanavanodu vaazhalam..vaala theriala….aangal thappanavanga illa….intha kaalathula rendu perume sariyanavanga illa…..i m disappointed with this judgement….

  12. Venky Kondhai

    Revathy could have chosen her husband being highly qualiied M.Com,C.A. You should have let your mother die rather than marrying a wrong man. Everybody has to leave the world one day. Your mother put you in deep trouble. Father is a bastard. Mother says “nalla payyan nalla payyan”, he is nalla payyan for mother who is husbandless. Another angle “Revathy do you have boyfriend ?” Castrate that man, inferiority complexion. Nirmala madam, advise Revathy to leave that useless fellow. M.Com,C.A., she will be well placed. Please request some corporate giants to employ here. She will stay in the hostel and later chose a mana of her choice. No no, this pink saree seems to be a bad woman by circumstances fallen in Ganeshkumar’s net. Both mother and daughter have same voice and speak alike. Ha Ha impotent (2 types of impotency 1. not capable of producing children 2. not capable of satisfying wife). Ennappa, viagra is available, theriyadha ? Kadhalum illai, modhalum illai. Come on run away Revathy, he is starting to blame you. Revathy say no. Go to Malaysia, you will get a very good job. Yes, leave your mother also if necessary. Man god will bless now that you said Revathy can take whatever decision that is fit. Revathy is very decent and polite unlike the Andhra girl who jumped on her husband, and the Tirupur girl whose voice was reoorded by her husband.

  13. sotai ki vala kuduthu vekailla ,azhagairukka poonu

  14. pavam mem intha alakana pennuku intha kethiya?ivagka 2perum sernthu vaalrathan nallathu aanmai avanuku aanmai illanalum nalla vala mudium mem. mem antha pennu nalla yosithu oru nalla mudivu etho pavam 2peraium serthu vaikanum.

    • Nirmala Mam,

      Being a male, I strongly condemn this.. how come you can say ” adi thadi ellam coupleskulla satharana vishayamthan” … this is quite unacceptable. Please avoid these kind of nonsenses.

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